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Carl will I lose resolution, sharpness or clarity from converting MOV to MP4?

My project consists of 2 video clips. One aobut 8 minutes and one about 3 minutes. I've taken and edited them pretty heavily I'm guessing as I used Power Tools to speed up portions that I split out of the original clips to about 4x or 5x speed. I also cropped much of both video clips to about 1/4 of the original frame size - thus it appears 'zoomed in' quite a bit. THen all the fade transitions and added Title text overlays ... so that pretty much explains the extent of the editng performed.

SInce I've PIP 'zoomed in' I do not want to experience any more loss of resolution of sacrifice clairty and thus ask if converting from MOV to MP4 - if THAT will degrade the clips before my Pip Zooming In editing takes place.

I suppose I should just try converting and see for myself if it is affected. BUt, you might save me a little time if you have information on such. Thanks

Carl ...the response just before your last one:

"1..... is 'using the proxy files' like saying ... use the original video clips files instead of the converted to AVI files for the editing in PD? The original files are MOV format and I'd like to not have to install and delete QT every time I use MOV files but... if this is what I have to do , then I might just have to do that."

The clips I have been usng in this project are MOV clips.

Thanks guys for the response.

Steve - when I go to burn to disc - there is NOT choice for burning MPEG2-1920x1080p 30fps - only 60i
Mike - so processing the MOV files through Magic+PD decompresses them and you think this may lead to introducing 'artifacts' when recompressed in the rendering process when I produce or Burn to disc???
Mike - When you say you state "Once the footage has been edited using the proxy files the final video can be produced directly from the original files which will allow the use of SVRT."

1..... is 'using the proxy files' like saying ... use the original video clips files instead of the converted to AVI files for the editing in PD? The original files are MOV format and I'd like to not have to install and delete QT every time I use MOV files but... if this is what I have to do , then I might just have to do that. (or ... is there some sort of other decompression program that will NOT introduce artifacts?? - that will allow MOV files to be processed in PD13 .... OR am I using Magic+PD improperly somehow???? - it seems straight forward enough - locate the files and select them for input and output and start the process)

2...... so using the original files... THAT would allow SVRT to analyze the project to see what IT reccommended to use for burning...
THanks guys.

I have been selecting the zMPEG2 1920x1080 60i - burning choice. And my source clips are 30 fps - 1920x1080 resolution.

I do NOT understand what you mean by the following:

"They will have to be 100% rendered because the original videos files are AVI. Either MP4 or MP2 bluray willl have to be rendered 100%."

What is 'They' referring to in the first sentence? I've been selecting MPEG2.... what do you mean by it would have to be rendered 100%?

Sorry about only posting the screen shot of the error. I DID have screen captures of the burn windos and tried to upload them to PhotoBucket(don't ask) and have somehow managed to lose them

I DID select burn to BLuRay though... and I changed the encoding format quality from H.264 to MPEG-2. I then selected HD 1920-1080 - 60i. My source clips are AVI -converted form Magic+PD - and they are 1920-1080p 30fps. I do not see any selection for 30fps - and I have tried buring with the 24 fps choice but same result - locking up at about 40 - 50% authoring.

I am using a Verbatim 50GB BD-RE disc Carl - and I've selected the 50GB selection under the BluRay burning icon. I've had no problems with burning to the BD-RE it in the past. And like I said - in an experiment - I burned one of the source slips onto it successfully - but my whole project... bonks out.

Not sure what you mean by this "Be sure you have the all to the files available (no black place holders)."

I DO have ONE black colorboard in between the two video clips I have on the timeline. I didn't think a black colorboard would present an issue.

So I am trying to burn a 'small' project onto a BD-RE - as I test burn to an RE disc before I try to burn to a regular BD disc - and I get the attached error - eA0040003. The project length is only about 9 minutes. I do have a fair amount of editing in the 9 minutes - video speeding up in a few places - fades transitions, etc...

The error code window - as you can see stated - buring was uinsuccessful and it lists prossible causes:

  1. Format of media file not supported -------------------- I am using in the editing room AVI files - I was trying to burn MP2 onto the disc.

  2. The file cannot be locaterd successfully. ----------------- Not sure why as I directed the burn window to the file locations I wanted the ISO file and the project burn to go... into an existing folder

  3. The parameters or settings applied to the functions are incorrect. ------------------ Now this one.. maybe I'm guilty of some wrong-doing here. I shot the original clips a 1920-1080p-30fps... and then selected 1920-1080 - 60i... but I don't think THIS is a problem because I tested burning at these settings on just ONE video clip - and it burned successfully to the RE disc. Even played just fine on my BD player hooked up to the TV.

  4. DirectShow filters are not registered well. --------------------------Well, I don't know what these are and how I could have NOT registered them.

So.... any ideas guys n gals?


Just to wrap this up....

I installed 8G more of RAM and the processing in PD13 seems to be working just fine now. NO 'freeze ups' when scaling in PIP or when saving in Pip or repositioning.... in PIP... etc...

Still..... there's the issue that when I converted these clips... they only seemed to scale up about 4X .. not hte expected 10X. I suppose I should'nt complain!

THanks for responding though Robert!

Can't seem to reply with a word doc attached.

Just confirmed the one clip was approximately a 4.1 - 4.2 GB clip - converted in Magic+PD it was a 12.5GB AVI file.

The other clip was 933MB MOV file - converted to a 2.7GB AVI file. These numbers are listed in my folder where these files reside.

The numbers aren't exactly what MediaInfo states when use to look at the file characteristics - MediaInfo states the MOV file under the 'General ' information - the File Size is 3.88GiB (4.1GB listed in folder above).

The second file I had 933MB GB in folder listed as 912 MiB in MediaInfo.

Not big differences.. I doubt it's significant. But I could be wrong.


Also I think I just may try to add more RAM for the heck of it and get 8G more and install - sometime.
I have NOT tried smaller AVI clips.

I was also surprised that when I converted them RObert, they were only about 4x bigger. Original clip was about 4G .. the converted clip was 11G - 12G.


screenshot .... attachment 1 in original post was of the window that would lock up... that one wasn't at the time
... and should have added that I wonder if my 'weak-ish' CPU and only 8G of RAM is contributing to the issue?

Hi Robert,

The screen shot attachment shows the window. The window that is present after you hit save in the Pip Designer ... it closes and the window that remains... the edit room I guess in PD is what I'm talking about. If I try to select anything out in that room (after saving in Pop Designer)... that's when I get a lock up.

I've done a little further investigation. I've reinstalled QT(temporarily - I'll intstall and uninstall each time I use MOV files it looks like) and imported the MOV files/video clips directly into the media room. THen got a clip into Pip Designer. Evertyhing works as intended. So the MOV files/clips seem to work ok but the '.avi' files I created in Magic+PD seem to be at least related to my issue.

I've UNINSTALLED QT right after I exited PD - so I would reduce my risk of a security comprimise when I connected back up to the internet. I suppose it - QT - STILL has the security issue that we all learned about some time ago.

But I thought I'd try editign this tiume using the AVI files in PD13 and I used Magic to convert them.

So, bottom line is I don't seem to be able to use the avi files that Magic created I haven't tried any otherMOV to AVI converter yet. Not sure if that's what I want to do or not.

I know I used the features in PIP in the past.. distant past.. probably about a year ago or so. So I KNOW there have been many, many WIN updates etc...

I've run two MOV clips through Magic+PD and converted a copy of those files to AVI format. Drug them into(imported them) the editing window in PD13. Placed them both on the timeline and started editing. Attachment 1-28-17 Scr Shot...

I double clicked on the video clip and the Pip Designer window opens. I use the scale and position features and then hit SAVE. If I hit 'Save AS' I get the Cyberlinek PowerDirector message "You cannot save tempolates that contain video files." message.

But I've been selecting 'SAVE' - it appears that PD does 'save' and it exits the PiP Designer routine. WhenI hit anything out in the main PD editing window - the program freezes/locks up. Gives me the choice of waiting or exiting the program. I've waited a few times... several minutes to no avail.

I've run my dxdiag and attached it too. I see some errors at the bottom and would like to know what they mean. Also, MORE IMPORTANTLY - how do I fix those errors?

Don't know if this will fix my PD issue but I might as well start there I suppose.

THanks for any help folks.


ps. my build info should be in my signiature
I thought we said no pictures of my wife belly-dancing on the threads Tony? Hehehee

Thank you Jeff for those explainations.

Mike - Robert - is BJ2727 describing the difference between the fade transition's 'overlap' versus 'cross' mode of operation?

I could see that maybe somehow a fade is set up one way and then the other in the same project.

Is PIP in PD15 any different than it was in PD14?

This link is about PD14. GO TO THE 4:17 mark (about) and it starts talking about the PIP feature.

Is this what you are asking for?

I didn't know if, even though his problem might be in the create disc area, a 'work around' would be to 'over-adjust' to compensate for what was/is happening.

This is why I mentioned the fix/enhance Shadowman. It certainly isn't a great solution but might have helped - but I can see that not being able to view in the timeline just how the final product/project is going to look on a burn to a DVD is certainly a big problem.

Do you know how to adjust color - brightness - contrast in the timeline? When you have material in the timeline you can 'Fix/Enhance' ... at least in PD13 I can. Does PD 14 still have that feature?

As far as why this has happen I do not know.

Did you get it to work alright? If you haven't do not be afraid to keep asking us as we'll do what we can.

But if you got it to work great then. You might want to go back to your FIRST post and edit the subject line and add the word 'Solved' or something like that. This just lets others know that a 'fix' was attained for this issue.

"but I can't figure out how to fade back to the photos."

How about just putting the same photo or whatever photo you want to 'fade' IN TO.... on a track overlapping the video... and fade the video out (in whatever track its on) and picture in (on the track the pic is in)?? Does that make any sense?

Maybe a picture of your timeline would help us understand what you are trying to explain?(then attach the pic in here or as an attachment works too)

I am probably not the best guy to try to help with this but hopefully those that are will jump in.. please feel free to do so.

What IS the resolution of your original images? If PD is 'downsizing' them, can you either get a mediainfo or properties of the images after they were downsized?

I've imported many images into PD13 (what I'm currently using), and have not had an issue with resolution degradation.

I guess I'd ask you to make sure your outputted or final project is of the resolution that you want to view it at. Also, but I think you may know this, a Standard DVD has limits on what max resolution it will present itself at when viewed.

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