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Thank you both for your help on this topic.

I do still have PD16 installed, and I guess that's why PD18 can still see my custom title templates. When updating previous versions, if I had been asked if I wanted to uninstall the oldest one first, I would have gone with the default or suggested answer, and I guess that's why I've had the problem of losing custom files in the past.

Just for information for anyone else reading this, I was worried about leaving my previous custom templates in an old PD folder under documents on my C drive - even though my 18 update can still see them, so I experimented with moving just a couple to the new default folder that PD18 installed during the update. And to my surprise, they are still accessible using PD18 - I closed everything down just to make sure. I have since moved all of my custom templates over to the '18' folder, leaving nothing in the '16' one, and PD18 seems to have been able to follow their new path and still keep them accessible in PD18. However, they are of course no longer available in my old PD16.
Thank you so much for your reply, I was beginning to think it was perhaps a silly question.

I don't recall uninstalling previous versions in the past when I have upgraded, but perhaps I did, because when I upgraded from PD16 to 18 this time, the custom title templates are all still there!! The whole process was different this time, so maybe that had something to do with it.

However, perhaps someone could help me further - these custom title templates are still under a folder called 16 on my C drive under documents (presumably PD18 has a way of finding them), but I'm worried about leaving them there for future updates. If I move them into the new folder called '18', will my current PD still find them there? Or will it mess things up?!!

Thank you for the tip about templates on DZ - I always assumed once you uploaded, there would be no way of removing them later.
How do I transfer custom templates, such as titles, to an updated version of powerdirector? In the past I have lost all custom templates when updating. I now know I can re-download and templates I have downloaded from Directorzone, but what about the title templates I've created?
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