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Quote The answer is yes. You can mix frame rates on the timeline and have no judder in the produced video as 30, 60, 120, and 240 are exact multiples of the lower frame rate. If your timeline is 60 fps and then your 120 fps clips are sharper without the motion blur desired by some filmmakers when produced at 60 fps. You can slow those down to 0.5 speed and the 240 fps clip to 0.5X or 0.25X speed if you want.

Thanks tomas............c.... for the response. Looks like you are doing well here !
I was hoping that shooting video at 120 fps, that I would be able to slow those clips down and be able to see a more clear slo-motion effect than what I did with 60fps clips. 60fps slo-motion viceo clips - a bit blurred for my tastes.

I don't know if I can have clips on the same timeline that have been shot at different fps values - can that be done? If they can exist on the same timeline, can I only change the speed of the 120 fps clips?

If I drag in the 120 fps clips into a project that has been set to 60 fps (59.94 fps) - will doing that drops frames from the 120 fps clip? Will the dropped frames make the clip look like its a 60fps clip or will the 120fps clip ? - Will that be just while viewing it in the timeline editor or will that also be in the final produced video project?

Obviously, I'm looking for a higher resolution slo-motion video clip end product (than what I've seen using 60 fps clips in the past) - I was hoping using 120 fps clips would achieve this.

Thanks for responding tomasc and StevenG

Ist's been a few years since I've done some video editing! I know I have a GoPro that will capture clips in 120 or 240fps and just wanted to know if - when I import them into the project - (provided all clips are the same frame rate) will I be able to edit those clips in real time on the timeline?

I thought in the past that 120 and 240 fps clips were able to be produced and the slo-mo achieved once the project was produced. But I was hoping by this generation of PD that I would be able to work with the project in 120 or 240 fps.

Thanks for any info,

Windows 10 Home edition

Power Director 12.0.3403.0

I am not able to import .MOV files or edit them.

How can i do that?


This one has been "Solved" so the really good guys that know how to help you will most likely not see you request here in this one.

Quote I have PD 12.

It does not play .MOV files.

Do I need to get some kind of codec or patch?

Do you know where to get it?

It might be best to start a new thread specific to you issue MAA.

Tell us what OS and details about your build, etc - like the information requested in the posts listed about how you can get help here.

Quote Hi CS2014 -

Relax - there's no issue with .MOV files. The issue was/is with Quicktime, when Apple stopped supporting it.

BTW, I have QT installed and there have been no issues (I know of).

Do your .MOV files import & play back correctly in PDR? If so, carry on & save your concerns for something else laughing

Cheers - Tony

Hey Tony!

Nice to see you're still around!

Yes .MOV clips seem to play just fine in the editor from the timeline. So I'm set to go then.

Thanks for responding Tony - puts the mind at ease!

... using them as there was some sort of security risk - this was a few years ago when I was much more actively editing.

Does this still exist today?

I have MP4 and .MOV clips that I want to import into my PD13 editor and then go about editing. I may be online when I do that. Does the security risk still exist for using .MOV clips now? .... and please confirm there is no security risk using them (.MOV clips) in PD13 while I'm online then???

( I think I may have asked this some time ago ... apologies if you are one that offends easily)


Best start a new thread/message Pettros1. Not sure your issue talks about the same exacet issue.

Makes sense Thomasc.

Barry - agree but does one have to have the most powerful CPU - GPU and clock speed in order to avoid that timeline marker from 'jumping ahead' like it did in when I was editing hour or longer productions - jumping ahead in the preview window (that is)?

I was hoping that the latest PD addressed some of that. I know it takes a bunch of computer processing to process video editing. I had a project a couple of years ago that had dozens and dozens of clips, pics, edits, and transitions in it that over-taxed my hardware (if not software).

I'm not in the place where I'm fed up with what I've got yet. So as a result I am not looking to invest in newer and more powerful equipment just yet. But when I do I'll want to have some reasonable idea if this characteristic ('timeline jumping') will not happen to me again.

Thanks for the rewponses guys!

I saw this post

... about the Magic YUV Codec and not supporting Magic+PD.

I would like to have confirmation that the 'straight' PD (whatever version) now does not have that phenomenon where computers like mine would have the timeline marker jump like it did/does in PD13 - during the editing process.

Does the referenced thread above indicate that PD 15 will NOT 'jump' during editing like I describe above?



When someone says 'Importing media problem.....' I think .. oh someone can not get a file into the editing 'room' - NOT ... that it can't be drug down into the timeline.

For Issue 1: I disagree with the premise that the shadow file HAS TO BE created in order to drag a video clip down into the timeline. I think I have drug clips down into the timeline before the shadow files were completed. MAybe you could supply some more information about the source files? DO you have "MediaInfo" - it's a program that - when you right click on a file - you can select options to display a lot of informaiton about the file. If you have that - maybe provide a mediaInfo attachment on one of the files that works and one that does not? MediaInfo is a freeware from some site - google it.

Issue 2: Can you get a screen shot of when that happens and attache that to your next response?

Maybe even more valuable, make your dxdiag and attach that so all can see if there are any issues with your computer too.

Others might have beeter ideas.

The old adage that came to my mind was 'Better safe than sorry' - if we're going to talk about old adages.

But more importantly, I've stated the obvious so it's really up to the OP to decide what they want to do. And I've clogged up the thread enough with trying to reason with... ah.. nm.... lol

take care follks,

You, (Neil) may not have experienced any problems having QT installed on your computer. That is not to say that someone that has it installed is NOT at risk. It seems accepted thought is - that the regular QT installation (on a non-Apple computer platform) MAY present an opportunity for a security breech - that MAY present a problem.

SO, if one can avoid that, why should they NOT take precaution and NOT install QT... but QT Lite Neil?

I suppose I can leave this as simply disagreeing with you (Neil) that just because YOU have not had an issue - it does NOT mean it could NOT be a problem for someone else. And THAT is the reason to err on the side of caution - in my opinion... and install QT Lite over the regular QT.

Install QT LITE... NOT regular QT... (as has been suggested)if you want to try to avoid security issues.

I've gone through this recently... at least with PD13. I'll 'second' that QT Lite allows MOV video clips to be imported ad edited in PD13 at least.

edit addition: AND it's a good idea to use the QT Lite as I think it does NOT have the security issues that the regular QT has.

Start a new thread Thomas as this thread is about a slightly different issue. You'll get more response I think if you do this.

Ok Guys,

SHould I start a new thread or just continue this one? I'll continue this one until I hear otherwise.

I have takens a couple of clips that I shot from my GoPro Hero3 from a couple of years ago and edited them similarly to the way that I did on the 'original' project aht I am having trouble buerning to a BD-RE. I split the two clips several times, sped up a few sections to 5x, applied the fade transitions in many places. These clips burned successfully onto the BD-RE.

The 'original' clips that have the issue were shot on my Canon EOS Rebel T5 - an intro level camera. It makes clips in the MOV format. Attached is the MediaInfo for one of the clips shot with the Canon. Since I was successfuly burning with teh GoPro clips, I've jsut tried to burn AGAIN, the original project. It is getting 'stuck' or is locking up at 94% authoring AGAIN. WHen I've tried to burn before it was getting to this same point, either 93% or 94% authoring and locking up there.

These clips from the Canon - is there anything in the MediaInfo that should have flagged me about them?

I'll take and record a few more lips with the Canon I guess to see if this is consistent but, I'm at a loss why jsut those clips are having the issue?!?

Any thoughts on how to proceed? I'd lke to know why these are seemingly having an issue.


edit addition: I should mention that the original project 'produces' just fine. I can put it on a flash-drive and play it just fine through the BD player connected to the TV.
I downloaded and installed QT Lite. I'm reconstructing the project with MOV clips now. Will report back when I go to burning a disc. THanks for the suggestion.

tomasc - the MOV files will NOT import into PD13 if I do not have QT installed. I'd LIKE to NOT have to install QT each time I wanted to edit MOV files - and then delete it after I am done editing MOV files. Two of the three cameras I use (Canon EOS Rebel T5, and FujiFilm XP70) to record video - record in MOV.

I have done the install and removal once to see if I could still edit MOV files and with QT installed - ity seems that I can edit MOV when QT is installed.

Carl will I lose resolution, sharpness or clarity from converting MOV to MP4?

My project consists of 2 video clips. One aobut 8 minutes and one about 3 minutes. I've taken and edited them pretty heavily I'm guessing as I used Power Tools to speed up portions that I split out of the original clips to about 4x or 5x speed. I also cropped much of both video clips to about 1/4 of the original frame size - thus it appears 'zoomed in' quite a bit. THen all the fade transitions and added Title text overlays ... so that pretty much explains the extent of the editng performed.

SInce I've PIP 'zoomed in' I do not want to experience any more loss of resolution of sacrifice clairty and thus ask if converting from MOV to MP4 - if THAT will degrade the clips before my Pip Zooming In editing takes place.

I suppose I should just try converting and see for myself if it is affected. BUt, you might save me a little time if you have information on such. Thanks

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