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Thanks, pix for the guidance.
Thanks for sharing your thought. I think you are enjoying your travel.
Keyboard shortcuts are necessary to save the time, we don't need to use a mouse again and again.
Find supporting software to run webcam properly. Install it and configure with the webcam.
Some time it happens due to cpu is not able to take too much load. Then all programs are got crashed.
It is good that PD news is available, we can easily download it.
Feel great to know about this photography competition. I am going to participate in the competition.
Thank you Dafydd B for sharing tutorial video.
Thank you garioch7 for support through your reply.
Nice video representation to adjust the colour.
If your video size is too large then you should compress it to upload on YuTube.
Video play rate must be in fast mode, adjust the speed by going to playback option.
Your created music can be helpful for someone. Thank you for your hard work.
In trail version, you get the limited option. To use the advanced version you need to buy it.
You can use google drive to share the video with all. Just upload the file and take the shareable link from their and share this particular link with other.
I always got my solution from this form. I don't need any more improvement.
This website is really helpful for me. It is easy to use.
You should stop slideshow right now and take help from the support forum. Or simply go with the PD manual.
VHS player is work on analog technology and the pc is a digital system. So you need to find out some other way to capture.
UHD Blu-ray discs are incompatible with existing Blu-ray players, might be this is the reason.
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