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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for posting this fix! Windows Update updated by Nvidia drivers and PD-12 (with latest updates) would no longer use hardware acceleration. I downloaded the latest from Nvidia -- still no go. I installed the files from this zip file and PD-12 now uses the hardware again!

Really sad that Cyberlink doesn't have this posted in their PD-12 updates page, and that people have to ferret in out here, and manually install the patch from a non-official web site. Our love/hate relationship with PD continues...

Is there a way to have PD12 apply a crossfade to a group of selected images? I spend a lot of time dragging the fade in between each of a group of images. I don't want to apply crossfade to all objects. Want to select a group of sequential images and apply crossfade (or another transition) to only the selected group. Google search no help. Thanks!
When using the magic motion designer to zoom, pan, etc., is there a way to have PD12 snap to the entire image? I spend a lot of time trying to make the selection box fit to the image boundaries. Google search no help. Thanks!
WOW! Exactly what I need! This alone justifies the upgrade from PD11 to PD12!

Thanks sooooooo much!

Support wanted DXDIAG, S/N, Failing VST, and Snapshot of error message.

•Ticket ID: CS001295508
•Related Product: AudioDirector
Subject: VST's not working
2013/09/24 11:53

See attachments. My serial number is xxx. This problem has been confirmed by the cyberlink forum administrator -- see
One of the VST's with the problem is DVS Leveling Amp at There is no error message -- it's incorrect output.

Attachments: CS001295508-1380048899552-0.txt, CS001295508-1380048900755-2.PNG
I create videos of meetings. The audio is on the video file, but to get much better quality of the audio, I also have the speaker wear a good Sony lapel mic, which goes into a good Sony digital recorder in their pocket. [my camera doesn't have mic in] I need to synchronize the overlayed recorder MP3 with the video. This is a laborious process which involves trial and error to get the two audio tracks to line up so that there is no echo, and it's synched with the video. Then I mute the video track to use the good audio track from the recorder.

Is there a way in AudioDirector "Mix" to have the program synch these two audio tracks to that they are in "lock step"? This would save a lot of work.

If there is no way, can you submit it as a suggested improvement to AudioDirector?

This is not an AudioDirector issue, but I can't find a "General" forum to post it.

How do I change the email address in my cyberlink forum profile? I can see the email address, but it won't let me change it. I've changed to gmail.

Thanks for confirming I already submitted the trouble ticket at the top of this thread. Further testing reveals that it is VST related. Some VST's do not update/refresh the waveform after doing their dirty work, and some VST's do. Yet all DO in WaveEdit, the subset of AudioDirector that comes with PowerDirector. It's probably how the VST returns to the main program. WaveEdit always refreshes, so CyberLink can check the working code there.

p.s. I'm having trouble getting support to understand the problem, so if you could reinforce it that would be good.

This issue occurs whether from within PowerDirector, or standalone. WaveEditor will show on the waveform display that the VST has made the change. AudioDirector does not show the change on the waveform display. But it's as if the VST worked, but the program did not update the waveform display, because if I undo/redo the waveform is updated correctly.
The following ticket has be opened with support...

•Ticket ID: CS001295508
•Related Product: AudioDirector version 4.0.3208.0
Subject: VST's not working
2013/09/21 11:36

When using VST's that work fine in WaveEditor, the VST dialog appears and seems to work fine, however the waveform is not updated to reflect the change. If I do a ctrl-Z to undo the change, and then do a ctrl-Y to redo the change, the waveform is updated.
The problem was fixed by uninstalling all of PowerDirector, running, then re-installing all of PowerDirector. My dozens and dozens of templates are all back again.

Thanks to Cyberlink Support for their assistance.
Thanks for the suggestion, but that didn't do it. Almost all of the templates I've collected over the years don't show. They are still in the hard drive however, in the PD directories. I downloaded a few templates yesterday, and today they don't show.

Attached will show you what I'm talking about. Note no PD11 templates, which were all there last time I used PD a few weeks ago.
•Ticket ID: CS001285166
•Related Product: PowerDirector
Subject: Missing Templates
2013/08/13 16:36

When I used PowerDirector 11 a few weeks ago my custom text templates were there, along with dozens of templates from Cyberlink. Today my custom templates are gone, as well as all but about a dozen templates from Cyberlink. The templates are still there in the PowerDirector directories. How do I force PowerDirector to rescan for and show the titles, pips, and particles that are still on my hard drive, but not showing up in PowerDirector?
Yes, this would be extremely useful! I'm finding that most of the VST's for audio work won't "import" into the PD 11 Wave Editor. It would be nice to find a "compressor" that is compatible. I would love it if this one would work. Then I could do true "volume leveling" in PD 11.
CL has implemented some of my other suggestions, so there's hope. It would help if Daffydd would throw his support behind it. I actually thought of suggesting this several years ago, but got distracted creating my own MP4 YouTube profiles and uploaded seperately. In the meantime several releases of PD have come and gone, so I guess this really never occured to the CL development team. Not being "users", I guess something that makes life easier wouldn't. Although it is in line with CL's "fasted video editor" promotion. Perhaps we'll see it in PD 11.
Dear Roy,

Thank you for contacting CyberLink Technical Support.

In regards to your concern, I would like to inform you that I will forward this suggestion to the Product Development Team and they might include this feature in the coming upgrades.

Please feel free to contact us back for any further clarification or for any assistance related to CyberLink Products. Use the below mentioned link to get back to us for your further queries:

Thanks and Regards,

CyberLink Technical Support
I have posted the following suggestion to Cyberlink...

•Ticket ID: CS001142989
•Related Product: PowerDirector
Subject: Hardware Accelerated YouTube Rendering
2012/05/04 16:17

Please consider allowing the YouTube render + upload function to render the uploadable file in an MP4 format so that hardware acceleration is deployed for rendering.

This will reduce the time to produce YouTube videos over the current WMV "intermediate" file format.

I've been using PD for about 4 years now, and have wondered about this all along so thought I'd finally ask. My current version is 10/1424c. I'm using hardware acceleration with an NVIDIA card. It works great and I love how fast it will render an MPEG4 or DVD.

Why doesn't YouTube render and upload use a file format that exploits hardware acceleration? YouTube choice creates WMV files, which look great on YouTube, but don't exploit the hardware (a bragging issue for PD). I can render it to MP4, then manually upload it to YouTube, but I have to stick around and do more steps. The YouTube feature of PD works great on autopilot -- start it and come back later after YouTube has published it. However I'd like it to exploit hardware. acceleration to make the overall time even less.

Must be a good reason. Thanks in advance.
Hi Gurus,

I would like to create some music videos for my grandkids of their grandpa playing music along with himself. I play a multitude of instruments, and what I have in mind is to record myself playing along with myself on multiple sound tracks in my recording studio. Then I would video myself "lip synching" each instrument, so that I am a band, but all the people in the band are me. For example I would be sitting varous places in my family room, but playing a different instrument at each place (to the pre-recorded mutli-track audio).

I would like to be able to do this project without using green-screen, which would be a huge hassle to deal with. I swear I once saw a video on YouTube on how to do this layered videos-on-video without green screening, but I can't find it now.

So here's my question. Is this possible with PD10 (sans green screen)? If so, how is it done. Is there a video somewhere of how to do this, or even a write-up?

Thanks for whatever info you can provide.

This form post says "Be aware that the new Powerdirector 10 requires a very powerful computer to use."

I am currently running PD9.3305, and would like to upgrade to PD10.12. Does Cyberlink provide a performance test tool to test if PD10 will run successfully on a given computer? If not, what is the minimum system configuration for PD10 to run successfully? Alternately, can a "guru" here look at my attached DXDIAG and say with confidence Yes or No to PD10. Note: I built this PC a few years back, and would like to squeeze a few more years of useful life out of it.

I'm not used to having to configure the hardware to the software. Usually it is the other way around -- the software configures itself to the available hardware, usually evidenced by the performance of the software (runs slowly). However, experience has shown that PD starts tripping over itself (abends, hangs, error messages, incorrect output, unreliable/inconsistent output, etc.) if the hardware running it isn't just so-so. My question is, how does one know before installing the product if it will be usable/reliable or not?

Some games use to run a performance test before installing to insure the computer was usable. Lacking that, I guess we are into a trial and error situation with PowerDirector. It would be nice to avoid unnecessary grief/hassle/cost if possible.

I have used "Performance Test" ( for many years when comparing upgraded or newly built PC's. It is inexpensive and works great. It gives you a single number score on your PC. It would be great if Cyberlink would say "Needs a Performance Test" score of 300 to run successfully". Or they could use the similar Microsoft performance scoring method built into Windows Vista and up.

Thanks for whatever info you can provide in helping me determine if I can successfully upgrade to PD10 BEFORE investing time and money.

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