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ScrnRec-2 Problems in Win11 (+ workaround)
MelTX [Avatar]
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I've successfully used SCREEN RECORDER on my old Win7 PC for many years. That PC used a GeForce GTX 745 graphics card to connect to three monitors... actually smart-TVs. That PC was replaced with a newer much-faster Win11 PC. I installed the same graphics card, monitors, and cables. I also re-installed P15... including SR2 which experienced several problems in video-capturing.

When using the new Win11 system to record the screen of one of my monitors, the output-file would typically have audio but the VIDEO was black. Strangely, the CLOSED-CAPTIONING would sometimes be present and readable. I tried all sorts of parameter-adjustments but nothing worked. I have a suspicion that this problem was PARTLY caused by the unique monitor-handling protocols in Win11... maybe FULLY caused? And of course my multi-monitor configuration may also complicate the situation.
(well... please share any thoughts on that topic)


After a lot of effort I seem to have an awkward workaound. First, I open SR on "monitor 3" --- assigned as my MAIN monitor. Then the SR is adjusted to record from a SECONDARY monitor --- "monitor-1" in my case. Then I use the mouse to create a large recording area on monitor-1. I then click the red button to start recording. It seems necessary to do that BEFORE receiving any streaming video.

I then use monitor-3 to visit a website containing videos and select one for streaming. After streaming begins, I drag that video window onto monitor-2 --- resizing it as necessary. YES --- drag to monitor-TWO !!! This technique is cumbersome but seems to actually allow video-capture. (of course, there will be extraneous stuff at the start of the video but that can be removed by editting)

So, this essay has two components...............

1) if anyone has a better solution or explanation for these SR quirks, please share it

2) if anyone is experiencing a similar SR problem, perhaps my "work-around" may be useful

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QC2.0 [Avatar]
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I would suggest you install the latest screen recorder version 4 on a win 11 pc.

The previous screen recorder 2 clearly is not claimed for new win 11 compatibility as it is such an old version released before Win 11.
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