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Quote I have no idea what the cause of the issue might be, but it's obviously an issue none of us can resolve.

I'll report it to the team at CyberLink, referencing this thread, & see if they can dig into it & come up with a happy outcome. Based on a "random sample" of people in this thread, DirectorZone is only functioning correctly for 33.3% of users undecided


I too get now results and I'm in the UK. All searches just bring up 'Sets' for sale.

Another issue is that the Community forum via Director zone takes at least 30 seconds to post.
All my current download searches, e.g. Titles bring no results.
Quote I use PD 15 and I am seeing strange waveform artifacts both on my camera audio and on external audio recording. It looks like audio noise but there is no audible noise to be heard when I view in Audacity even when amplified 12db
I have attached a screen shot.

Sorry I should have said that the attached waveform was done using a digital recorder at 20% gain setting with no mics connected. i do not see these artifacts on any of my audio files when opened in Audacity or other programs. Is this a PD bug?
I use PD 15 and I am seeing strange waveform artifacts both on my camera audio and on external audio recording. It looks like audio noise but there is no audible noise to be heard when I view in Audacity even when amplified 12db
I have attached a screen shot.

Only if you bring the "Produced" video back into the timeline, perform additional edits, produce and repeat steps. When full encoding is done again and again, yes it does loose some quality each pass, especially with lower end bitrate source.

Multiple adjustment edits applied to a clip in timeline and "Produced" is better quality than doing the same in a loop fashion of applying one adjustment edit, produce, use that clip in the timeline to apply another total clip adjustment, produce,.....


thanks for your reply. I did the first Produce then leaving this project file open I returned to the editor made the edit then produced again and repeated for each adjustment . So I guess this is okay and would not result in video deterioration as presumably all but the last production are overwritten or deleted?
When I bought PD Ultimate it included ColorDirector but I had to purchase a further download after changing my computer. When I did this Color Director did not get downloaded even although it is listed in my Director Zone assets.

I made a video today but I overexposed in camera. Using PD15 I have tried to correct the exposure by a series of tests.
Using fix/enhance I have tried reducing Exposure, then Brightness, then Lighting. note of these produced a satisfatory H265 MP4 movie.
The biggest problem was that as I made the test series all from the original saved project the colour changed to make skin unnatural and blotchy.
Apart from that I'm wondering if the timeline clips deteriorate after each test just like JPG images do with multiple edits?
Quote I'm now running a new i7-9700cpu, GTX 1650 4GB using game driver 451.67, Win 10 Ver. 2004, with new PD18 installed.

In PD's Hardware menu all is checked, in the Produce menu Reduce Vid Block and Noise are checked. Not checked is allow SVRT on single H.264. I also ran the Optimize routine in PD.

In the Nvidia software I see PD being used when PD is activated, and I have made no changes in Nvidia's 3d settings under there.

I dumped about 6 of the included skateboard clip files in the timeline, along with a few included audio and jpg files (1:50 in time), and produced in H.264 format. With no SVRT or Hdwr vid encoder options checked, in Taskmanager I saw 100% cpu and 47% GPU being utilized. With SVRT checked I saw about 40% cpu and about a 10% average GPU reading. With Hdwr Vid Encoding checked, I saw an average of 25% cpu and 40% GPU being used. Some of these settings were not available with a few other file output choices, which I think is normal with most cards. At this point I did not check the time to produce, as this was a very short clip. But it looks like my video card's CPU and ram is working with PD to some degree. I will watch CPU temperature later when I make a real movie.

In my readiing here today, I also came across the Hdwr and GPU Scheduling option in Windows. I turned that On, and repeated all runs above, and saw little difference in cpu/gpu % (in these short clips). I have left that option On.

My question is, although I'm just into this, have I overlooked any setting that I should set?

I too use the Studio driver. It seems to be more stable than the game driver when a new Windows 10 up date comes out.

optdata, PepsiMan, tomasc:
Thanks for the clarity on the GTX 1030/GTX1650, suggestion of GTX1060Ti/1660Ti, and using the HD630. After relooking at costs for both the limited factory and all the aftermarket card offerings, think I'll go with the onboard video and then go aftermarket if need be with the GTX1650. I'll prolly be back on here with other issues, lol.

I use the GTX 1650 and I advise that if you go with this card download the Nvidea '10 series' Studio driver not the Game version.
Quote Long story short, I'm using Power Director 15 on my fairly old PC (specs below) to edit 1080p and 4K videos. Everything worked fine, even if not ultra-fast, until my Windows 10 updated itself to the 1909 build. Now, I pretty much can't do any work with PD15 because the video preview has become unbelievably slow (and falls out of sync with audio), even at lowest quality settings. The Windows build version was the ONLY thing that changed when this started happening and I'm wondering if this is a software problem that might be fixed or is it time for a newer hardware?

PC specs:
Windows 10 Home 64-bit, build 1909
CPU: Intel Core i5 4670K @ 3.40GHz
RAM: 16GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz (Kingston Fury HyperX)
GPU: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
HDD: fast 250GB SDD for system and fast WD Black for video files

Again, nothing in my hardware changed around the time PD 15 started having problems. Things I've already tried (to absultely no avail) include:
- shutting down every other application possible
- temporarily disabling my anti-virus software AND of course running a full malware scan
- freeing up some HDD space, making sure the HDD is defragmented and error-free
- making sure the power profile is set to maximum efficiency
- updating every driver possible, from GPU to video codecs

- no, I can't roll back that update, it's already too late
- no, I don't want to upgrade to a newer PD version, thank you
- no, I don't want to factory reset my Windows. Might as well buy a new PC.
- yes, I don't mind upgrading my hardware but first I'd like to be sure that this isn't a software problem

Any help is appreciated.

I'm running the same as you without your problem. One piece of advice is to download the Nvidea GForce Studio drivers not the Game drivers
Quote PD will always move synced clips to completely new lower tracks to ensure that they won't interfere with any existing content. It also doesn't matter at all where the two clips are in relation to one another when you sync them.

As to removing the unwanted section, there are several options:

The easiest might be to simply trim the unwanted section from the .WAV clip to begin with, so when you sync you're already set.

If it's already synced, you can cut the .WAV clip at the start of the first clip and then use Shift + Del (or right-click and choose Remove > Remove and Leave Gap) to leave all clips in their current positions. You can then select all the clips and drag them to the new position.

Alternatively, you can instead use Alt + Del (or right-click and choose Remove > Remove, Fill Gap, and Move All Clips) to remove the unwanted section and move all clips up to keep them in sync.

Thre are even more ways to do this, but these seem to make the most sense based on your situation.

Thanks I'll try your suggestions out.
I can use Power directors sound synchronising facility. However I have a problem with a smooth work flow.
The steps I use
New project, name and save
Import Nikon MOV video and Wav file from Zoom H4n recorder
In titler place two consecutive title clips on track 1
Place one video clip immediately after the titles
Place a title clip at the end of the video clip.
Place Wav file on track 2
Highlight both tracks
Select audio sync
Deselect track 1 audio

The auto sync works very well however there remains the 'unwanted' sound at the front of track 2. I want to delete this without the elements of the video moving out of sync then move everything fully to the left. This is not working for me even if I select group. The audio and the audio is getting moved out of sync.

Although I mentioned track 1 and track 2, I see that PD moves tracks after a sync operation and I don't understand why it does this.

If there is a better workflow then I would be very please to receive suggestions.

Not sure what setting you refer to as "standard preview quality" but basically the options are:
Low > 160x90
Normal > 320x180
High > 640x360
HD > 1280x720
Full HD > 1920x1080

So, if you view your 1920x1080 framesize at a "Normal" preview resolution you are reducing the quality by 36X, hence the bad preview. You are basically display 1 pixel to represent 6 in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. If you preview in Full HD, more resources are required, but the preview quality should be good. If it's not, other issues exist.



I should have said that I already tried the higher quality levels. On getting significant playback slowdown I moved down to "normal" (okay so I said standard). I don't know what the other issues might be but am always ready to learn.
I work with Photoshop cc, Lightroom Classic and PTE AV Studio 10 and several audio processing programs. I know that video is an intensive operation but surely PD preview is not one of them?
I would like to understand why using standard preview quality level results in an extremely poor play quality. My desktop computer is Asus MB, Intel X99 chipset, Intel Core i7-6800K @3.4GHz processor, 32Gb M2 SSD, separate HDD for video and scratch disk. Graphic card is an Nvidia G-Force gtx1060.
PowerDirector is set 25fps PAL and shadow files are not selected.

Imported movies are from Nikon D810 recorded at 1920x1080 25p. If I play any original Nikon MOV file in VLC they play perfectly. So why is the PD preview so bad?
Quote I'm pretty sure that the extended download is only valid for a year. There's actually no reason to ever even pay that at all; all you need to do is to save the installer in your downloads folder or move it to another location for safekeeping so you'll always have access to it.

After downloading I did save all the files which I think were .exe files but cannot now find them on my desktop, latop, NAS or any USB stick. Might have to trawl through many burned DVDs. I live and learn!
Quote Hello Ian,

As you can see here, the download is only available for 30 days if you originally purchased the digital/download version. There are other options if you purchased the boxed version.

You could try contacting CyberLink Customer Services. They may be able to assist.


I remember now that this happened to me previously. I had to pay to get an extension to redownload. I'm wondering if even that extension has a time limit so I cannot download again?
I see my product keys on the My Account page but need to redownload some programs. Where do I go to download:

ColorDirector 4

Quote Hi Ian,

Instead of using the yellow sliders try highlighting the set of clips you want by either holding down the left mouse button and dragging the marquee over them or by left-clicking on the first clip and Shift/left-clicking on the last. Then select Copy from the main menu bar.

Okay I'll give that a try.
Quote I can't give you a reason for that behaviour but you could work around it by saving a copy of the original project under the name of the new one then editing out the bits you don't want.

I appreciate this may not be practicable if it's a complex project, though, so an alternative approach could be to produce the bit you want to copy to a file and then insert this on the new timeline.

Thanks for your reply. As a Power director newbie I wrote here instead of raising the issue to support. I'm beginning to think that there is a bug. Apart from the missing beginning of the clip there is another issue.
I copy the piece of the track I want to move to another project. When I paste it into the new project the whole length of the track is pasted not just the piece of the track I wanted.
I copied the piece I wanted by moving the yellow sliders to the piece I want and selected copy.
If I copy a track in one project and paste it into a new project the video and audio starts several seconds after the true beginning. I cannot return the slider to see the real beginning. This track plays fine in the original project.
Why does this happen?
Quote ... I just noticed that although ColorDirector is listed in My Products with the key, the recent re-download did not include it. ...

because it's same. you've paid to redownloading the files not a new total package with a different product key to install to a different PC.

happy happy joy joy

'garbage in garbage out'

I don't understand your comment. I'm reloading all items onto the original PC with the same keys as listed in my account. No hardware changes at all.

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