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Is there a way to highlight a clip on the timeline and have it show me the clip in the "media content" window? I often need to duplicate the track by adding it again from media content window to another track.

I know how to do it the reverse way....I can right-click a video in "media content" window and select "Find in Timeline". I'm looking to do the reverse. Highlight a clip in timeline and find the source.

Am I missing something obvious?

Although PDM nor CL would never clarify comment concerning statements made about this feature removal, the latest patch has reversed some of the effect. Obviously, a basic flub.

"Turn Off Movie Mode
The option to turn off automatically switching to movie mode during playback has been added back to Editing Preferences. See Project Preview Window for more information about selecting clip and movie mode."


After March update I do not see "Turn of movie mode" in editing preferences. All I have is "Switch to movie mode automatically during playback". However, whether it is checked or not it doesn't seem to have any effect on my timeline.

No you shouldn't be seeing any "rendering" nor a green bar with just shadow files. That's a different feature, that's "Render a preview of the timeline in Ultra HD preview quality.

That will slow you down for sure.


Speaking of the "render in ultra hd preview", I turned that off. Do you know where it saves those files? Is it the same location as the shadow/proxy files? I want to make sure I cleanup any space it used as I'm getting a little tight (new SSD ordered)

No you shouldn't be seeing any "rendering" nor a green bar with just shadow files. That's a different feature, that's "Render a preview of the timeline in Ultra HD preview quality.

That will slow you down for sure.


Oh no! I guess I hit a wrong button. Thanks so much I bet thats a big part of the problem!!
Quote You could try enabling shadow files and wait until all the yellow icons on the media library clips turn green before giving editing another try.

There is no option or ability to run LUTs or Color Presets throught the GPU, and the best workflow is probably to apply the color changes to each clip one by one and then produce each to the final profile. That will "bake in" all the corrections, and you'll then be able to finish your project with normal clips and (hopefully) produce very quickly and with no re-encoding using SVRT.

ah I forgot about shadow files! Yes those should help. Thanks so much for the info. I haven't used those for so long I forgot how they worked. I do see in the timeline it pops up with "rendering...." when it's looking at each clip, apparently.

Win10 Enterprise, NVIDIA Quadro P400 driver 461.92 (8GB), 46GB RAM, Intel Xeon Gold 6128 CPU @ 3.40Ghz (6 cores).

The only thing that has changed is the PD365 March updates.

Now when previewing a track on the timeline, if the track contains any fx it is very choppy (doesn't matter if it is a color fx or a CLUT) . Even if I reduce preview quality to normal or low, it's still incredibly choppy and consumes 100% CPU, GPU is 5%. On tracks with no fx, preview is great as usual and CPU % drops to 30%, GPU rises to 20%.

I understand previewing a track with FX is CPU intensive, but I'm really surprised it doesn't use the GPU. On tracks without fx, it is reversed (more GPU)

Do I have something configured incorrectly? I did not notice this behavior before the update. May not be related

EDIT: Forgot to mention it is a 4K clip. HEVC format 30fps. 2160x3840. This may just be the performance I can expect?
I currently use the ALIAS feature to add notes or comments to tracks on my timeline (specifically, what preset I used from ColorDirector, etc...since that information is not recorded anywhere.)

Are there any other options I am missing where I could add notes or comments to a clip?

Quote Just like to know if it comes with anything else besides the video and photo editors? Like audio editing software or a screen recorder

It also includes ColorDirector and AudioDirector.
Quote You can drop up to 7 FX directly onto each clip, so oftentimes there's no need for a dedicated FX track at all.

If you'd like to have one for all your projects anyway, the easiest way I can think of would be to create a new project and add the FX track. Save the project as something like Default or Project Template and use that as your basis for every new project, doing a Save As each time you start a new one.

Using the template method will work for me, thanks. I often want to apply an effect to just a portion of a clip, so the effects that allow me to do that, I need an fx track. I know a lot of effects can only be applie directly to the entire clip.
Quote Hello BadWolf,

DirectorZone is essentially for users to share their templates which, it's quite true, are often referred to as "Effects". e.g. In CL Application Manager, one of the tabs is "Effect Packs" but it contains LUTs, templates etc... but no "fx" as such.

The Effects (fx) included with PDR & PhD are not the kinds of things most users would even know how to create. I, for one, wouldn't have a clue! If one can't create them, it's quite difficult to share! undecided

So, it's a semantics issue.


Makes sense, thanks sir!
So what is so special about fx Effects that there aren't any on directorzone to download?
So with the new version there is no longer an FX track, you have to manually add one into the timeline. Not a huge deal, but is there a way to just have it included in all new projects I create? It's just one less thing for me to have to remember to do.
I'm wondering if Color Director has the same functionality as Photo Director in regards to keeping a history of changes made to the image, in which I can view. In Photo Director you can "View History". I'm looking to see if a similar feature is available in ColorDirector. Thank you
Quote Thanks for sharing those screenshots. It looks to me like you've chosen a poor target to track because the knee area of a running leg has no fixed shape, form or contrast for PD to lock onto. You'll have much better results by tracking the ball logo on the player's shirt.

You may also need to switch targets if the logo goes out of the frame, but as long as you can stick with a clear target like that you should be fine. Remember that you can do this in stages and even manually adjust the tracker if needed.

Thanks so much for the advice about where to position the tracker. I've seen various topics on how large to have the tracker, etc. What you said makes sense!
Quote You mean in addition to the little arrows adjacent to the Add Keyframe diamond for each individual setting?

My guess is that since the function is tied to each indiividual setting, and there is often more than one tool that can access & create keyframes in the same object (eg PiP Designer and Keyframe Settings), there's no easy way to implement that particular keyboard function across the board.

Maybe I'm wrong and CL could make it happen, so let them know you'd like to see it via Rate Us & Provide Suggestions

Yea, I just get so used to using keyboard commands that it seems like work to actually have to move my mouse. LOL.
Quote Hi is anyone having a problem again with the
search button on the template page. It seems to have stopped working, every
time I type anything in it says there are 0 results. Please reply ASAP!

Yes I'm having the problem today, in chrome and firefox. First time I've ever had this happen. I must admit, I do not like it.
Hi all, couldnt find any info on this. I wanted to create a custom keyboard shortcut for "next keyframe" and "previous" keyframe so I could navigate that way, but it doesnt appear to be an option in the "Customzie Keyboard Hotkeys"

Am I out of luck, or just missing something obvious?

Quote It could well be that there's too much motion, blur and similarity to nearby objects for the program to identify and follow the person automatically.

But tracking with the person by creating your own motion keyframes should be fairly simple and it will give you much more control in the process. Have you tried that?

i haven't, that was going to be my next step if I couldn't get the "easy way" motion tracker tool to work the way I wanted.
I'm trying to understand the motion tracker tool. Filming soccer game, and I want it to track a particular player. Since the action is fast and the background varies (other players, etc) I'm having a very difficult time with motion tracker sticking to the object I select. It always loses focus pretty quickly. I've tried using a smaller selection. I don't want to go frame by frame if possible as that will take forever.

What I've been doing is selecting my player (making the selection area very small, like on a portion of their shirt or pants) and clicking the "Track" button. When the arrow loses focus, I then click stop, move the arrow back to the person, and click
"track" again to resume. I repeat this over and over.

Is that the right way to do it? I'm just not understanding how to accomplish what I want...I don't really understand the track tool very well.
Something odd. Have a clip that I'm trying to use motion tracker on. When I select my subject, when I hit the TRACK button the thing plays at like 2x speed. If I click the play button, it plays normal speed. Any idea why it won't play at normal speed when hitting track? When I hit track the selection I made turns yellow.
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