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Sorry please ignore. Found the answer about contact Cyberlink further down the page.

I upgraded from PD14 to PD17 Ultra a year ago. I just reinstalled Windows 10 and now can't find a download for PD17.
I am clicking on the link for the download in my original email from Cyberlink a year ago and it's dead anong with all the contentpack links too. Where can i download these from please?


I used to have PD15 and believe there was a radio button beside file in preferences where you checked it to save screenshots at the original video resolution. I can't see that in PD17 and my photo resultion is much smaller than the video i want to capture.

How does it work in PD17?


When i am uploading edited videos to Youtube the original file looks fine, but the end result is Top and bottom 4/10's are black bars and only the middle 5th and 6th 10th have video. It's like it's been flattened by Youtube. Even the thumbnails are flattened.
I've never had this problem before, and as i said the original file looks fine.

Any ideas to the issue?

Hi guys.

The solution was to download the version from the link in the email when I bought it and not the free trial version from the website.

It then asked me to put in the PD15 code and then the PD17 code as it was an upgrade rather than stand alone.

I have just upgraded from PD15 to PD18 and am finding it sluggish when trying to scroll through transitions, effects and titles etc and the rendering of videos is also much longer than PD15.

Any recommendations to help speed it up?

Please ignore as found answer.

I recently upgraded from PD15 Ultra to PD17 Ultra with no issues.
However i had to do a Windows reinstall and didn't think i would have to download PD15 again and then PD17 again after it.
So i just downloaded the free PD17 from the Cyberlink website thinking i would have to put my PD17 serial number in.
Firstly the version of PD17 i have downloaded was the free trial PD17 Essential as i couldn't see any other version i could download.
I then assumed i would put my key in, but there is nowhere i can put the key that i can see and it says i have 31 days trial left and some features may be missing or watermarks in video.

So is there someone i can enter my key?
I assume the key is what keeps locked/unlocks features of the PD17 for which version you own and we all have the same version initially?
Or do i have to download PD15 and then upgrade to PD17 like i did before?

Hope this makes sense.

I have PD15 and have been using it for a couple of years to make drone videos.
However i have never color graded anything as PD15 doesn't have color grading and never shot in RAW format.
I am now interested in doing this in particular for photographs i may now be taking on my new GoPro as well as videos.

So can i grade single as well as bulk photos in PD17 as i'm loathe to buy 2 different softwares for video and photo grading if 1 can do both albeith not designed to? If so then i'm happy to upgrade from 15 to 17.


Apologies if this is the wrong Forum.

I have a YT channel and upload drone video.
However i recently bought a 1st model Osmo(Handheld gimbal camera) to show videos inareas where you can't fly or poor weather.

The videos look terrible and are blocky. I know this is peculiar to the Osmo as i never have this problem with the drone vidoes using PD15. So i know PD is not the problem. However anything i can do to improve the output quality in the Osmo settings and PD settings i want to ry.

So does anyone have any suggestions?


In your settings you can turn on grid lines which may help with place see image 1
You will need to also add a video track I believe to allow 4

Drop all 4 on the time line under each other now you can adjust them in the preview window. You can also enter the pip designer on each one and turn off MAINTAIN ASPECT Ration under object settings in the pip


Just doing in preview worked.

How do i make a video using 4 other videos so they are split in a 2x2 grid?
I've tried PIP, but only getting 2 videos to play?>


Getting the hang of inserting PIP videos into my full screen videos now.
However these are all with using motion. So the PIP comes in from the edges of the videos etc.
How do i just have a PIP appear suddenly inside my fullscreen video rather than drifting in?


Just starting to make PIP movies and have Clip 1 on the Track Line 1 and Clip 2(The PIP) on Track 2.
On the main preview window Track 2 shows rather than Track 1. I can make the PIP ok, by obviously using the PIP designer.

But my question is that i always thought the main preview window showed you Track 1 as it had superiority over any tracks beneath it? However it seems that any tracks below it overlay it instead? Hope tha makes sense?


I am trying to capture a 4k Snapshot. The original video is 3840x2160. However the snapshots are only 1920x1080. There should be an option in the File Preferences "Use original video size as snapshot image". However it's not there. Any help appreciated?


Complete newbie when it comes ot video editing so apologies in advance.

I use a drone and yesterday i took 3 separate clips. The combine function is greyed out when they are all in the same timeline. However i was able to join them by just clicking produce.

Firstly why does combine not work?

And secondly is there a way to make some sort of effect of a second or so to show bridge the gaps, rather than the abrupt change my produced video had?

Thanks a lot
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