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How synchronize audio?
PDuser97031 [Avatar]
Member Joined: Aug 08, 2009 23:44 Messages: 91 Offline
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I create videos of meetings. The audio is on the video file, but to get much better quality of the audio, I also have the speaker wear a good Sony lapel mic, which goes into a good Sony digital recorder in their pocket. [my camera doesn't have mic in] I need to synchronize the overlayed recorder MP3 with the video. This is a laborious process which involves trial and error to get the two audio tracks to line up so that there is no echo, and it's synched with the video. Then I mute the video track to use the good audio track from the recorder.

Is there a way in AudioDirector "Mix" to have the program synch these two audio tracks to that they are in "lock step"? This would save a lot of work.

If there is no way, can you submit it as a suggested improvement to AudioDirector?

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Hello PDuser,

We've probably all spent many hours nudging audio/video clips one frame this way or that to get everything in sync.

There is no automatic way of doing that in ADR.

If you're a PowerDirector user, you'd find the new MultiCam feature in PDR12 very useful for your particular application. It analyses multiple audio tracks and aligns them!

In this thread there's a tutorial explaining how the MultiCam plug-in works.

PIX PIX YouTube channel
PDuser97031 [Avatar]
Member Joined: Aug 08, 2009 23:44 Messages: 91 Offline
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WOW! Exactly what I need! This alone justifies the upgrade from PD11 to PD12!

Thanks sooooooo much!

Christopher99 [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Jul 09, 2017 07:03 Messages: 2 Offline
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I'm trying to find a way to sync 3 or 4 microphones into one audio file that I can then use with Powerdirector's multi-cam tool.

We have a meeting with four different audio sources - lapel microphones from the four contributors to the meeting.

Powerdirector only allows you to use one audio source for the entire meeting -but four cameras.

Is there any tool out there that can bring all four audios into one file, without manually having to sync them?

I would think that this would be a great tool for Powerdirector OR for AudioDirector, at least.

Thanks for any and all feedback/suggestions/tools.

Forum Moderator [Avatar]
Contributor Joined: Feb 27, 2018 01:01 Messages: 578 Offline
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Yes, but in PowerDirector.

1. Import them all into PowerDirector.

2. Add them all on separate audio timeline tracks.

3. Output as an audio file:

No need to use AudioDirector.

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