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I am probably not the best guy to try to help with this but hopefully those that are will jump in.. please feel free to do so.

What IS the resolution of your original images? If PD is 'downsizing' them, can you either get a mediainfo or properties of the images after they were downsized?

I've imported many images into PD13 (what I'm currently using), and have not had an issue with resolution degradation.

I guess I'd ask you to make sure your outputted or final project is of the resolution that you want to view it at. Also, but I think you may know this, a Standard DVD has limits on what max resolution it will present itself at when viewed.

Your issue sounds.... somewhat different.. maybe. Might want to start a separate thread... just for this issue.. ok?

Heddy... maybe you can hit the 'this helped me' under Tony's comments. I thik that then marks the issue as resolved.. I think.

If it doesn't, maybe you can go in and change the subject line and include the work 'solved' or something like that. Thanks

Did setting it to no fix it?

I've stayed away from WIN10 for just this sort of reasoning... I've got this PD working and until some update eliminates me from being able to use it, I'll try to stop any updates before they happen (at least create restore points BEFORE updates take place I hope).

I'll get a new puter someday and then that jump will happen.. but.. keeping this one for dedicated video editing I think... as long as it works.

And as far as your issue.. I'm sorry.. I don't have WIN10 or PD15... maybe someone will chirp in... hope they can help you out.

What is this 'Freeze Frame' Tony? Is that just a feature in PD15? I do not see it in PD13.

From what you and Jeff have stated... do I understand this right........ SO CL thinks that when we want to 'take a snapshot' we are NOT IN THE TIMELINE???? Ummmm That's exactly how I've been working with dertermining where and at what moment or frame I wanted the snapshot to take place.

From CL : "The snapshot resolution from the media room will be the same as the original source resolution."

How can I tell from looking at the clip in the media room ... how can I tell at what point during the clip that I want to take a snapshot? Just looking at the clip icon in the media room does not let me pick where IN THAT CLIP... where I want a snapshot.

Am I missing something here? Please straighten me out if I am. And apologies if I'm beating a dead horse by asking this.

Peter, just in case you don't know how to expand the timeline - these pics might help - it's one way that I know how to expand the timeline to a point of trying to find the smalest of clips.

before expansion:

" alt="Before Expansion" id="__mcenew" />

.....and after expansion:

" alt="Expanded Timeline" id="__mcenew" />

Keep doing that until the clips no longer get any more stretched out.


... if you look at this again... was/am I right in that a produced video in PD .. produced to 1080 in PD or whatever the clip may have been processed in - if this is burned on to a standard DVD, will this clip/video STILL just look like a 480 or 720 resolution video? ... (I forget whatever the highest resolution that a standard DVD allows - its one of those 480 or 720 I think)

Is UHD with SVRT 1080, or 2.7, or 4K TOny? I think it stands for Ultra High Definition but I'm not sure if that just means it's a BluRay disc or what.


p.s. just saw this... nm.

"High definition has meant 1080p (1,920 by 1,080) resolution for
years now, and it's ready for an upgrade. That's where ultra
high-definition, or UHD, television comes in. You might have heard it
called 4K. It's technically UHD according to the now-Consumer Technology Association,
but the two terms have become interchangeable. And now those terms
finally matter a lot to your television buying decisions, since 4K is
finally a mature, accessible technology."

from this site:,2817,2412174,00.asp
Nice job Steve laughing

There is a page somewhare about the system requirements for PD .... so... maybe a google of that will show what you need to know.

And like Barry and Dan have said... do the return within the 30 days(if you don't get what you expected) and you should have no trouble.

Not saying what Pasta said would not work.. I bet it does.. but I was thinking along what Dan was saying I think... mulitple splits and then making the Track1 clip.. be THE ONE that you wanted to take priority.

I think what Dan is saying involves the 'multiple clips' I refer to. Will take making several 'splits' in the clip and then arranging them - the one's you wanted to take prioirty... putting them in track 1.

Actually putting the portion of the clip in track one... the only way I know how to address your desire. Might be someone around that knows a different approach but...

Probalby a couple different ways to address this... you choose your direction... if a couple work.

...and if when those files are created... if the were ANY frames missing (between the two clips that were 'back-to-back' .. so to speak)... then I would think it will be pretty tough to 'knit' the two clips together without a 'hiccup'.

BUt I hope I am wrong for your sake and that Robert and Adrian 's suggestions fizes yoru issue.

Hard to tell what you know and what you do not know... since you've described yourself as a 'noob'.

If you understand what Pasta and Dan have stated... then good. I'll just reiterate - a 'STANDARD' DVD ... will NOT ALLOW 4K... I don't think! If it does allow it to be rendered to it... I think it will be an awfully short (as in duration) video clip. But, a 'standard' DVD... like previously stated... limited as to the resolution or quality of the video sharpness will be allowed.

If you burn to a BD disc... then I know they can handle 1080p video. I have done this in the past.

Your DVD Player... ok.. now if IT is JUST a DVD player.. then it will probably NOT ALLOW a BD DISC... to be played on it. A BD (BluRay Disc = BD) allows 1080p video. THe 4K guys that make 4k videos... please chime in and let Zel know if that can be burned onto a BD disc please.

If you have a BD (BLuRay Disc) Player... Zel... . then I know THAT will allow you to create and burn onto a BD disc.... 1080 p video. I am NOT sure if it willl allow 4K to be burned or not.

Hope some of what the others have stated helps... and that I have not been too redundant. (I've known how it felt to be a 'noob' though... as I am still one.. but with slightly more information now... lol)

Ask questions, try to be paitent - as those here are volunteers and can help you if you hang in there and are paitent to work through the communications aspect to resolve your questions.

You might get a better response if you start a new thread Catrina. This one is over a year old and even though you have a question, it may not get as much attention as you wanted.

So, just start a new thread.

Try to take another screen shot and include a look at the timeline in addition to what you show on this first screen shot.

Would switching the clips.... put the clip you currently have in track 2... in 1.. and the one in track one.. put it in 2... would this achieve what you want?

I thought the track 1 took 'precedent' or .. priority... or something to this effect.

Might take a screen shot and post it so we can see directly what's going on.

...resolution... what???.. you wanted to open only one can of worms for the year... dang you're done kinda early? lol... JUST joking TOny. Great observation/s.

As Jeff has stated... would love to see a CL posted video/Tutorial regarding this.

Nikos... stevek 'hit the nail on the head' with this one. The standard DVD (such as a DVD-r, DVD+R, etc...) is such that it will NOT allow 1080p on it. At least that is what I've seen in the past. I think I made a 1080 project but if I burned it onto a standard DVD and then played it in a DVD player - it looks like 720.

I remember producing a AVCHD project and burning it on a disc - it would only play on my computer - this was before I had a Blu-Ray player. I haven't tried to play a AVCHD disc on a Blu-Ray player - but if stevek says it will play, it should.

Stevek also mentions producing or putting projects on to a thumb drive - flash drive. I've taken to doing this more so now and I like it. My Blu-Ray player or TV will play files from it so I like this format (putting projects on t aflash drive) for its portability.

a 'thumbs up' to you stevek!

YOUR issue wstagner... might or might NOT be related to ericl's issue. Best to start your OWN thread on this wstagner.

Also then maybe provide some more details.. like a dxdiag, if you'e had it working before any updates to your computer.... etc...

I was thinking that he (Andres) could just dl .. take the image I had attached in the reply.... and use it if he wanted. Thought that might have worked for him.

The image I had put in my previous reply was generated in GIMP and I used the gaussian blur on that to get those left and right edges.

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