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Cyberlink installers and cleaners do not work as cyberlink still hasn't recognised the issue after 3 years even though I have filed bug reports. The other cleaners do have potential depending on their features but regedit doesn't require installing further software and potentially having to purchase further products. I have seen several people report this issue so that's why I posted this guide


powerdvd 13/14 both suffer from reg keys left behind after uninstall when you don't install the latest version, then patch it from the website. cyberlink actually keep changing the keys quite regularly so there is no consistent fix but as a general guide, the keys you are looking to remove (tested with 13 4324):-







plus for each file extension in the registry. your best bet is to search for "powerdvd13commandverb" from the high point of regedit and work your way down using F3 deleting the FOLDER entries CAREFULLY [this will also take care of 6 keys above]

this will remove file context menus. for disc auto play, you also need :-


you will see 9 powerdvd 13 on arrival folders. delete them all, it will help clear most of the autoplay issues. for the last few autoplay keys:-












delete the playwithpowerdvd13.0 folders 10 in total

this will clear up the context menu/autoplay issues after uninstall. can be used after install to save you the trouble after uninstall. tested on win 7 64, should theoretically work on 32 bit too. this won't clear every key in the registry and should you choose to do it after install, you should still have a functioning software. i drag and drop files into powerdvd and load discs from within powerdvd. if you want to retain functionality of context menu/autoplay, you should do it after the uninstall if you have the issues outlined. theoretically can fix powerdvd 14 issues and other similar issues if you use it as a guide instead of an absolute solution

due to the complex nature i accept no responsibility for mistakes i have made in writing this out or problems caused. i have tested this fix for a single version and should only be used as a guide. USE AT OWN RISK. I ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY

hope this helps
i think the issue is how we define hacker. i read a different article. in there it specifically says hacker without exploitng it. so if my original article is to be believed, a hacker doesn't have to be the exploiter. although it usually is and i agree with you (mostly)
the article you read, it was a hacker who brought it to light not a security company. i wouldn't be surprised if security companies employ some hackers, because they're the best in finding out and patching vulnerabilities.

security is always a problem. the article i submitted says companies need to improve security not ignore it (cyberlink). i'm not saying hackers are all good, most of them are probably doing more bad than good. however, the article shows stereotyping hackers as "all bad" is wrong.
well... if i recall, it was a hacker who found the vulnerability. maybe all hackers aren't bad. afterall, they help fix things don't they? :

it's poor code i've been constantly mentioning on cyberlink's behalf. first aacs wasn't happy because hackers found aacs keys inside powerdvd, now java has issues.
it can play truehd because it has relation to MLP lossless. dts core is supported only, not the lossless extension. i think it bitstreams but you'll need to experiment with it. don't get 2.2 it's too new and has problems. grab an older release. i use 2.1.3
powerdvd is poor file player. i suggest you use vlc for video files.
considering the new powerdvd malware news. poor java code which can execute potential viruses, cyberlink needs to up their game.
14 is fixed. 13/12/11 have not been fixed.
i would like the same thing but realistically, it's not going to happen.
Powerdvd 15 is predictably coming in 2015. I am just wondering what you expect from it? Any new feature your hoping for? Any opinions?

I think it will be out in April. Look for the final sale for powerdvd 14. That means if anyone is looking to get the none live version of powerdvd 14, they may want to wait a few months. I think 2 audio technologies we are going to see are Dolby atmos, which is out for Bluray discs already and DTS X which is out in march according to websites for the home theatre market. Both of these are object based codecs as opposed to sound channels. Also there is talk of UHD bluray discs set to launch around Christmas. I don't know if powerdvd 16 will feature that or 15.
April dude. Powerdvd release pattern means sometime in April or around it. There will be a big clearance sale for powerdvd 14 first. Might say final sale. Don't get your hopes up though, it'll be just as bad as previous releases and people with 11,12,13 and 14 will be left in the dust. Powerdvd 11 still doesn't play frozen right even though the problem was fixed in v14. I don't think the in between versions were fixed either
on the home ui, select the drive and press play. the tabs to the left might need to be set to movie.


right click the drive and press play with powerdvd

or change the settings in powerdvd to play discss automatically. so then you put powerdvd on, load the disc and watch
i am assuming you have pro or ultra, otherwise you can't play bluray. i know ultra version has a small magnifying glass, i don't know about pro version but i assume it has.

edit: if you have a look at the pictures for the intrface on this site, to the right of volume is zoom, then truetheater.
i am all out of ideas. sorry,
if you want to know what version you "had", you need to install it or find another way of finding out. like I said, it is unusual for powerdvd to behave that bad. it could be a virus, messed up windows update, anything.

1) do you have an internet security package installed?

2) do you use windows updates? latest updates can be faulty i switch mine off until i need a feature or security update that i genuinely need

3) what os are you using?

4) are you using official drivers? bad drivers can cause issues even major system instability. this includes drivers used for things like virual drives and virtual sound cards.

and finally

5) is powerdvd from a trustworthy source like cyberlink? or not totally trustworthy like ebay?
click the top left corner of powerdvd, next to the arrow pointing upwards. updates are available on this site under support.

behaviour of powerdvd is very unusual.
at this stage i would just say the program looks faulty and to re-install it then patch it to the latest version if you haven't tried this already.
your circumstance is a bit wierd. the thing is when you buy a uhd bluray disc, the black borders are recorded in. so basically your going to have black borders all the way around. powerdvd has a zoom function. if you use that, you should eliminate most/all of the lack borders. truetheater stretch is likely to fail here. also it uses a combination of stretch & crop. not really ideal. you want to use the zoom slider next to the volume control on pdvd

Edit: sorry I meant ultra wide or 21:9 blurays not uhd.
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