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Quote I don't think so, but the best way to let CL know that you'd like to see that option is to use Rate Us & Provide Suggestions under the File menu.

As the subscription version seems to have several update cycles per year now, it seems like there's a decent chance of seeing these kinds of requests fairly quickly if CL decides to implement them.

Will do, thank you for the reply.
Quote Hello BadWolf,

That's a noble idea, but I don't think it can be done.

When you apply a mask in Regional Adjustments, you can make manual adjustments but not apply presets, which apply globally.

That probably doesn't help you much undecided


Hehe... That's what I figured. I guess I understand it, since regional adjustments only affect part of an image, whereas global affects the entire, so maybe it's not possible to create presets that only apply to certain parts of the image. I'm just trying to find a time saver for some common masks I use, such as gradient horizontal masks that I use to make the sky bluer, etc.. I take a lot of soccer pictures so I end up usign the same adjustments over and over, and it gets difficult to replicate them exactly when I have to manually do them on each clip/photo.
Is it possible to create a preset that uses Regional Adjustments, such as gradient masks? It appears I can only create presets that contain Global Adjustment Tools. I'd like to create a preset that makes the sky bluer using a gradient mask.

Quote I agree and I've added Ctrl+Alt+S for the Freeze Frame command.

When typed, PD will take a screenshot at the playhead location, split the existing clip on the selected track and insert the new image with the default duration while pushing the downstream tracks to the right automatically.

That one hotkey saves 4-5 manual steps, depending on whether you have the "don't prompt" to confirm the screenshot's file name option checked or not.

If you make any custom hotkeys, be sure to save the .pdh file so you can import it into newer versions of PD when they're released. I just noticed that PD19 didn't automatically load my "May 2019" hot key set so I had to import it to get my custom keys working again.

i totally forgot about using custom keyboard shortcuts. Excellent option , thank you.
Quote The freeze frame is added at the current timeline scrubber position and has nothing to do with where one right mouse clicks on the timeline for the contextual menu to apply a freeze frame. You could define a custom hotkey to "Freeze Frame" and then type that key sequence vs using the mouse if that's preferred.


I didn't realize that, that is very helpful to know. Thank you
Is it possible to enlarge the preview window when hovering over a preset?

Hover your mouse over each available preset to preview the current video with the adjustment applied.:
When editing a clip, when I goto Fix/Enhance and click on "Color Enhancement", is there a way for the program to always default to "Compare in split preview" ? Currently each time I Color Enhance a clip I have to check this box, and I'd rather have it checked by default because I always want to compare in split preview.

I have a clip on the timeline that I want to add a freeze frame to. I pause the video where I want it. Then, I would right-click on the timeline and goto Edit Video > Freeze Frame.

Problem is, how do I accurately click on the timeline? So I pause the clip, I see the exact second and frame it is paused at. However, to right-click I have to move off the timeline marker intot he timeline itself to right-click. For those of use with not so steady hands, how do I ensure that where I right-click is the exact point in time i want?

I mean, after I insert the freeze frame, I can obviosly move the frame to the correct timestamp that I wanted, or use a marker. Just wondering if there was an easier way.

Ah ok, the feature is different than what I was thinking in my head. Thank you for clarifying !
Thanks I will give this a try! laughing
Yeah I have the 365 subscription, but if I didn't, I wouldn't upgrade. Not enough new features/fixes that I would use.
I check preferences > editing > and uncheck "Return to clip/movie beginning after preview"

However when I hit stop after previewing, it still returns to the beginning of the movie, regardless of if i am in clip or movie mode.

Can anyone else reproduce?cool
Hiya friends,
So I have many old videos that are dark. What I usually do is adjust the lighting, however, this appears to introduce noise. Do you see the same?

So I want to reduce noise and brighten the video, basically. What order do you normally perform adjustment tasks? Color, Light, noise? Or noise, lighting, color...etc?

Just curious on other's workflow and how I can enhance a video without introducing a lot of additional noise.

Thank you
I like the new project room but I don't understand where it is pulling these projects form. Is there a setting to adjust what folder it's looking at? I have projects in a few locations and just am not clear on where it is looking when you click on the project room.
Quote In some cases, I see different behavior when I switch on and off the “Enable OpenCL technology to speed up…. In the Hardware Acceleration tab of the preferences.
However, irrespective of this setting I see the spinning balloon and also a preview of the effect selected. Don’t you?
This is indeed not a preview of the effect applied to the clip. I don’t know any way of previewing the effect on the clip. What I consider a faster way to getting a better preview of the effect rather than apply it to the whole clip (and the hassle of removing it again) is to drag the effect to the FX line under the track in the timeline. It can simply be removed from there too.
Now as of version 19 there is no FX track anymore. You have to manually insert it, by selecting Add Tracks from a menu that opens when you right click in the timeline.

Ah, dragging the fx to the timeline to preview would work. I had forgotten about that since the fx track was removed by default. Thanks!
I've seen many posts on this and was wondering if this feature has been added to PD 19.... When you select an fx thumbnail, it shows the generic spinning wheel,etc in the preview window. The only way to see the effect with your video is to actually apply it to the timeline.

Is there a way yet to preview an FX without adding it to the timeline?
Which would provide better picture quality , recording on my iPhone XR with the digital zoom on..or record normally and use PD to zoom (crop)?
Awesome! Thanks so much for your help!
I just loaded an older project that includes some PiP objects. Basically it's a soccer video and the video would pause and a red arrow would appear over the player. However, it appears this red arrow .jpg is missing and when I look at my project, there's just a blank box. When it plays, instead of the arrow its a blank black box.

Any idea how to identify where PowerDirector is looking for this file? I don't know how to replace the "black box" with the correct arrow icon.
Can't find much information on the video denoise feature. I want to crank it up to about 75 but am not sure what other impact it might have on the video? Some adjustments soften the image, etc.. Anyone used video denoise and have any issue with certain settings?

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