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I don't know about your last question.

But as to the greenscreen question you put the background on track 1 and your clip on track 2.

Double click on your clip to open the PIP designer, choose chroma key from the properties tab and use the pipette choose the green screen. The green will be replaced by the background.

If it helps here is a picture. Move the playhead (aka scrubber) to where you want to split and press the split tool. Then move to the next point and press again.

You'll have 3 clips now and can delete the bit you don't want as Optodata says.
Just rename the project in Windows Explorer.

Then you'll be able to open the renamed project in PhotoDirector, either by double clicking the project name in Explorer, or the open project command in PhD.
I can confirm 9 pages of "ground" videos when searched from the UK.

When playing the video on youtube from my phone, I cannot hear any audio from the video.
When playing the video on youtube from my pc, I CAN hear it.

I don't know what you mean by streaming from YT to pc and phone. When I want to start the video, I just hit the play button and it starts. I don't have to stream it. Rephrase please.

I know about autosave, thanks for that.

In this context streaming = playing. On both devices (Phone and PC) when you press play, you are streaming.

What Optodata is suggesting is to compare playing the finished clips, transferred to your phone's memory vs playing (streaming) the clip from YouTube.
There is no delay from being in the UK.
SR = Screen Recorder and it comes with your 365 subscription

If you look in the plugins menu, you'll see an option for it.
Quote So here we are 22/09/20 and the download speed is still abysmal. Tried numerous times yesterday to download the update and gave up.

Been downloading this morning for an hour and it has only reached 37%. I think Cyberlink need to find out what is happening to their download speed to the UK. I have checked everything, Router, other downloads and all is fine. No problems with firewall etc.

Even connecting to parts of their website is slow as well as uploading or doing anything on this Forum.

I thought Cyberlink was a world leader in this software but their systems are letting them down.

Have you reported this to Cyberlink as Optodata suggested?

Not to lessen your experience, I am in the UK as well and have had no download issues, so it looks like they may need to diagnose your situation.
I can't tell if this is designed behaviour or not, but I would not have spotted it. This is because whenever I do anything like this to specific clips I always go into the PIP designer (double click on the clip.

I can then resize, move or rotate the clip as I wish.

I wonder if what you're seeing is a consequence of the changes to the anchor points.

Like @Optodata, I can move clips without using the plus sign. Though I can use that if the top layer is moved sufficiently that it no longer obscures the plus sign of the layer below.

I suggest that as a workaround, that you use the PIP designer. This will give you what you want and you won't have to lock any tracks.
Capture is now in the file menu, or you can press Alt+F9

My update took a few minutes.

As I'm in the UK, I wonder if I was lucky with the time difference?
I didn't even know that this button was there until I read this thread!

I only have a few projects, so it doesn't trouble me too much. However, I can see the issue if you have loads of projects.

I think putting it in the file menu is the best option.
I think it would be a good idea to let Cyberlink know in the rate us option in the file menu.
Thanks Pix,

I did a very similar process to you, but yours is much simpler.
Quote Hi,
Can anyone please tell me how can put 2 photos of slightly different sizes next to each other and create a single photo that I can trim back to a rectangular dimension. I can't use the panorama feature as the photos are of different things. The composer option seems to only let me put it over the top not to the side.

Is this the kind of thing you're looking for?
You can only delete tracks that you have added.

The tracks that are there when you start a project can't be removed.
If you right click on a clip that has a video and audio component then you will see the option to link/unlink audio as you mention.

If you are seeing this greyed out it maybe you are trying to do so when there isn't one of those components.

Right click on an empty track to remove empty tracks.
The easiest way to have a solid black background is to place the title before the clip, the background will be black.

Alternatively, you could use a colourboard on a different track or have a pre-prepared black image that you could import straight from the title designer.

Personally, I would use one of the supplied scrolling titles and adjust that to my tastes.

You're right about the scroll wheel, you could put in a feature request for that in the rate and suggest option under the file menu.
I'm afraid no-one on here knows the answer to your question.

We are all users like you.

You can however, go to the file menu and put your request in the rate us & provide suggestions option
Your images have uploaded ok. There has been an issue with the forum attachments.

As a test, I reset my copy of PD365 & selected storyboard mode. This opened as it should.
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