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One suggestion is to turn off auto renew and renew manually whenever you see a discount. Whenever I have done this, they have tacked to subscription (eg another year) onto the end of the current year but at the discounted rate.
I have added a callout to the included skateboard clip. As you can see it's working normally in the latest PowerDirector 365.

What do you find vis-a-vis not working?
I don't know who told you you can't/shouldn't use the save project command, you can and I use it all the time.

The save as is only required if you wish to change name and/or location.

Pack Project has been in the program for a number of iterations and is used to move projects to another computer as it means that everything included in that project is available, including all photos and videos. (moving just the pds file would result in exactly the effect you are reporting, as PwD would not be able to find the files to recreate the project).

Batch produce allows you to apply the same effect to a number of clips in one go. It's not something I have ever used, but I can see the benefit. Again this command has been there for some time.

I believe that the Pack Project Materials and upload to CyberLink Cloud is new but it only does the same as Pack Project above with the added online destination.

As for the video, I have seen it before and it's very useful, however; the process outlined is, just a suggestion and the video is from 2012.

This doesn't help with your issue, I'm sorry to say. I agree with others, you get the result that you are seeing if the program can't find your source clips. Remember, importing the video clips and photos does not move them into the program, PwD has to know where they are, so if they get deleted or moved you will get your issue.

If you're not moving, deleting or renaming the files outside of the program, then something strange is happening that needs investigating. It might be useful for you to write down your workflow so that we can see if there is anything that you could do differently.
The callouts are in the PiP room (F5), have you looked there?

No crashes for me.
I have solved this issue by copying the titles from my other laptop to my main one.

I now have 44 motion graphics titles.

Another wrinkle to this. I have 365 on another laptop; I downloaded the motion graphics to that machine and there I have 44 titles!

I was hoping to delete them from my main machine and reload, but I can't find them in the windows uninstall, I'm loathe to just delete them in the folder in case I can't use any.

I had this response from Cyberlink Support.

Thank you for contacting CyberLink Technical Support.

We understand that you wish to know how to get or access the rest of your motion graphic titles in Director Suite 365. We are more than willing to assist you.

With reference to your query, please be advised that the default total number of motion graphic titles available in it's own category is 14. However there are other motion graphic titles that are spread out on different themed categories (Fitness, Comics, Graduation, etc.)

If you wish to view all the titles and content that you have downloaded and installed on your computer, you may click on the "All Content" category.
Please feel free to contact us back for further clarification or assistance related to CyberLink Products. Use the link below to get back to us:


Thank you for the information. What exactly is a [shadow file's] purpose comparatively speaking to the other clips?

Shadow files are there to help speed things up by carrying out some processes in the background. They can help if your machine is a little slow. Some people use them, some don't. It's worth experimenting with them if you have speed issues.

Please elaborate on how to tell PD to '. . . add that location'?

When you open the program, if the location of the clips has changed, PD will ask you to locate the clips. It will then update the PDS file accordingly.
With all my purchases from CyberLink, the download link has always been in the same email as the product key.

Are you quite sure that this wasn't the case for you?

I have checked fully and I only have 14 of the motion Graphics titles.

I have created a ticket with tech support, CS002062623.

It could be that you've got the issue outlined in this thread.

If you delete those clips then PowerDirector will ask you to locate them.

The PDS file records the location of the clips and any changes (edits). If you want everything to be in a different location, you may be better served by moving the original clips to the new locating and then telling PowerDirector to add that location and then deleting the duplicate clips.

I believe that the check marks are to show that shadow files have been created for those clips.

There is no need to delete PD17, you can leave it there if you wish or delete it.

If you delete, you may need to make sure that any items (PIP objects, titles etc) that you created in PD17 are transferred to the 365 version.
You will have to contact Cyberlink directly.

This is a user forum and no one here can answer your question.

Cyberlink will not see your post, this is a user forum. There is a suggestion/feedback area in the app, in settings.
Cyberlink will not see your post, this is a user forum. There is a suggestion/feedback area in the app, in settings.

I'm not sure, but I think the answer is no unless you can get the Google play store on the fire tablet.

My experience of the mobile software is on a Chromebook. I have a Asus flip that can also install Android apps. The device has an Intel chipset and 4G RAM and works well with Powerdirector mobile.

The software can be installed on any number of devices, there is a subscription for some features (it's not expensive and is available as a Google Play subscription).


This could be because the other three titles are a different aspect ratio from your project.
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