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austinjim, I posted this same problem months ago and never did get a satisfactory answer.
This update made my timeline more sluggish. Can I revert back to an earlier version?
There is a program here:
that will do the work for you
Thanks for input!
My PC specs are: Intel I7 950 3.06 GHz, 12 GB ram, EVGA GeForce 9500 GT. Would I have significant timeline playback smoothness if I went to a GTX 960?
Thanks, mine is X58 also.
Quote: The cipset manufacturer is nVidia and number is "GTX960".
Basically the cards differ by number of fans (and possible the fans quality), and if they are factory overclocked or not...
For example mine is made by EVGA - got it because it had 2 fans, I like their fans (ball bearings as opposed to sleeve bearings) and... it had a $10 rebate.

But all the cards are close in gaming performances, and purely for our video editing purposes they are essentially identical.

Question for you: does your motherboard have PCI Express 3.0?
Is it possible to copy the transistion from one clip to another clip?
You guys are right. I think I was over complicating the issue. Saving as a project should accomplish my purpose. Thanks for your input.
Hey Tony, thanks for your interest. Specifically, what I do is record our worship service at church every Sunday for upload to Vimeo. It usually runs about 1 hr, 15 minutes. I use a motion lower third title for each person on the program, and even though it may be a different person, their job description is the same. For example, one lower third title may say Jane Doe on top, and SBC Music Director on the bottom. The next week, it may be Sally Doe, SBC Music Director. If I had a lower third with an alpha channel that has "SBC Music Director" permanently imbedded, all I would have to do is add the person's name each week. I could create a variety of lower thirds ahead of time and reuse them every week. For any given service, there may a dozen or so lower thirds. Does this make sense to you?
Purpose: for reuse in a project I produce weekly. If I could produce with alpha channel, much time could be saved.
Please pass on the ttute if you find it. Thanks
Is it possible in PD13 to produce a video with an alpha channel?
Why does power tools not give the option of cropping a graphic such as a photo on the timeline?
Can the timeline be drug to a second monitor?
Yes PlaySound, that worked. It only took a couple of minutes to re-encode. Thanks for the tip. Now, if I can just figure out why the two tracks are out of phase at my source, I will be ahead of the game.
Thanks, I'll try SVRT.
Thanks for your suggestion. If I have to take that approach, there is actually an easier way. Audacity has an inverter that will do the job quicker and easier. Do you know of a plugin for WaveDirector that will invert one of the channels?
I have a peculiar situation wherein I create an MP4 to upload to Vimeo. When someone tries to watch the video on Vimeo using their cell phone, the video plays fine, but no audio. I have traced the problem to my original AVCHD file. It has a stereo track, (actually a two track mono) but the tracks are out of phase. When played back on a stereo device, no problem. When played back on a mono device, no sound. I know I could invert one of the tracks in an audio editor, but that would be time consuming as the video ofter runs almost 2 hours. My question is, when I produce the mp4 in PowerDirector 13, is there anyway I can solve the phase cancellation problem?
Create disc screen. They look jagged on the TV as well. In the edit mode, I can change my preview quality to "Full HD Preview Resolution" and the background & titles on the menus look extremely sharp, but the thumbnails are poor and jagged.
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