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Poor Compression when uploading to Youtube
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Bunraku70 [Avatar]
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Apologies if this is the wrong Forum.

I have a YT channel and upload drone video.
However i recently bought a 1st model Osmo(Handheld gimbal camera) to show videos inareas where you can't fly or poor weather.

The videos look terrible and are blocky. I know this is peculiar to the Osmo as i never have this problem with the drone vidoes using PD15. So i know PD is not the problem. However anything i can do to improve the output quality in the Osmo settings and PD settings i want to ry.

So does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. you definitly need a tool like "mediainfo". That tool tells you the relevant data of your video clip. Resolution, framerate, datarate, etc. That would be relevant to post those data here, so we can "analyse" your video clip.

  2. Don't do the upload to YT throw PowerDirector. Produce the video to the local drive and upload it via the YT upload page. You can control the video stats better.

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