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Quote Do not write that you need to reinstall the driver. need to "update" the driver to the latest version.

No, you'll have to do it manually.

I don't think anyone knows the answer to this, so it is best just to guess that it is around a half dozen times? Not sure. Maybe ask their support team and see if they share the answer.

Quote I'm using Power to go 13.

I'm sure I've done it once before but my bell isn't ringing.

Yes, as the link tomas shared explains, you need to burn a data DVD then.

I've found Pixabay really great and helpful when needing royalty free stock images. I've noticed they have added video and sound effects now. Worth a look maybe:

You're right. It seems to be displayed based on date added when opened in other apps. Is that what you see?

You can't cast any discs, movie folders, or ISO files:
Your folder thumbnails are quite huge. Try holding down the Ctrl key and then using your mouse wheel to zoom out.

I don't see this problem in my Powerdvd 22. Maybe see if this post helps you:

No. The question has been asked many times on here, so I doubt it every will:
This preference moved to Windows control panel after the release of Windows 10 I think:

The help outlines the supported forwards for casting video and subtitles:

There is also more details in the supported media formats FAQ:

It is not working for you?

A quick Google suggests that their is a problem with your optical drive:

You can try seeing if there is a firmware update for your drive. If that doesn't work, suggest contacting the drive manufacturer for technical support, i.e. not a software issue.

It looks like the default backgrounds are stored in the "themes" folder in the file stored here:

C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD22\Custom\Skin\Standard\Photo\Media\

Custom imported backgrounds are stored here:


Sure, just follow the advice and contact CyberLink support.


3D playback was removed because most hardware manufacturers were removing it from their newer graphics cards. See the faq they wrote for information

It is also possible that they (hardware manufacturers) removed support in drivers for older GPUs, meaning that the older hardware no longer supports either.

You can try and find Powerdvd 19 ultra somewhere, but there is not guarantee 3D will work flawlessly. Honestly, if I were you...I'd consider just buying an external Blu-ray player that supports 3D playback. Less hassle.

You can't activate the free/essentail version. You need to contact Cyberlink support and get a new download link.

No, I don't think so. When playing videos, all the controls available are video playback related. Maybe if you create the playlist outside of Powerdvd, and then add videos to that playlist?

Check the help about the supported paylists:

It sounds exactly like what is noted in the below post about SGX being removed from Intel drivers and Windows in newer updates. Did you update your Windows or Intel driver recently?

They decided to remove SGX from their hardware content protection, so UHD BDs won't play anymore on PCs since it is a requirement.

It also could be that you have two GPUs but somehow the GPU configuration changed to make the main GPU switch to one another, which is not compatible for UHD-BD playback. See this faq:

Maybe provide the requested DXDiag file so we can see if there was a recent update. Also run the CyberLink BD advisor as well for more insight. It also could be something else...

Dave is not possible in PowerDVD.

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