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Hello, I have experienced the same issue just upgraded from 16 to 18 (365 version) and the plugins are missing.

Did you manage to restore them? if so how?


Below is the response that I received from Cyberlink Tech Support. A bit of a hassle to do, as It is always nicer just to produce the video under one application. Their suggestion of using the Boris Fx in 16 (for the segment you want to aplly to), and then producing it - importing into 18 - continue editing, sure seems like a lot of work. I just just gave up on it. I reinstalled PD 16, after I had installed 18, from their links and it seems to have restrored them in 16. They won't show up in 18 though.

Thank you for contacting CyberLink Technical Support.

We understand that you like to know how to get the BorisFX Lights and
BorisFX Image Restoration in your PowerDirector 18 Ultimate software.
We are more than willing to assist you.

With reference to your query, kindly go to the both link below to
check what products and content packs are included in CyberLink
PowerDirector 18 Ultimate version compare to the PowerDirector 16
Ultimate Suite:

PowerDirector 18 Ultimate: link deleted

PowerDirector 16 Ultimate Suite: link deleted

Since the PowerDirector 18 Ultimate does not contain the BorisFX
Lights and BorisFX Image Restoration which is bundled with PowerDirector
16 Ultimate Suite, it is suggested to apply this effect using the
PowerDirector 16 Ultimate Suite, produced to a video and keep editing in
PowerDirector 18 Ultimate.

Please feel free to contact us back for further clarification or
assistance related to CyberLink Products. Use the link below to get back
to us:

Thanks and Regards,

CyberLink Technical Support
Hello all,
I have just purchased and installed PD18 Ultimate (not 365 - still not into subscription models). I had previously purchased and installed PD16 Ultimate Suite a couple of years ago (updated to most recent fix 3424). I usually skip a version or two before upgrade.

After I had installed PD18 I noticed that two FX (BorisFx Restoration and BorisFx Lights), that were available in PD16, were deleted from my PD16 program. All the other effects, custom titles, downloaded effects etc. seem to show up in both versions. I do realize that Lights and Restoration are not included in PD18 Ultimate (as per the site comparison) but are in 365.

I do have a few projects that I am working on in PD16 that use the above noted BorisFx, but now say that the FX is missing. I have contacted customer support and they have suggested that I reinstall PD 16 Ultimate Suite and sent me links to the files to download. ( I already have my backup files on an external drive, but downloaded the suggested files anyway).

I am posting this as a reach out to the community for answers to a couple of questions before I proceed.

1) Has anyone else noticed that the 2 BorisFX were missing in PD16 after installing PD18 ? And if so were you able to retrieve them into the program somehow ?

2) In your opinion, is it wise to reinstall PD16 over the existing PD16 install ? The fear being that it may overwrite some of the common files installed by PD18, thereby downgrading the newer files.

3) Or ignore #2 and uninstall existing PD16 Suite and install fresh PD16 ? Again though same issue with overwriting PD18 files.

4) Finally - just skip all of the above and find an alternate Fx to replace what I have already done with the Boris Fx ? This may be last resort is it is quite effective for my needs, on the show.

Thank You


Here's the last screenshot.

Also a quick example of a Bluff Avi converted to mov. Simple rotating reflective text with flower particles produced in PDR over one of the included pics. The Bluff AVI was 3.70GB and the XMedia Recode mov with high bitrate used was 264MB. So if you create something you may use again, after converting you can delete the AVI and save disk space.

Further to my earlier response of today, I have tried this now and it works like a charm.

Thank you very much for your response and providing a solution that works.

Life just became a bit easier !!!


Here's the last screenshot.

Also a quick example of a Bluff Avi converted to mov. Simple rotating reflective text with flower particles produced in PDR over one of the included pics. The Bluff AVI was 3.70GB and the XMedia Recode mov with high bitrate used was 264MB. So if you create something you may use again, after converting you can delete the AVI and save disk space.

Thank you very much for the information regarding your process. I will definitely give it a try. It will, for sure, make the process a lot easier. I see also by your tube post that the quality still seems very good after the conversion, especially due to the file size difference that you mention.

On another note. I also have Video Studio X10 on my computer, and have found out that their new version now supports export of Transparent MOV files. I may upgrade because as a user I can get it real cheap (39.99). I am going to try your trick first to save the 39 bucks though.

Thank you for your response.

I noticed that the small AVI that you attached does not have transparencey ?

As a second note: Do you know of any software that may be able to convert the PNG files into a MOV video ?
I do have Vegas, so I'll check to see it can output this file from the PNG set !!

Thank you
Thank you for your response about this issue.
The sample AVI file is 632mb for a 06 sec clip, so am not sure if I can upload it to the forum.
We could try a PM and I could send you a link to download, if you still want to test it.

It seems though, that through the other responses, that PD isnt able to import AVI with transparencey !!

Too bad, as it would be more convenient than the PNG route, especially when resizing or trying to move the title in the production.

Question - Can Power Director 16 import AVI videos with transparencey ? I have version 16.0.3424.0

I use Bluff Titler for creating titles, as an example a Lower Thirds title. When exporting I export the file as "Uncompressed AVI with Transparencey". After importing the file into PD and putting on Track 2 with a picture on track 1, the transparencey is not working. The black remains and blocks out the Picture. I know I can use Chroma Key, but this is not preferred as it does not leave the title very sharp , as some of the black bleeds through and also lose some (minimal) of the title - even after adjusting the sliders. I know that PD can import .MOV files with transparencey OK, but need clarification if it will work with .AVI ??

I have tried importing the file into both Corel Video Studio and Vegas, as i have both of these, and it imports and works as it should, so I know it's not the AVI file issue. I could do the transparencey portion of the production in either of these 2 and then export the video into PD for continuing, but this is not a very productive workflow. There are some features in PD that I prefer, so would like to do the whole thing in the one program.

As a further note, I am able to export from Bluff Titler as "Numbered frame with Transparencey" which exports a bunch of .PNG files with transparencey. If I import all these at set the Duration as 1 the transparencey is maintained. This to me is a workaround for a procedure that should be as simple as importing the AVI file ?

So back to square 1 - Can PD16 import AVI files with transparency, and if so what am i missing in the process ?
I stopped producing to MP3 in ADR 5 when I had it. I used the workaround. Produce to WAV and convert externally to MP3.

I recentley upgraded my programs to PD16/AD8. IThe version is AD 8.0.2322.0. Since the upgrade I have been able to produce from all modules including MIX to MP3 from within AD. I am also able to import the produced file back in.

Just an update as to my situation, as I had strated this thread originally.

PIX - I have to disagree with your statement "ADR7 & 8 cannot produce an MP3 at all.". - as I am bale to produce to MP3 with AD8. It may be some other conflict for Emily C.

Good Luck
Thank you to both Tony and Barry.

This will help me to get on the right track. I have seen the green screen effects in the past, and played with them a bit, but had hoped that maybe, the effect shown in the Cyberlink Demo video would be available as a complete overlay somewhere. Earlier tonight I created a rest video doing much the same as you did Tony. Works quite well, but as you have stated does take a bit of fiddling to line up the motion tracker. (Especially with a skier on snow)

Thank you Tony for answering the HUD question for me.

I have been searching for the alpha overlay but seem to come up blank. There are many circles etc. at videohive and the like, but haven't come across the speed indicator and lines.

I may have to create the whole overlay from various bits and pieces to achieve a similar result.

I t does seem strange that they wouldn't produce a "Demo" video only showing there products and add-ons.

Thank you
I am looking for some help from the community. I have Power Director 14 Ultimate Suite.

I am producing a video of some action skiing sequences and am interested in a particle/PIP Object that I have seen in a video on the Cyberlink website. The PIP Object is the HUD shown in the screen cap attached. It shows up in the Intro Video on the Power Director 14 page at around the .55 sec mark. I have been trying to find it within PD 14, but can't seem to. I would assume that when they show the capabilities of the softwarte that the video would be produced using everything available from within PD and not using outside sources for effects. This would seem logical, not to spice it up with other vendors !!!!! Does anyone know where the Object may be in the software, or if not where it can be found. I have seen many sites with similar HUD's but none quite like this this one which combines the circles with the speed etc.

Thank you
Thank you for the response.

My computer is a HP 27" All in One with 12GB RAM. Processor is i7-4790, Intel HD Graphics 4600 and a Nvidia GeForce 830A, so the PC should be able to handle it.
The files are rather large due to the PNG and JPEG video encoding procedure.
One file is 257MB for 9 secs and the second file is 651 MB for 20 secs.
Bitrates are 240Mbps and 225 Mbps and they are 1920 x 1080.
If I edit frame by frame it's workable and when rendered out plays OK. For me the best wil be to produce just that segment and then use it in the whole project. Not very seamless but workable. I think it is the way that Power Director handles alpha channels and this type of file encoding.
One other note is that even Quicktime plays back the files (.mov) a little choppy.
I will just have to be a bit more observant when buying these overlays.
Can't seem to find how to attach the DXdiag file to this response.

EDIT.....Found editing the post after submitting !!

Thank you
I have recentley purchased two motion graphics effects from Videohive for use in projects I am working on. When I import the files into PD14 thye are very choppy and are hardly usable. I tried converting through Media Espresso, but lose the transparency. I was wondering if anyone had had experience with these kinds of files and may have suggestions. If not I have wasted a few bucks.

I believe the the issue is the video encoding. If you look at the links you will see that they are encoded as follows:

<a></a> is encoded as PHOTO JPEG is encoded as PHOTO PNG + ALPHA

They purchased files are .mov files which I think is the container for the video files. Is Power Director 14 able to import these or is this not possible. I did try to PRODUCE the file to an AVI, which took about 3 1/2 minutes for the 20 seconf render and when played it was OK. It just doesn't work well under PD14.

Any suggestions or hints ?

Thank you
I purchased to clean install version of PDR 13 Ultimate Suite earlier this year, and have upgraded to PDR 14 Ultimate Suite a few days ago (A few extra features that I will be using i.e. motion tracking and action camera), otherwise I would have waited for the next one.

During the install I was not asked if I wanted to uninstall PDR13, and it just installed into it's own new directory. All plugins that I have added and downloads from DZ migrated OK and show up in PD14.

Is it wise to leave PDR 13 on my computer or unintall it. I am afraid that if I uninstall it may dlete some shared files etc, which could create a problem with the program execution.

Any thoughts ? Thank you
Thank you for your attention to this.

It occurs everywhere in ADR, (Edit, Restore and Mix modules) and at all bit rates.

I have been doing as you suggest, as far as producing to another format. It is just that it would be nice if I can take out one step in the production. If you do come up with a solution just let me know.

Thank you

P.S. I may be upgrading to PDR 14 Ultra (from PDR 13 Ultra) which includes ADR 6. If I do we will see if the error goes away.
Below are the messages that I get.

Pic 1 is the screen that shows what I want to produce

Pic 2 shows the error message. As mentioned in my first post this error is only with MP3 as I can produce to all othe files
I have Audio Director 5 as part of Power Director 13 Ultimate Suite.

When I create a mix of a number of sound files and go to produce it to MP3, it gives me an error message. When "Produce" is selected the options to save are M4A,WAV,MP3 and WMA. I can save it out to WAV, WMA and M4A but not MP3. The files imported are MP3 (with no problem). I know it isn't the codecs as I have some other programs that will output to MP3.

Any one else have this problem. I have used Support, but just get the normal scripted answers that I have tried anyway and are of no help.

Thank you
Thank you for your quick reply. I was just using the screenshots as examples. I don't have VE5 in Corel and that is why the different filter screenshots.

The low down is that the color picker is missing in PD as you have answered. I had already thought of the external color picker, but something as simple as a color picker, you would think, should have been there. An oversight by NewBlue or Cyberlink ?

Thank you for the link, I'll check it out.
I have PD Director 13 Ultimate Suite installed on my computer. I have a question regarding the NewBlue FX interface. In PD 13 it seems rather spartan compared to the videos the demonstrate the interface. See the screen grab from the program. In this instance I am trying to select a color that will be the main colr and the rest will have no color. In the examples videos on NewBlue and Videos on you tube there is a color picker available to select the color from the video. In PD 13 there is only a colr chart (not to precise. You have to guess at the color you want to isolate.) This is evident in all effects that have a color selection. I can live without the dials and samples showing the effect, but the color picker seems extremley important. Is this just an issue with the design by NewBlue with Power Director or is there a way to have PD13 display the proper interface.

The interface in Corel Video Studio 7 with NewBlue Fx is the same as interface shown on the NewBlue site examples.

See the two screenshots - one from PD 13 and one from Corel VS 7.
Thank you. I have found them and will have some fun with them
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