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Quote I have Power Director 15 and I have been getting this same error for a long time. I just now got around to spending time figuring it out. I tried these suggestions--none of them worked.

What DID work was going into the Screen Recorder settings and unchecking "import into Power Director."

I don't know much about computers, so I have NO idea why this work. But it did. Thought I'd share what worked for me.

Thanks Sharon ,
I'll try this next time I'm going to use the screen recorder and then cross mi fingers and hope it'll work for me too.
Thank you all.

My PDR14 don't crach - just show an error message.

Still strange because when I convert the avi to mp4 with handbrake there is no problen even if the dimention isn't changed. And I don't get any green edges.

Windows movieplayer shows the avi perfect?

Thanks again - good to know what causes the problem.

Merry Christmas and Happe New Year to all of you

Cheers, Anja
I unistalled and reinstalled PDR

I have tried your out.avi - it works ok

I have 10 avi files - only 1 I can import

I attach the one that works ok plus one that donn't

Hope you can tell the difference

Cheers, Anja
Hi Berry and Tomas,

Nice that both of you still react on what is going in 'earlier versions'. thanks.

I'm running Windows 10 64-bit Ver. 1809 Build 17763.134

Windows installed from scratch 14-11-2018 - clean installation - a few days later I installed pdr14.

I've looked of your attachments Tomas, yes it's like it used to be for me - but not now....
Earlier I also had PDR11+13 installed, but that shouldn't make the difference when I run PDR14.

Ofcause I wonder if it could be something caused to Win10 or to my PDR installation. Ought not to be the PDR because I have (re)installed this quite some times, in eariier Wondows versions. But Windows updates sometimes gives problems which shall not be mentioned here.

you mention Cyberlink Support - don't know hwat to say in english - but my expirence is I get an auto answer several times and it dosn't seem that anybody read my post. May bee it's better today?
And yes Tomas - I think I'll try to uninstall and reinstall PDR when I have finished my present project

thanks for reply, yes, I know avi is a container. And I know that PDR don't handle VFR - actually I wrote about this problem in a post some years ago.
When I look in the Media Info file which I attached it dosn't seem to be the problem. Also, earlier I didn't have problems with Route Generators avi files, just like Tomas.

For now, cheers, Anja
Hi again,

I still would like ti know why I get the problem mentioned.
And why PDR don't accept the avi files.

But I owe to tell you:
I converted alle the avi files to mp4 files (using HandBrake) and these files I can load in PDR with no problem.

Cheers, Anja

I'm (still) using PDR 14.

I use Route Generator v.1.7.1, which I have used for many years, to make avi files to illustrate my travel routes.

I have not previously had trouble loading these avi files into PDR, so why now?

I enclose Media Info for the avi file and the error message.

Hope one of you are able to solve my problem.
Thanks in advance, Anja
Hi WilF50,

That's a strange problem you've got.

Has there been an automatic software update on your pc? Such a may have broken a PDR file.

If I had the problem you describe, I would uninstall PDR and reinstall the program.

An option would be to go into 'system restore' and choose a restore point from a time when you know PDR was running as it should - and then restore your PC.

But maybe one of the wise guys has a better solution.

Good luck, Anja
Quote As far as I know there.....
p.s. I've been trying for the last half hour to post an attachment but the forum won't respond. I'll try again without the video file I had created. If you're interested download the attached "video.html" file and put it in a temp folder along with any short mp4 video. You MUST name the video "clickit.mp4" all lowercase. Now close your web browser and double click video.html. Your video should be displayed and if you then click on the video, the link should bring you back to this post.

Hi longedge,

Interesting script
I did all you described but the video wasn't shown only a play button and a error message
but clicking at the error message it link back to this post

cheers, Anja
Hi Robert,
Yes, I see it's for sharing - just thougth that it is the video / soundtrack as it is. But I'll give it a try by cutting out what fit best to my pictures.
Thanks again.

Hi Barry,
To you too - thanks for the link.
It's not the kind of music I was looking for, but it might be very usefull for other projects.

Cheers, Anja
Hi Shadowman, his is exactly what I were looking for smile thanks!!!!
but I can't figure out if its free music to use if I upload to YouTube?
Hi all,

I know Barry has a website with hundreds of other valuable resources!
It's an impressive website with many useful links. laughing

Also I know Eric Matyas homepage - thank you Eric for sharing all that music with us. smile

Nevertheless, I have a problem - cry

I can not via google, YouTube music library or via Barrys or Erics page find music that fits spring mood in Paris.

I do not know much about music but believe that the atmosphere is created by hamonika.

I do not think it is necessary to mention that it must be free music.

Hope any of you can help me.

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Anja
Hi Louise

Place your clips on the timeline.

Open the Transition Room (F

Find the transition you'll like to use and marke it,

then drag it to the timeline to the point where 2 clips ar next to each other.

Work done - cheers Anja
Quote I have about 40 MPEG2 files I created from Mini-DV tapes. For each file, I manually added and tagged scenes and then saved a PDS file for each corresponding MPEG2 file. Now, if I open PD14, I can add a PDS file to my Library and can then put scenes from that file into the timeline and do edits.

The problem is, if I add a second PDS file to the Library, the existing timeline scenes and edits get deleted as soon as I add (merge) the second PDS file to the Library. If I add in all of the PDS files at once, there is not a problem. But additing PDS files later to the Library after I have already put scenes in the timeline makes the timeline scenes and edits go away.

In summary, I would like to be able to add multiple PDS files to the library at any time without without affecting the existing scenes and edits already in the timeline. How can I do that?



Hi Tim,

You can combine several projcets, PDS files, this way:

Open project1, mark the hole project by draging the yellow square next to the marker (see attachment), click on copy.

In 'File' menu choose open project eg. project2 - now yoy will se a message box: 'Wouold you like to....' clilck Yes.

When project2 opens place the marker where you want to insert project1 and click Paste (see attachment).

Save the project under a new name eg. 'combined project'

Open project3, mark the hole project by draging the yellow square next to the marker, click on copy.

In 'File' menu choose open project 'combined project'

Yes to merge and place the marker where you want to insert project3

Continue the way until you have all your projects in one PDS file.

Good luck, Anja
I'm glad it helped

I think the black bars is caused by difference in aspect ratio eg. if PDR aspect ratio is set to 16:9 and your inages is 4:3 you will have black bars.

Cheers, Anja

PS With danish roots - have you ever visited Denmark?
Hi mom,

The duration of the image you use helps to determine how fast or slow your pan or zoom is.

Also how much or a little movement you use has an effect.

Therefore, if it goes too fast try to make the movements smaller and / or increase the duration of the image.

Cheers, Anja
Hi GodfreyZA

Some yers age Tony made a document describing where files are stored.

This I have attached.

Good luck!
Quote I do have Windows 10 Update (KB4013429) since 17/03/15 but havn't had any problems nither with PDR or other programs (yet)

Hi You may find this article interesting:

Thanks Shadowman - very interesting!
Maybe I've just been lucky since I have not had problems. But now, of course, I run the update after reading the page you linked to.
Also, the CL Moderator just recommended the Windows update KB4015438.
very nice smile
I do have Windows 10 Update (KB4013429) since 17/03/15 but havn't had any problems nither with PDR or other programs (yet)
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