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I don't think it's possible. You're just allowed to create folders, and download or delete media on the cloud web interface:

Powerdvd 20 doesn't use skins anymore, but you can change the background in UI Customization settings. You can download here:


This is not at all helpful. I want info on the differences between the cyberlink products and versions so I can decide which to install. and whether I can update to newer versions.

It's not helpful because you are asking in the wrong place. You should be asking Dell (or Dell users on their forum) what the differences are. OEM software is customized (what features are available) for each manufactureur (Dell), so there is little chance us users who mainly use the full versions we paid for would know exactly what is in each of your free OEM customized versions.

No, I don't think you can buy versions that would work on XP...because you'd have to go back to version 13 or 14. Older versions are removed from websites when I checked.


Thanks for the quick reply. Perhaps the question I should have asked is "What features are left after the 30 days are over?"

Also, since I have two accounts on the same computer - one personal, one for our non-profit, do I have to buy two licenses? Reinstalling the software on the second account does not allow me to log in using the same credentials, but allowed me to "transfer" the account. I guess I could do that forever but that seems a bit of a pain.

Thanks again - most helpful. The website is (intentionally?) quite cryptic about the "essential" features.

Ha...probably intentionally. To answer your question, there is no list of what is availablle, just what won't be available after 30 days. I see there is an FAQ about it as well:

If you mean that you will install on a single Windows computer that you log into with two different accounts, that should be fine. If you have admin permissions, you can just choose to install for all users. It usually does this by default.

The Essential version lets you try the "premium" features for free for 30-days. After that, they won't be available in the app.

You can find the detailed list on the CL webpage. Here it is below:

"YouCam - enhance your video calls, streams, and broadcasts.
This best-selling webcam software features app integration, real-time skin enhancements, 200 AR effects, frames & scenes, and more. Perfect for meetings, streams, and broadcasts!

Our most-loved features:
Makeup effects
-Video overlays
-Full HD 1080p video & effects
-Smart video enhancements
-Face beautifier (skin-enhancing effects)
-Augmented reality effects
-Dual camera mode for video calls
-Stylish presentation mode
-Desktop recording
-Photo editing presets
-Face log-in (Windows Hello)
-Share desktop view and presentations

Enjoy these premium features in any scenario for work, home, or leisure. After 30 days, you'll continue to enjoy the core features that make YouCam an essential software to have on your Windows PC."

Oh...and when you buy the software, it is a license to install on one computer only.

I've been having no problems at all, so not sure why you are. is posted in multiple places all over this forum that cyberlink customer suport doesn't monitor the forum. So if you want to complain about this, you need to contact them:

If it is the full version of Media Suite 16 that you bought from the Cyberlink website, there should be know problems. If you bought it from the Lenovo website or something when you bought your Lenovo, then it may not.

Just try and install it...and if it works, it should all be fine. You are allowed to reinstall software on new computers after uninstalling the previous installations.

Do you mean for captured photos or on live video?

Quote I have a cam in my laptop but I bought a plug n play new webcam But CyberLink doesn't recognize it. How do I switch to the new cam?

You say youcam won't recognize it. Does that mean you tried setting it as the primary webcam in camera settings > camera device?

Quote Jets2011: First of al I think this a real shame to loose into the feature update.
Also 3D Blu-Ray are still be made only CyberLink PowerDVD ended it not the Movie Company Example: Onward 3D Release Date: 01 June 2020

It was inevitable because NVIDIA stopped supporting 3D with their cards and drivers. So you should be saying this on their forum too. Cyberlink needs to follow the technology eh, and the technology support was removed in a major aspect of playing 3D on the PC.

Then you should contact your laptop or wedcam manufactueur and ask them for a solution, since it is not just with YouCam you see this issue.

Quote 3D Blu-Ray Movie: Puss In Boots Region B.
- CyberLink PowerDVD 19: Play's Movie correctly and is even watchable in 2D without any 3D Glasses.

Make sure you don't update PowerDVD 19 when the next patch comes out, if you want to keep playing this and other 3D BDs. That is noted in the FAQ:

PowerDVD doesn't play 3D content no converting to 2D will be available. It's too bad, but honestly the second wave of 3D popularity lasted a lot longer than I thought it would.

Quote I downloaded the 9.0 youcam some months ago. Today I decided to purchase the upgrade so that I could use all the features in the app. Problem is, I am unable to find any area in the opened software app to register it properly. I received the order confirmation with info to download the upgrade in a link. So I did, but it tells me that I dont have the 6.0,7.0,8.0 version. WTH? Other apps have a much simpler way to go about with upgrades. Most of them have a link where you can register your upgrade (registration key) in your free version...directly in the open app dashboard...but cyberlink seem to be missing it. So dissapointing and annoying. Any ideas how to get this done. Paid for the product and want to start using it. agrr....I did register for an account after purchase as I was redirected to their main site for this. Nowhere did it say anything that maybe you should register with an account before you purchase upgrade either. Weird...not very user friendly.


You say you downloaded version 9 and then upgraded? I guess you are saying you used the free Essential version and then decided to purchase the full version of YouCam 9? Is that correct?

Two things here. You need to purchase the full version when you bought it, not the upgrade version. The upgrade version is for people who had previously bought version 7 or 8 of YouCam. That is why you are getting the message you received. It clearly says that on the upgrade page:

So it looks like what you need to do is get a refund for the upgrade version you purchased (you have 30 days, so should be no problem). Then purchase the full version here:

Once you have purchased the full new version, uninstall YouCam Essentials first, and then download, install the full version, and then enter your new product key.

Yes. So if you currently have PowerDVD 18, you can keep it installed. Then you can purchase the full version of PowerDVD 20 and use it anytime. Just note that you need to get the full version. If you by the update version, then it will uninstall the previous version.

Not sure why you are asking us, not support if they fixed it for you last time. There is definitely something wrong with your key or build, and the downloads expire after 30 days. That is common knowledge.

I'm pretty sure the pinned videos are saved in your cache folder. Check Settings > Player Settings > Cache Files (button at the bottom of the tab). The files are saved in that folder, which you can change if you want.

You can probably back up this folder before uninstalling and then copy the files back. Note though that this is a cache/temp folder, so if the size of the files in the folder exceeds the specified limit, then it might delete some older files. Not sure if this was what happened for you. But reinstalling might delete the files in that folder.

I haven't tested this, but you can try for yourself and report back if it works.

Yes, according to the help file:

Yes you can use your own images for the movie or TV show cover art in the PowerDVD media library, if that is your question. You just right click on a movie and then select set cover art. It is outlined here:

I see my playlists when I click into the music option. It is the second last button on the left, above the search option in music. Looks like video playlists is not available though.

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