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Can i use PD17 to Color Grade photos too?
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Bunraku70 [Avatar]
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I have PD15 and have been using it for a couple of years to make drone videos.
However i have never color graded anything as PD15 doesn't have color grading and never shot in RAW format.
I am now interested in doing this in particular for photographs i may now be taking on my new GoPro as well as videos.

So can i grade single as well as bulk photos in PD17 as i'm loathe to buy 2 different softwares for video and photo grading if 1 can do both albeith not designed to? If so then i'm happy to upgrade from 15 to 17.

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Hi Bunraku70 -

I'm not sure what you mean by "grading" photos. That term is usually applied to video. If you mean enhancing/modifying colour or changing the "look" of photos, the answer is YES.

In PDR17, when you select a photo then Fix/Enhance you have most (not all) of the options available for videos, including applying LUTs. Any adjustments made can be "Applied to all" or applied to specific photos by selecting them first.

Be aware that if you're shooting photos RAW, they'll be converted to JPG when you import them into PDR.

Cheers - Tony
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