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Quote I just bought Logitech G560 speakers and found that playing any format of video or audio requires the sound of PowerDVD to be at 8 channel. Any time is switch to another speaker number (I.E. 2 4 or 6 speaker) I get the following message

"Temporarily Unavailable for Current Audio Format ( ch/0bits/4456551 KHz)"

Is there a solution to this problem

For Clarifacation the G560 speakers is a Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker System with 7.1 DTS:X Ultra Surround Sound, Game based LIGHTSYNC RGB, Two Speakers and Subwoofer, Immersive Gaming Experience

It seems your speaker set supports multitypes of audio input interfaces (AUX, USB and BT).
I've never heard that a speaker set strictly requires a player to output multi-channel audio signal.

Have you ever tried using the AUX cable (3.5mm audio cable) to connect your speakers to PC?

If you used the USB or BT digital interface to connect your speaker to PC, the speakers definitely do not have DTS or Dolby decoder on the hardware natively. It supports DTS:X effect but does not necessarily mean it supports DTS audio decoding.

Just disable the DTS and Dolby decoding options at the supported format tab of your speaker in windows sound control panel > playback device > properties page to not use the speakers to decode Dolby or DTS audio.

And, do not select the audio output as multi-channel in powerdvd audio settings. Select it as system default.

I consider it might help your case.
Quote While many today choose to stream content, I play lots of 1080p BDs and DVDs, and much prefer using these Windows players.

They decode DTS-MA to a lossless MCH PCM signal, play all region discs and have the zoom and slow motion features which I often enjoy using, but which are found in practically no hard wired BD players.

Thus, my pc would need to output the video via HDMI, either to the processor or directly to my TV. But as neither SPDIF nor AES/EBU can transmit lossless MCH audio, the processor would need to have a USB audio input to do so, to be fed from my pc, like this DAC has.

But regardless of brand, design or price it seems that few if any MCH processors have a USB audio input.

And even if they did, could perfect syncing and quality of the video and PCM 5.1 audio from the Blu-Ray disk be assured, when played via any of these three Windows players?

IMO, the solution will be on your audio routing.

You can output your video and audio to a A/V receiver first using a HDMI cable, and then let the receiver bypass your video to TV.
Or, you can output your video and audio to TV (HDMI), and connect your TV to A/V receivers using a HDMI-ARC port (if your TV supports).

Both of the above ways will give you the full capacity to play the decoded multi-channel PCM audio, and you don't have to use an USB connection, which is not commonly seen on home cinema receivers or DAC.
Quote Hi,
I am just starting to work with Power2Go... and already stuck with a problem:
The mp4-clips, which I want to burn on a Verbatim 50GB (double-layer) Bluray, amounts to 34,41 GB total size, so they should easily fit on that disc.
However, Power2Go "explode" them to tremendous 287,27 GB project size: What?!?!
I already tried to adjust the Disc Presettings to conform with the parameters from the original movies, HD 1280x720/50p (26 MBit) but that did not reduce the project size at all.
If I will not be in a position to "convince" Power2Go just to "copy" the source material, the program will be absolutely worthless, anoying waste of money!
Many thanks for every support!
(I already published this enquiry in the German forum, regrettably in vain)

You already depicted all of these as the faults power2go made.
But, I'm wondering you didn't know the difference between a "Blu-ray Video" disc and Blu-ray "data disc".

If you want your MP4 files to be burned on a Blu-ray blank disc without any conversion, I suggest you click the Data disc > Blu-ray option, but not create a Blu-ray Video disc using another Video disc tool.

Data disc tool will back up your files on Blu-ray disc like what you did when copying files to an USB thumb drive.

And, of course the burned Blu-ray data disc is not compatible with a Blu-ray player that does not support playing standalone MP4 video file (on the disc). It will be read-able and playable only on PC platforms with BD drive using a player software, or a player hardware that supports playing standalone video files.

If you really need to create a Blu-ray video disc from the MP4 files, the standard Blu-ray video disc's encoding compression and efficiency are terribly lower than modern MP4 or MKV video files, which are encoded with H.264 or H.265 formats.
The produced video size on the disc will be much larger than original video files and the video size (on the disc) will be affected by the time length of your source video files only, but not the source video file size.

The video transcoding/conversion is required and un-avoidable when you're producing them into a "Blu-ray Video" disc that are universally playble on Blu-ray certified TV players.
As far as what I know, there is no such options in powerdvd to let you carry the configuration or library to other platforms, and the movie library import depends on the local stored paths of your video files. It won't work if you just carry the folder or library settings or data to other PC as the local stored path of your files might not be exactly the same on another PC.

It might be the time to rebuild your library from scratch and perhaps this setup can also help resolve any of unknown glitch that might exist in your previous library data, which caused browsing issues.
Quote How do I stop PowerDVD from automatically playing videos? I am searching my HDDs for video files to see what I've got over the years, and I click on one file, it plays, then the next, then the next, etc.

I've made sure "Automatically play next video when video ends" is *unchecked*, yet it just does its own thing.


PowerDVD Version 18.0.3105.66

It seems the latest version of powerdvd 18 is 3010 but not 3105 you wrote.

Anyway, I cannot reproduce the auto play condition in powerdvd no matter I started the file playback in windows file explorer or powerdvd file browser.

You may try reinstalling powerdvd and don't keep program settings nor import the settings from previous version after reinstallation.
It might help resolve most of weird configuration problems.
Quote I am trying to use Youcam V3.5.2.4725 (DE) on my HP laptop using W10 and a brand new Creative LIVE! CAM SYNC v3.
I can take photos including BURST and see myself on screen, so for sure it is connected and recognized. As soon as I click CAPTURE, the button turns to STOP for a second or 2 and then the entire app closes. I tried this on the built in W10 CAMERA app - it works OK, just noy Youcam.
I also closed all apps first and started W10 task manager. It confirmed no apps running before I started your software. Made no difference. I seem to have lots of disk space (hard disc).
Any suggestions?

Wow, Youcam 3......It is such an old version that might probably released for a decade, and you operated this legacy version software on a new Windows 10 platform?

I believe this old version Youcam is not compatible with new windows OS at all. If you really like its features pretty much, consider their new version instead.

I'm wondering your HP laptop is a very old model as well that released for many years if it was bundled with free youcam 3.

Although you can install Windows 10 on your laptop, it does not mean the hardware has full and proper compatibility to run multimedia process in Windows 10.

Perhaps you can also consider using your new webcam on a newer PC to operate the capturing in higher video resolution.
Quote Hi all,
I have just started to use photodirector as part of the Director suite 365, migrating over from AcDsee. Now AcDsee alows one to tag and view video files that have been taken with various cameras over the years but it looks like Phtot Director ignores them

Can someone enlightn me on the best way to tag and view them preferable along with like tagged images please? I have not explored PowerDirector yet so unsure if this somehow links in.


Photodirector supports snapshots on videos, but does not support importing or managing videos in the library. this software is for photo management and editing purpose only.

Powerdirector is for video editing. It cannot tag your video files additionally either but only let you group videos within powerdirector's media room per project. It means you are not able to carry the tags out along with your video files independently to other video projects or PCs.

Quote I have been using YouCam for some time with only minor issues. In the past it has not recorded audio, but if I uncheck and recheck the record with audio box or restarted it worked.

This time, nothing will work.

In YouCam - Audio in enabled, correct device selected

In Screen Recorded - Audio settings correct and enabled

In windows - Device set to default, not muted. Icon in tray shows mic "in use by YouCam"

Captures are in .mp4 format

Please let me know what else to try. I have uninstalled and reinstalled mic in device manager.

YouCam 10
Windows 11 (up to date)
HyperX QuadCast S

**Note, if I use the "capture" feature in PowerDirector the audio works.

Please tell me what I am missing! Thank you!

The clues you shared is few.

If your microphone is a high-end standalone model, you may seek driver or firmware update to check if it helps resolve the issue.
And, make sure the microphone and its connection work steadily on the whole recording session.

Yes I am. When I was doing my own troubleshooting I specifically tried it with discs I knew worked before. I also tried multiple non-Fox Blu-rays with the same result. Every Blu-ray disc comes up with that message. DVD's work with TrueTheater though, so there's something weird going on.

The only thing that has changed since it worked prior is the video card (and subsequently the video drivers). Moved from Nvidia to AMD.

Have you tried reinstalling powerdvd after you changed your GPU to AMD?
Did you uninstall NVIDIA drivers completely in Windows?

And, for new GPU, it is recommended to keep the driver version as the very latest one that released from the GPU vendor.
Bugs could be many in new software and hardware.

Or, you can contact cyberlink to investigate it further.
Quote Hi all - new to this forum.

As I've just bought a shiny new Windows 11 m/c I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade my 'ol faithful PowerDVD 13 to the latest 22. Oh my....I hate it. Most of it I'm sure I can get used to, but the real let down for me is the media libary. All of the thumbnails now are portrait size which for be is a backward step but one I could live with if I could change the cover art. This is a breeze in '13' but doesn't seem to be an option in '22'. I am REALLY hoping that one of you helpful people are going to tell me I'm missing something and that it CAN be done!
Thanks in advance.

The thumbnails of the video files in "Video" library are still in landscape size if you really want to browse them in this layout.
But, they are not customizable but auto selected from your videos.
Quote The latest IOS (16.3) update to my iphone 13 produces HEIC images and MOV videos that cannot be read by PowerDirector 20 on my WIN 10 Pro PC. Does anyone know of a simple and free set of codecs that will allow PD20 to read the latest HEIC and MOV files? PS. I am able to convert the newer files with Microsoft movie maker, but that’s one unnecessary extra step.

Moderation Note:
Moved to PDR20 forum from Previous Versions forum

Have you updated powerdirector 20 to the latest version using the patch?

the notes saying the compatibility of MOV has been improved but I'm not sure it is the solution for your case.

If not, you can contact cyberlink support to report your concern.
Quote Hi Folks,

I've got a seasons worth of flag football footage from my kids team. As a treat for the kids, I'd like to do a highlight reel. I'd like to watch all the footage and make clips or subclips from the existing footage to eventually assemble a highlight reel of all the best plays for the season. I'd also like to be able to tag these subclips with player names and types of plays (touchdown, interception) so I can easily make individualized highlight reels for specific players or just of all the interceptions.

I've done basic film editing in Adobe Premiere & other editing software and in those other platforms it would be fairly easy to make subclips from bigger clips in my media library and tag them with info to make searching and assembling clips fairly easy.

But I can't figure out an easy or the simplest way to do in PowerDirector.

Any ideas?

powerdirector has custom tags option in the media room for the files you've added to the Media room.
The "add tags" option are directly on the left panel of the media room.
It might help you group the media further.

It also have a precut feature if you want to trim your videos before adding to timeline.
Quote Is there a option to move PowerDirector 365 over from 1 MacBook to another?
and not with apple Migration tool.
Where are the movie/picture/sound files stored (local) so I can move those files also to go on editing my current project.

many thanks for your tips.

I remembered that the subscription version can be reinstalled on other device directly using the cyberlink application manager by signing in your subscription account:

I'm not sure what kind of local files you want to move. I consider there is no auto migration features.
You can pack your video project using the pack project materials option in powerdirector to pack all the media files you used with the PDS project file together.

Move the packed project files to other macbook to continue the editing.
Quote When I run Power2Go I see this

I click MP3 and it does nothing.

This is the free trial version.
Thanks for your help.

Some thoughts for your reference:
Is your free trial expired?
Have you tried reinstalling power2go to check it out?
Any antivirus software possibly blocked the process?

Or, you can contact cyberlink support for help.


I found that the background (behind the person) of your video is shot in a relatively messy scene.

It is expected that the mask area you selected on the person will work in vibration because of the motion nature of the video.

The professional shooting setup for this kind of background removal and keying scenario will use green curtain at the scene, and then use chroma key feature to key the background out in post-production phase.

I'm afraid there is not much you can do to remove the background in a better way for the video you currently use.
I just tried it out.
It looks like there is no such options when taking snapshots.
You may contact cyberlink to add the feature.
Quote Hello. I've been using Youcam 10 for a couple months now, and just about every time it starts up it is set to its lowest resolution or 720p and I have to manually change it. Sometimes I'm locked out of changing it. Not sure if it depends on whether I'm on Teams or Zoom or Zoho. But if I shut Youcam down and restart usually I can edit the resolution. Super annoying. All the other settings seem to retain, just not the resolution.

I'm recently using Zoho Meetings more often, and this platform is browser based. However most times if Youcam is already running, I get a dark green screen and no video. I need to close out Youcam services via task manager, join the zoho meeting, then load Youcam back up, readjust the resolution, then it will work. This requires a couple minutes just about every time I need to join zoho.

Is there a Chrome browser setting? permissions maybe? Any help would be appreciated.


I consider the webcam video resolution that operated in those popular meeting services like Zoom or Teams is not 720p at all because they have to maximize the video smoothness when streaming online meeting in real time.
It is not possible to use other software like Youcam to fully override the video resolution. An additoinal adjustment won't bring you real 720p videos to your audience either on the streaming.

For webcam video occupying condition, you can try right clicking on the youcam widget in Windows desktop tray and disable it to launch when Windows startup.
Quote Hello

I bought the Power DVD recently and i have faced a coulple of issues with it

1. iso file conversion
2. linking to the service.
i also wanted help in streamin iso files from my laptop to apple play or chromecast

PowerDVD app is also unable to locate the program over wifi
Power DVD remote app for android not detecting it as well

According to the error messages, did you set your system time correctly in the Windows for your locale?
Are you using genuine version of Windows?It seems either the time in your system is not correctly set or the internet connection of powerdvd got blocked in your system that caused the features cannot run further.

I also have doubt about that whether an ISO disk image can be "converted" to other formats in powerdvd.

By the way, BD/DVD folders or the discs (and the ISO) cannot be streamed via powerdvd. It is old design. And, the previous powerdvd remote app does not support new powerdvd.
I remembered that the old app support has been removed couple years ago since previous powerdvd version.
Quote New computer with new download of Power2Go 13. When attempting to edit a clip (usually mp4) or preview a video to burn to DVD/BluRay there is no audio. If I burn the DVD, there is audio on playback but I can't listen to the project prior to burning. Audio in the computer works fine. Has anyone seen this before?
Is the audio that encoded in your source video file compatible in power2go? I consider the DTS audio is not supported to preview or decode in power2go. Or, you can provide your video to cyberlink to let them help you check out:
I found the "Watermark Creator" has the auto options to print copyright claim, date, camera name, aperture, etc., but no serials.
The advanced export dialog supports the option to name the files with serials on export.

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