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I'm not sure, but I think the answer is no unless you can get the Google play store on the fire tablet.

My experience of the mobile software is on a Chromebook. I have a Asus flip that can also install Android apps. The device has an Intel chipset and 4G RAM and works well with Powerdirector mobile.

The software can be installed on any number of devices, there is a subscription for some features (it's not expensive and is available as a Google Play subscription).


This could be because the other three titles are a different aspect ratio from your project.
You should report this to Cyberlink here

They do not monitor this forum.
In that case, you would need to contact Cyberlink.

If you click on the PowerDVD logo at the top left there is a Rate and provide suggestions link.


It's because your project is 9:16, therefore those areas either side of the picture are not going to show.

If you have this "portrait" style of video, enter it into a 16:9 project and use a colourboard that you can then place your text in.

I suspect that this is also the answer for your other query about the missing title templates.


You will need to contact Cyberlink direct, this is just a user forum.

Customer Services are here

You will need proof of purchase.


Quote Thanks everyone for that info!
I did as suggested and my music video is now up on my Facebook page.

Does anyone know if that facility has been removed from recent versions of PowerDirector like PD17 and 365?
And does anyone know why Facebook decided to get tough with software editors like Cyberlink?


It's not really a Cyberlink issue, any software that offers a direct upload to Facebook will have the same issue.



That's literally why we volunteer here! Even though I've been active here for years, I still learn new things from other members, like Warry's suggestion to use Titler Pro.

I guess that's two good reasons to stay engaged with this community!

Totally agree Optodata. I read the forums every day to see what I can learn.
The problem with these uploads from software like PD is that they are dependent on the online service keeping the API open. I'm sure that Facebook has blocked uploads of photos and videos in this manner.

As Optodata says, it's better to produce the video and then upload from within the service.



Yes, we're just users of the software. Obviously, there is a Cyberlink team (the company), but they do not use or look at this forum.

Let us know if my suggestions solve your issue.


Hi Leo,

You do know that there isn't a Cyberlink team looking at this?

As to your issue. This can arise if there is something on the timeline that you haven't noticed. Did you perhaps do a split where the "The End" title was? It looks like it, that would explain why it appears twice.

There are two ways to check.

  1. Go to the project in question and with the movie mode set to movie, press the end key on your keyboard.

  2. Or also in the project press the button in the attached picture.

Either method will show you if there are errant items in the timeline.



I'm assuming that you have enough RAM and have no other tabs or apps open? The app works well on my Asus Chromebook.

My only suggestion would be to uninstall and re-install.

Failing that you could try a powerwash and then trying to install.

Other than that, contact Cyberlink Support.


This video from JimIowa, might give you what you need.


I think it might be a 365 issue as the arrow keys don't work on my version either. Though I never use the keyboard shortcuts, so I can't swear to the previous behaviour.

There is no mention of that keyboard shortcut in the help files.
I just had a quick go in PhotoDirector.

Bear in mind this was just a rough and ready go, but I think it's approaching what you want?

I have taken a screenshot to show the changes that I did.

Press the TAB key or go to View>Storyboard Mode on the menu.
I was about to answer your points.

I did an investigation and I had noticed that your photos were on the overlay track.

If you have used similar programs on a laptop/desktop then you would be used to drag and drop. However, this Android version does not seem to support that. You choose either a primary video/photo or an overlay. The add button adds the item to the requisite track.

Another user was trying to find transitions and this is different from the desktop version.

Another question must be, why can you not do these edits on overlays. You could ask Cyberlink if this is important to you.

This forum is purely a user space, Cyberlink does not monitor.

You obviously have an important issue and I would contact their support.
Ah, I think I see your issue.

The Android version is very different from Powerdirector 17 (I think you should amend your title to reflect that you're using that version).

When you add two clips in the Android app the transition is added automatically, tap on this and the transitions pane will open and you can change it to one of your choosing.
I can confirm the option is also available on the app on my Chromebook.
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