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Quote Hi Yousefz -

If you want to add your own custom Blend Effects, I think the simplest thing to do is drop them in your Downloaded BlendEffects folder found at C:\Users\Public\Cyberlink\Downloaded BlendEffects

That way, they won't be trashed with possible uninstall/reinstalls.

Edit: Oh - forgot to mention - the containing folders need to be renamed to "BlendEffectxxx", xxx being the folder number... 001, 002, 003 etc.

Cheers - Tony




How to add my own effects to the exist Blending Effects, I used to add my own through .xml and .mp4 files, I couldn't find these files in PD19 for the exist blending effects.

Where they are located ?


Any answer to my question please ?

Just moved to the Fx room. Might check the manual and/or this link for other UI changes.



How to add my own effects to the exist Blending Effects, I used to add my own through .xml and .mp4 files, I couldn't find these files in PD19 for the exist blending effects.

Where they are located ?
Can't find the Blending Effect Designer in PD 19 ?

Can any body guide me ?
Quote Powerdirector Love Sketch Theme Designer Template released


Nice job done
How to change the text in the theme ?
The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute on Tuesday announced the H.266 Versatile Video Coding codec, which will power more data-efficient video capture and transmission on future iPhones.

Apple adopted the predecessor to the new codec, H.265/HEVC, in iOS 11. The updated video codec, which was developed after years of research and standardization, will bring a number of tangible benefits to future iPhone users.

In its announcement, the Fraunhofer HHI said that H.266 will reduce data requirements by around 50% thanks to improved compression. With the previous HEVC codec, it took about 10GB of data to transmit a 90-minute ultra-high definition (UHD) video. H.266 can do that with 5GB.

Will Cyberlink integrate this new technology into the next version of PowerDirector?
I have just published 4 New Transitions (Flashing Dots) 4 PD on Director Zone

You can DOWNLOAD them from here

Quote As a 365 subscriber, I just downloded a free "Motion Graphics Titles." I confused as to where this goes. When I go to the Title Room I don't see anything listed with that name. And I cannot find the file/folder location. Are the new titles simply mixed in with what I already have? Or are they somewhere listed separately? Thanks.

To find the Motion Graphics Titles, click on the title room or F7

You can see the Motion Graphics category (see the attached image.
This is what I have done, and it is a good sulotion buy the user, I wish if there is a better way in the Video Collage Designer it self in the future version.

Thank you StevenG for your your reply.

I know that I have to use the Video Collage Designer, but I need to loop my multi images in the Video Collage Designer .
How to create a collage video with multi still images & video ?
Thanks to all of you.

What I suggest is as what oluja has mentioned that Cyberlink has to improve the title designer.
You can copy and paste the fonts in c:\windows\fonts folder so you will be able to use them in any application
As I have mentioned there is no keyframe in Title Designer for images

I want to create a title bar as dzs file to publish it in DZ
I want to create a customized title, I have imported an image (title bar) in the Title Designer, and I want to position it on the left side of the screen then scroll it to the right & place a text on it, but I couldn't find the keyframe to do this task. either the Effect and Motion tabs it doesn't support for images in Title Designer.

This task is available in PiP Designer but not possible to add a text to the image!
Quote It is good that PD news is available, we can easily download it.

Now I am able to download it.

Thank you,
Here is 10 more Transitions for PD , can be download from DZ


Issue 8 of PDNews is not available, I have received this message !?

The requested file could not be found. It probably was deleted. Click here to go back to the topic.

The short URL ( ) I made to forward the original link at DZ .

Here is the original link:

Don't worry, it is safe URL ,



Today, I have uploaded into DZ 15 new transitions.

They are available at this link

Here are the samples:

Enjoy ...

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