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Quote I still suggest you try reinstall powerdvd in the Windows safe mode:

If it doesn't work either in the safe mode, contact cyberlink in their support center to get further helps.

I'll try, but the last time I went into safe mode it locked me out of my windows account when I booted back into windows, I don't even remember how I got my profile/account back, I just kep messing with it.

No new application should ever "have" to be installed in safe mode.

I'll just email tech support if it doesn't work. They have got to know about this.
Hey y'all, I must say I have NEVER had anything like this happen before, I uninstalled my old version of PDVD, installed the new PDVD 20 and during the install my second monitor was removed, along with my mouse, then my keyboard and my camera.....and then the stopped installing at 96%???

I had to reset my pc....

What one earth causes this to happen?

It seems after resetting my PC it shows PDVD 20 as installed and it seems to play dvd's and videos, BUT, I don't feel good about this at all!!

I have seen a post about this saying that possibly waiting up to 2 hours? and see what happens? I do NOT boot into safe mode for any reason.

I don't usually complain but, THIS is unacceptable.

is there a patch or somehting or a way to check that it is fully installed??? I am not comfortable with going through this again...

You can directly install the new powerdvd version without uninstalling the previous versions first if your purchased license is not an upgrade but full one.

I remembered that when you launch powerdvd first time after installed, the first launch wizard will ask you if you want to import the library settings that you set in previous powerdvd versions. The library transfer function would work if you didn't select the option to remove your personal settings while you uninstalled the previous powerdvd versions.

And, as far as I can tell, powerdvd 20 cannot play everything. (i.e. 3D video feature has been removed).
I've never heard there are any plugins can effectively enable powerdvd play unsupported files after the plugins installed.

Refer to the product page to see the supported foramts of this version:

To play movie discs, it might require additional setup to proceed the DRM playback, but I think the requirement is not "plugin", either.

My previous version and this new one are both upgrade versions so I will have to remove the old version first, thats the main thing I needed to know.

Yeah I don't watch any 3D stuff on my pc, but I do have some .iso's that I used to need something from Power2Go to watch. but I have P2G 13 so that should be good enough if needed.

1) Is the best procdure to uninstall the older version first, then, installing PowerDVD 20? OR do you install PDVD 20 while the older version is still installed?

2) How do I keep my existing libraries? Is there a way? As I have some custom movie/album covers.

3) do I need ANY other software to make sure PDVD 20 plays everyting? (Power2Go?? any add-ins?)

Quote There is a faq for your reference:

Deselect the main option to turn chroma key off, or reconfigure it from scratch.

Chrome key is only for the webcam video area, it won't cover your desktop screen.

Hello QC2.0, thank you for the help.

Actually I tried unchecking the main option and when I re-enabe it it keeps the old settings.

I have also tried several times to use a pricture for a background but it just doesn't work. (<-this doesn't seem to work at all)

It seems to be stuck on the black eyedropper color with no way to clear it but to select another color

I also was mistaken in thinking that this Chroma Key was like Xcam and Chroma-Cam, both of which you can easly remove the background of the video camera. BUT it appears that I need something to use for a green screen, which is ok but I don't have one right now.

I THINK I may have a messed up install as everything elses works fine and I just used it last week, I'll try a uninstall and reinstall and see if that works.

thanks for the info QC2.0
How do I use chroma key to blend in with the game/desktop I'm recording? AND how do I reset it to default?

I tried importing a background but it doesn't show up?

Is there an easy way to just remove the background?

Are there any comprehensive tutorials on using this? I accidently clicked on a background color to remove and now my camera is all messed up when using chroma key, and there appears to be no way to just reset it.

Forgive me but I am totally unfamiliar with how to
use this feature.
Quote Hello RobCom,

Yes, you only ever need to install the most recent patch.

Currently, for example, if you installed the 3215 patch for PhD9 it includes fixes & improvements from previous patches.


Cool, thank you. I have been keeping all the patches and I need to free up some space.
Quote Hi Rob,

Amazon Prime or Netflix has not been integrated into PowerDVD yet, as far as I know, so this is not possible.


Ok thanks
Do I need to keep every single patch or just the latest one?

Does anyone use PDVD18 to watch their Amazon Prime Video?? If so how?


I think you need to re unstall Essentials VII after the PD 17 installation . It is the same thing last year after the unstallation of PD 15 to PD 16

I wonder, if I uninstall 16, then install 17 upgrade, how do I get the NewBlueFx that are in 16 now back into 17? what would the exact uninstall/reinstall sequence be?


You know what, I bet you are right.

I don't have much on Facebook that I really want except for photos and I can get those anytime I want, I like to keep my videos on YouTube and then I can post a link to them.

BUT I wonder if there is a privacy setting I can use to allow Cyberlink?

I contact FB and ask them, thanks man.
Quote My experience is, that the installation of PD17 does leave the PD16 installation alone. NO automatic uninstall, and after installation PD17 and PD16 work fine, but not at the same time.
When installing Content Packages, the installer will notice that a pack has already been installed (previous PD version likely), and directs to cancel or uninstall before installation. So far I have not noticed any difference either way.


Hey, thanks for the reply.My preference is to uninstall the old version first, BUT I know that sometimes with Cyberlink upgrade items you might have to have the old version installed and registered before being able to install the new.

Not sure is that’s the issue here or not.

I’ll give it a try with PD165 installed and see what happens, I NEED to get some videos done for some demonstrations so as long as one version works I’ll be ok.

Thanks man

Should I uninstall the old version first? OR will the installer do that for me?

The Youtube backup works fine, I'm logged into my account and am able to se all my videos and all my subscriptions, no problem, BUT after I logged into my Facebook I get nothing.

I can see my account/Friends in the root menu on the left but nothing shows up in the window.

Also adding a video URL does absoulutely nothing.

any ideas?

it should have.

did for me.

as well as every other CL upgrade product I ever bought.

I have no idea why it didn't on this one.
Removing PDVD 17 solved the problem!!

It also reset the virtual_CDROM driver so I could install a new one.

Thanks man for pointing me in the right direction.

I wonder why the PDVD18 "upgrade" didn't remove the old PDVD17 version? Because this could be what caused the issue.

Per the log you posted, I only found that there were errors on the virtual CD-ROM driver.
I may contact support and ask them how to get the driver work or just reset it.

That makes sense because the movie did stay in my vurtual drive even after I had turned it off, as if it was still running.

How do I reset the driver?

Thanks for your help QC

No ideas?

Well I guess I’ll have to try to contact support.

I checked and I have the latest versions of PDVD 18 and Power2Go 11 so I don't know what else to do, it doesn't affect DVD's or other files, YouTube yada yada, BUT .iso's are important to me.

I'll try anything to get this to work I really like PDVD 18.

PS: Should PDVD 18 and 17 be installed at the same??

042918-47390-01.dmp 4/29/2018 9:15:37 PM SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION 0x0000003b 00000000`c0000005 fffff806`41672200 ffffd68b`eddb6700 00000000`00000000 CLVirtualBus02.sys CLVirtualBus02.sys+12200 CyberLink PowerDVD Virtual CDROM Bus Enumerator CyberLink PowerDVD Virtual Device Driver CyberLink x64 ntoskrnl.exe+175930 C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\042918-47390-01.dmp 8 15 16299 1,061,516 4/29/2018 9:27:04 PM

OK, I got the dump file to open finally with BSV, here is what I have. (let me know if I need to add any other info)
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