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I tried another software and it plays the movie without the glitch, but I'd prefer to use PowerDVD 22 as I've payed for it and like it better.
So I know for certain that it's the software and not anything else.

How would I fix this?

I'm afraid what you know for certain could be not that certain actually.

What "another" software you use?
Is it a DRM-hacking software player? (as there is nearly no other legitmate blu-ray software players you can find in the world).

Don't put the DRM-cracked result on the same comparison basis if you are really into powerdvd.

If ALL versions of powerdvd cannot play the specific disc normally, it is likely that the issue is not on the player software side.

I would suggest you check your Blu-ray drive first and seek firmware update from the manufacturer. Make sure your Blu-ray drive can handle the DRM data reading correctly on the specific Blu-ray disc. Then, check the player software.
Quote Hello,

Iam currious any one has noticed ... But, and this problem might be due to an windows 11 update recently, not sure.

But to put briefly , it seems Video enhancements are NOT available when opening / reading from bluray / disc → folder Structure..

Yes you read it right, opening the m2ts media files sepperately in powerdvd enables the Theatre enhancements feature ... !?!

this affects PDVD22 and previous builds of PDVD aswell, hence why i think this might be windows update related !!
...or latest gpu driver..

Weird Science..

There are many video enhancement options on the truetheater panel, I'm not sure which one you' were not able to enable when you were playing video discs.

But, I'm not surprised that the playback feature sets are different between video discs and video files. Powerdvd acts differently on the playback of video disc and video file for a long time.
I believe there are still many improvements in the new version, but few are willing to say it because most of the opinions here are quite on the opposite side.

Sometimes, I don't favor changes, either.

I don't like the opacity keyframe got removed on timeline, and the playhead doesn't automatically react to media I click/add, etc..
The common style options for title and overlay objects need less clicking now because I don't have to click and explore each style tab respectively on the ancient UI to find what I need.

The loading latency and "freezing" when switching between each different tool have decreased significantly, and the new powerdirector acts much smoother on this perspective ever than any old and heavy version of powerdirector I've ever used.
The performance of this version still needs more improvements though.
Quote I understand that with the new UI many things have been moved around, but I'm not able to find where to get back into the View Designer for 360 source content in a 16:9 project after it has been initially added.

  1. Create a 16:9 project.
  2. Load a 360 video in My Media and drag it to the timeline.
  3. Select "2D" to "Create a conventional video useing 360 footage"
  4. Select an initial view and add some keyframes.
  5. Click "OK"

I used to be able to select the clip in the timeline and select "View Designer" to adjust the keyframes, but I cannot find this functionality. It does not appear to be in
  • Right Click the clip in the timeline
  • Clicking on "Edit"
  • Clicking on "More Features"
  • The Tools menu
  • Right Click the clip in My Media

Please let me know if I've missied it somewhere. I do allot of filming in 360 and this is needed functionality - adjusting the view timing after previewing in context is required to get it right.

Thank you.

Double click on the 360 video clip on the video track will open the Edit panel.

I do see the View Designer feature on the Edit > Video > Tools list.
Quote Hello,

Is there a way to blur the screen or part of it? Since I was not aware of the
existence of this forum, I previously sent this post to the PD21 forum.

Thank you,

Add this effect to your video on timeline: Effect Room > Style Effect > Blur.

Click the "Effect" button at the timeline tool bar, and select a effect mask (square, eclipse, etc.) type, and then click "Modify" to select the mask area on the video you want to blur further.
Quote I run DVD 19 but my PC is out of action so I'm using my laptop with 17. In both cases I run out digitally to an external DAC. I was watchin a film this evening went out of the room and the sound stopped, I returned to see there was sound but it had switched over to the laptops audio. Everything else bar cyberlink 17 works fine going through the dac and external sound system. The other odd thing is 17 has now lost its volume control. I've been tow hours trying to get a fffing ticket and it willnot accept my query. What atotal waste of time some of these sofware companies are. In desperation I came here. so if anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful. I've tried the wasapi out to no avail Thanks

If your DAC cannot decode dolby or dts audio itself (has no dolby or dts decoders), deselect the dolby and dta options of your DAC in Windows sound settings > Playback devices > Properties (of your DAC) > Supported format.

Then, try the playback in powerdvd.

The dolby or dts decoders are usually in home cinema amplifier. Most of "DAC" devices don't have the decoders at all natively.
The decoder license is pricey.

That's just the mistery !!

My Receiver wich is an DOlby Atmos capable device → DOES INFACT bitsream the track , but ONLY when i play the media file from my BD player / Hardware player .. NOT powerdvd !?!?

Powerdvd does not bitstream the media file, however ANOTHER software player → MPC-HC does infact bitstream the DD+ audio !!

So 2 instances it plays fine, but powerdvd refuses and fall back !? That can't be an hardware limitation anymore , right?

The only odd thing about this is, the bitrate for the DD+ needs to be EXACTLY 786/kbs in order to work and bitstream from my bdplayer & mpc !??

That's ↑ the real puzzling part, why bitrates play such an huge role suddenly !! Since, DD+ format supports bitrates up to atleast 3Mb/sec , is it not ! And since it's only 786 Kb/sec , it complies with bluray standards....


IMO, audio bitstream is not rocket science and quite simple and all of processes are about hardware capacity identification and bypass in the entire audio pipeline. Less chance that a player software can go wrong, but not on the hardware or audio pipeline.

It's great your A/V receiver can play Dolby ATMOS audio, but, at the moment that the audio output mode fall to powerdvd decoding, did Windows still see your HDMI receiver capable of decoding dolby digital audio exactly?

You can check it in Windows sound control panel > playback device > properties > supported format page on your HDMI audio output interface when the PCM decoded mode got enabled in powerdvd.

I've seen some cases that the PCM decoded mode occurred because the HDMI audio output device's compatibility work instably on some PCs at the playback moment. Sometimes the audio device works normally to show the hardware has Dolby or DTS decoding capability in Windows, but sometimes not.

You did find a probable trigger, which is "bitrate" in your case.
But, the moderator mentioned Dolby TrueHD bitstream, its bitrate is usally higher than dolby digital but the bypass workable in powerdvd, too.


MPC-HC, VLC player or many other open source player software has their own ways to flexibly workaround many compatibility problems as they are not commercial software and not regulated by Dolby or other vendors additionally.

I won't put them on the same basis in the comparison. I'm wondering it won't help your concern in powerdvd.
Perhaps you can update your GPU driver first and check the HDR playback again. it seems your GPU and monitor does not process the non-HDR signal properly to display on the screen as you can still click those non-visible buttons.

or you can contact cyberlink support to ask for further assistance.
Quote Even ARM SoC devices now all use x64 versions of apps (I'm not talking about those low-end devices!), please STOP!

powerdvd 22 is already the 64 bit version so as latest version of powerdirector and photodirector.
If you need the installer for reinstallation, I suggest you wait for cyberlink's response.
Have you tried and reinstalled powerdvd 15 without applying the patch? It might help you sort out if the issue is caused by the patch exactly or not.

powerdvd 15 patch had been released for many years and if the patch has such issue it would be found by other users already.
Quote I have .MP4 video files that contain the DVS (Descriptive Video Service) feature, and when I play them on my PC through the Power DVD 20 program, the descriptive audio voice over plays as well which is very annoying. How do I turn off or eliminate this feature?

If your audio is not encoded in any certain audio track in the video, I guess it is not able to be turned off specifically in powerdvd.

Did you see any other player has similar optoin to let you turn off the descriptive audio on the playback of a MP4 file?
Wow, this topic has drew so many feedbacks here and made me think there are some serious and blocking problems occurred in powerdirector before I really clicked into this post.

I just tried the project Warry uploaded. I cannot replicate the same issue after trying them several times.
I would rather have to say, it is could be a dumb task to repeat the same and these miscellaneous steps just for replication.

I can understand it could be an annoying condition for Warry if he needs to create lots of video projects that contain large amount of pictures frequently.

But, just like what optodata and ynotfish tried out, it has indicated that the issue Warry mentioned is not an easily replicate-able case.

@Warry, if you've contacted cyberlink, although they indeed tried to help you out, I still don't think you will get a satisfying result in this case.

Just a friendly reminder to you.
Quote Newly-upgraded PC, and I haven't put a graphics card in it yet, just running off the on-board graphics

Running HD Blu-ray Advisor shows that (of course) there is no dual video hardware decoding (snip from advisor report below):

  • Hardware Dual-Video Decoding Capability for H.264 : None
  • Hardware Dual-Video Decoding Capability for MPEG-2 : None
  • Hardware Dual-Video Decoding Capability for VC-1 : None
  • Dual Video Hardware Decoding (GPU) : None
  • PowerDVD 15 Ultra (Retail version) or above : Not found

All the other items are a pass.

I've only ever seen reference to "dual-video hardware decoding" in relation to PowerDVD. Is it an actual feature? Graphics cards specs don't mention it?

I'm shopping for an AMD Radeon card, probably a RX 6700 XT. Does this provide the hardware decoding I would need?

Also, for "PowerDVD 15 or above", the advisor says "not found". I have PowerDVD 19 Ultra installed, which was purchased as an upgrade. of an original retail product. It plays DVDs and other media fine.

What gives? I don't want to upgrade to 22 right now because if I can get Blu-ray working, 19 has everything I need.


IMO, a decade old PC or GPU already supports those things and play blu-ray discs fine.
They are not features offered by cyberlink but by GPU.

And, advisor hasn't updated for many years, it doesn't detect newer powerdvd versions that released after advisor.

if your powerdvd doesn't play blu-rays, please check if your on-board graphic has new hardware driver that fully supports new windows os. I guess most of platforms using windows 10 or 11 currently.

Microsoft lets bunch of ancient platforms with pretty-outdated graphic updating to new windows 10 or 11, and it has already caused compatibility disaster.
Quote I have had a problem for some time spanning several versions of the software where when I try to play a DVD the audio completely cuts out. Not only the audio for the DVD but all audio on my computer. I can sometimes fix it by changing the settings on my speaker bar, but most of the time I have to restart my computer, then everything is fine. I have updated drivers, the computer runs fine for months at a time but as soon as I try to watch a DVD I lose ALL audio.

I consider there is no version changes or updates for powerdvd 22 recently.

As what you've checked, if you updated the driver, the computer runs fine for months.
Does your Windows Update settings check and override your driver automatically at background?

If it is the case, I might suggest you disable certain driver update that included in the Windows Update queue for your audio devices.

I agree !! Why do I need to choose "Organize and Adjust" vs "Edit".
When you choose Organize and Adjust the only way to add text or edit in other ways is to click on Edit in the upper right corner. And then it switches to a mode where only one picture appears, no ability to get to Library.
Can anyone tell me how to load an album when in Edit? HELP !!!

In the Guided and Expert rooms, the photo import button supports library photo import.
And, I found out that there are NO tools in the Guided room that can process multiple photos (from an "album") at a time even in old photodirector versions without the new launcher,

In your case, the album import might not bring you the benefit to process mutiple photos at a time as those tools (in the Guided room) edit and export photo one by one respectively.

In Expert room, you can still add library photos as layers via the add photo layer option.

The photo merging tools that might need you to import multiple photos in advance have been moved to the Create room separately.

May the methods above help you edit photos from your album further.
I would suggest you install the latest screen recorder version 4 on a win 11 pc.

The previous screen recorder 2 clearly is not claimed for new win 11 compatibility as it is such an old version released before Win 11.
Quote You can try the adobe lightroom. It is top rated photo and video editor. It's very easy to use and begineer friendly editing app. You can sharpen the image as per your requirement.

If you are talking about the color, dehazing, filter applying, and related adjustment results, and the software performance, I totally agree that the quality that adobe lightroom does is the top rated one among pros and amateur users.

But, I don't think the operation in adobe software is clearly "easier" than cyberlink photodirector or other competitors in every perspective. The learning curve exists in every tool.

And, most of the color adjustment options are not rocket science and those items are available and pretty basic for every Adobe Lightroom-like editors.

For OP's concern to sharpen photos, you can try the Dehaze, sharpness, auto color enhancements options in the adjustment room, or AI denoise and AI deblur tools in the Guided room.

As the OP used scanner to digitize old photos, I believe the pixel resolution of the scanned image is already very large, the AI enlarge photo feature (that supports in photodirector subscription version) might not be a good option for OP.

See which features can help you get a better result. But, I'm afraid you really cannot do much on a scanned image source. There are too many restrictions of the image scanning nature that you cannot tackle down easily.
The HDR processing and its result are highly depending on how OS and the GPU driver engaged. A player software would simply do the video decoding or control the playback navigation.

The window mode and exclusive mode (full screen) are operated differently in Windows. You might alreay know that if you played lots of PC game.

Try different version of GPU driver to sort out if it previously or once worked fine. powerdvd 22 hasn't updated the version for a while. It might not be the culprit of the problem.
Quote Desperately seeking a polygon selection tool for photo editing. I hope someone can tell me where to find it. Difficult to believe this super basic functionality isn't included in the PhotoDirector software. Come on CyberLink, don't let Adobe win.

I didn't see a polygon selection preset in photodirector's selection tool, but you can use lasso selection to select area in free shape.
I think it could be a good suggestion for cyberlink to add the feature.
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