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Thanks for trying, but that (Capture from TV Signal icon) is not correct for my situation; i've got my GV D200 tape player connected. . PD15 should recognize my input as ‘from a video recorder;’ instead it recognizes the input as ‘capture from a webcam’
I am running PowerDirector 15 on a Dell 5820 workstation (Intel Core i7-9800X) with gobs of RAM. My input is thru a video capture device (Redgo) S-video+Composite to USB; video device AV TO USB2.0. PD15 recognizes the input as a ‘capture from a webcam’ instead of ‘from a video recorder.’ That limits the capture possibilities. Is there any way to get around this?
Quote There may be many buttons to the right depending on the PD version. Hover the mouse over each one until you find the details button and then click on the right one. This works if you did not make any changes to the Profile quality.

to you and AVPLAYVIDEO: I finally decided that I couldn't get 640x360, even modifying the Profile.ini I'm using PD15. So I edited my zoom (640x360 25 fps < 1Mbps) mp4. I set the time-line preference to 25 fps to watch it correctly. Then I produced the edited mp4 using a custom 640x480 25 fps 1Mbps. The final video filled the screen fine. I'm not sure why, since the aspect ratio of the original was 1.777.. and 1.5 output. But all's well, and I plan to do this for other zoom videos that I edit in PD15. PS. I had no trouble seting up a 640x360 output with Adobe Premiere Elements 18. However, it gave black borders on all 4 sides. Go figure!
Quote That is normal. To the right of the Profile name/Quality box is a Details button. Click on it and see what is the Width and the Height listed there.

320 x 240
Quote Hi Bryson & Kristy -

640x360 is genuine 16:9, with square pixels (1:1 PAR). If you take a 640x360 clip and produce it to PDR's 640x480 MP4 profile, you'll still get a 16:9 video, but it will have a non-square PAR.

If you want, you can use the attached 640x360 profile to replicate the properties of your DIVX clips.

All you need to do is:

  1. Open the attachment with Notepad

  2. Select All & copy the contents

  3. Go to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\PowerDirector\15.0\UserConfigure & open the Profile.ini

  4. Place the cursor at the start or end of the document & paste the profile

  5. Save & close Profile.ini

When you open PDR15 & go to Produce > AVC H.264 > MP4, select Custom & you'll see a 640x360 profile.

Cheers - Tony

Tony, I also needed a 640x360 Custom profile. Lots of Zoom videos these days are saved as 640x360. I did what you suggested. Yes, I got something that said '640x360'. However, the resolution was listed as 320x240, and there was no way to change it to 640x360; the two aspect ratios differ.
Quote You can see the list of customizable hot keys by holding the Ctrl+H keys, but video speed isn't an option. If you have to adjust the speed of several clips, doing them one after the other will leave the Power Tools window open, and it's only two clicks for Video Speed > Speed Adjustment for each clip after the first one.

In newer versions, like PD18/365, it's just 2 steps to get straight to the Video Speed Designer window: Tools > Video Speed

Great suggestion I didn't realize I could keep windows open and operate on different clips. That will save lots of time..

As a follow up: why doesn't 'copy parameters' copy frame speed?
I takes four steps to reach the change frame speed dialog box.
Tools, Power Tools, video speed, speed adjustment.
Is there some way to create macro or custom hotkey to open frame speed dialog box in one step?
I have cyberlink Powerdirector15 on PC with SSD and two new fast HDDs (E: 6 TB and F: 8TB). The program is on the SSD C: drive; the raw video files are on the E: drive. Where on the preference menu do I set folder locations for the fastest rendering and producing?
Quote Here is a video tutorial on how to do that. (Even if this is an old post)

I've been looking for this answer for days! Thanks.
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