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your circumstance is a bit wierd. the thing is when you buy a uhd bluray disc, the black borders are recorded in. so basically your going to have black borders all the way around. powerdvd has a zoom function. if you use that, you should eliminate most/all of the lack borders. truetheater stretch is likely to fail here. also it uses a combination of stretch & crop. not really ideal. you want to use the zoom slider next to the volume control on pdvd

Edit: sorry I meant ultra wide or 21:9 blurays not uhd.
is it pure hdmi to hdmi or are you using an adapter type? if it is pure, then might be your display. maybe you can find out if your display is HDCP compatible.

also,transformers is the first disc to use dolby atmos. greater than truehd 7.1. could be another factor.
if you have the latest version of powerdvd i am assuming it is gpu driver related. considering powerdvd uses parallel processing areas of the gpu by default e.g. cuda, i don't think intel has parallel processing on the gpu.

so, in truetheater enhancement i would recommend you switch to software or software with truetheater enhancement.

note: due to bluray DRM software with truetheater may not work but pure software should.
you need to reset it. powerdvd 14 settings (top most tab), scroll down the page and choose to reset warning or whatever it is called.
it looks like an nvidia issue. nvidia 344.xx has caused issues for me for vlc media playback. i'm not suprised 347 has broken another media player. i prefer driver 337.88 but for assassins creed unity & far cry 4, i need to update. so i am waiting a few months for nvidia to release a good driver. they should probably consider monthly updates like AMD do in my opinion. :
Quick launch/close it several times. Crashes. Powerdvd error reporter rarely even notices crashes. What's the point of crash reporting

Patch releases still faulty since v13. associations are messed up on removal

Stuttering playback

Do you guys even test your releases? How your releases get past quality is beyond me.

Have you heard of ubisoft's mess with assassins creed unity? Cyberlink is just as bad. Only reason no one notices is because your not that popular but are consistently bad at releases. You guys were awesome when you handled DVDs only. Version 4 just worked. Version 5 had enhancements. Version 6 had enhancements version 2 etc. Waste of money
patch releases for powerdvd 13 / 14 create new problems which don't exist for non-patch releases, i.e. main setups. traces get left behind upon product removal. so i propose you:-

1) add an option to clean install updates. what this means is patches remove all traces of existing data, then install the patch version fresh. lose all settings

2) same as above but keep settings and preferences. like powerdvd 11 patching does.

powerdvd 14 has a process crash at itermittent uninstalls [not consistent] but the issue has existed since the very first version.

since "frozen" got fixed, powerdvd 14 suffers from micro-stutter. i'm cuda decoding & my cpu is quad core 3ghz + 12mb cache size. i.e. best cpu available for my motherboard. anything higher & i would have to overclock.
Hello. I just bought a top of the line bd burner from lg. Retail edition from lg, from a well respected retailer. The disc i got has the year 2014 written on it and it also says compatible with windows 8. The drive itself is very new and compatible with windows 8.1. Here is where it gets confusing. The software bundled is Cyberlink various. It has powerdvd 10 and power 2go 7. Cyberlink themselves says version 12 for power DVD and version 8 for power 2go is a minimum for windows 8. So as you can imagine I'm not too happy. So what or where do i go to resolve this. Is it lgs fault or Cyberlink. Will Cyberlink be kind enough to update my software versions?
Can you provide the ultra beta installer for this version please. I want to test an issue I've had since launch. Thanks
interesting. i don't have an amd card [atleast not a modern enough one,] is this like the pathetic trutheater motion / motion interpolation where it just kicks in for panning scenes and just looks wierd? is there footage of such demonstration? does nvidia currently have an equivalent?
ok, i've done my own test.

if you have latest patch 4223, you'll notice files have play with powerdvd. there are too many to handle through regedit, but a quick fix is to install the beta uninstaller provided by michael in the 1st beta update. then remove it. this will take care of file associations. in terms of disc types,



you need to delete the folder playwith....

consider this a beta context menu fix. i have done test but aren't absolutly sure until i have more time.
Hello, in powerdvd 13, there were certain registry keys which were left behind which the cleaning tool doesn't remove either. The issue was when you right click certain media files, "play with powerdvd" existed after uninstall apparently on certain configurations only. Cyberlink Michael posted the offending reg keys which could be removed manually which did the trick. Unfortunately, a similar issue exists on powerdvd 14 but in relation to discs. When you right click a bluray disc in "my computer" it says "play with powerdvd 14" after uninstall. Does anyone know which keys to remove this time round?
there is a section called powerdirector. just like this is called powerdvd. powerdvd users don't know about powerdirector unless they use both softwares. post in the powerdirector section
in that case, it seems that your just not picking up the depth as the software appears to work. so i recommend you go in settings and increase the 3d depth slider to maximum. this doesn't affect proper 3d content. only 2d to 3d. the effect you're looking for is the centre of the image directly in front of you, while the sides are behind. no special effect.
wrong section. likely to get overlooked. ads inside cyberlink products are linked to cyberlink website. unlikely to be the fault of cyberlink must be something else.
don't bother with 2d to 3d. it just makes the middle of the picture stick out. even if you got it to work you'd realise how bad 2d to 3d is.
wrong section dude. likely to get overlooked.
most likey nothing. powerdvd 13 still has similar issues. although if you reset it and find it works, you can slowly change the settings to your liking bit by bit and you'll pinpoint the issue like i did with powerdvd 13. that's all you can do. also, report the bug to cyberlink
the 1cm border is called underscan. are you using a tv? you can fix this under nvidia control panel or catalyst control center. if your using intel, i have no idea. i don't know if it requires a one-time setup or everytime. the dumb thing is powerdvd's the culprit but no setting according to the manual [there is an option for v14]. i recommend you check every advanced setting in powerdvd for a refresh rate option.
is your screen res greater than 1920x1080?

edit - i believe powerdvd lets you change your refresh rate to match the film. so if you have this option on, then maybe your "new" refresh rate doesn't support your "old" resolution. thus changing your resolution to a lower one & also having a matched refresh rate. possibly...
that's wierd. only does that when there's an active conversation. like a skype call as opposed to a microphone picking sound up
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