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It seems pretty clear on the download page. Looks like the answer is "no".

The following Premium features will be unlocked for the first 30 days:
-Video disc and ISO playback (Blu-ray, DVD).
-VCHD/AVCREC playback.
-Media Casting to Roku, Fire TV, ChromeCast and Apple TV.
-Upload, Download, and Sync media with CyberLink Cloud.
-TrueTheater Video and Audio enhancement.
-360 Video/Photo playback and VR headset support.
-YouTube/Vimeo content playback.
-MoovieLive and Movie info.
-Advanced Audio codec and effects support.
-Video Mark In/Out.
-Alpha MOV video playback.
-2GB of free storage in CyberLink Cloud (Media content in CyberLink Cloud may be deleted when the trial expires)

You will have to ask CyberLink this question, since they don't monitor this forum regularly. Contact their customer support team here and then report back with the answer.

The requirement was new in PowerDVD 19 from what I understand.

Quote I have recently created an MP4 video using MTS video and a few photographs.
I attempted to burn this file to a DVD using Power2go 12 and the finished product will not play properly.

I allowed an update download and then tried again but with no difference.
I selected 'no menu' as the DVD is only 15 minutes.

Any ideas please?


We need way more information to help you. Did you create a DVD video disc that will play in a conventional DVD player? Why are you choosing this method when it will signifcantly reduce the quality of the video? Just wondering.

What exactly does "not play properly" mean? That is a pretty vague statement.

You should also provide the requested information so we can have a better idea about your current set up:

Well, not much more we can do for you here, especially when you didn't bother to follow the requests for information when posting on the forum.

Try contacting tech support:

Take a look at this thread. Solutions from two different users in it. It might work for you:


what I want to do is copy a cd into itunes or at least a music folder---how do i do that ---I did not want to burn a disc I dont think

Your subject line says "burn cd" so seemed clear you wanted to burn a disc. You are in the correct window then...Rip Audio. If you are not able to click the "Go" button, then there either isn't an audio CD in your disc drive, or the disc in the drive is copyright protected.

Hi. Your best would be to contact CyberLink's customer service using this link:

Try to include as much info as you can, including taking a screenshot of your receipt (proof of purchase) and probably the redeem codes you mentioned. They should help you out.

The window that you shared is for ripping audio, not burning a disc. That might be the your problem.

Open the Power2Go program manually from the start menu, instead of launching through Media Suite. Just click on the Windows start button and then type in Power2Go. From there, you select the type of disc you want to burn.

Let me know if that helps.

It's an issue with your computer. Contact technical support and they will help you:

Hard for us to know which pop up box or message you are seeing. Can you take a screen shot of it and then attach it in this thread so we have a better idea?

Hi, The answer is in the FAQ:

Do you have the latest patch installed? You didn't inform anyone of your version, but version 13 patch was released less than a month ago:

You can't. Slide duration is set to between 3 and 6 seconds.

Works for me. All my movies and TV shows display in the media library based on name, not file name. The majority find the cover art and description automatically as well. Maybe you don't follow the recommended library file name structure as outlined in the help?

What are you trying to take a snapshot of? What content are you playing? Are you getting an error message, or just nothing happens?


Yes, I did. I tried logout and login again, it's same the button still dark. Live URL: is empty, can't type anything inside.

This field fills automatically when streaming to YouTube. You don't enter the live URL manually for YouTube.

Optodata, you need to be logged in to YouTube to access the settings in your photo. See my attached screenshots.

It's working for me. I just start a YouTube live stream with Screen Recorder 4.

Do you have the latest patch installed:

I would reinstall if it persists.

Quote It shows running in Task Manager but the window does not open ... ?

I am guessing you mean the Power2Go splash screen? Can you try restarting Windows and then trying to launch Power2Go again? If that doesn't work, try reinstalling the software.

A simple search would have found the answer. It is even in the forum FAQ:

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