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I have uploaded the project file to:

I have changed the font to Arial.
(Maybe a good idea to rename the subject line into: "Flickering" Titles)

I have made a small video to show you guys what I experience. As Optodata writes, I do not see this all the time when I did some testing too. But the video below shows that for both titles in there that at the start a few frames are different (darker) from the subsequent frames that are showing what I have "programmed" the title designer to do.

Please note that the the darkening of the border restarts again when the ending effect starts. Apparently this effect "overrules" the border coloring?
I have used NO starting effect on the titles.
What I furthermore see is that in the titledesigner when moving through the title frame by frame, the designer appears to have difficulties going to the next frame, it takes about a second or more for it to get there. It shows a dark border first and then displays the border like I have set it to do. In a number of frame steps the title disappears from the screen alltogether.
I have changed the font, and that does not seem to make any difference.

I wonder what you see..
Hmm. I did do some testing, and I see the same. I made a normal title gave it a color and a border with another color. The color of the border only kicks in after a few frames. The effect cannot be seens in the title designer, nor can it been seen when previewing (at least not on my computer). I see the change, hence the flickering in the produced result.

Some further testing tells me that the flickering does not always happen. I have not found out yet under what conditions it does
A very interesting situation indeed, and I also did try a number of options.
For one, I tried to move some images to another track to see whether that made any difference. No I did not. And even when I disabled the track, Apply to all, means apply to all.
What I got extra to my surprise was a FADE transition between adjacent images in the same track? That was a feature I did not see before?
A feature btw that can be switched on and off in the preferences.
I wonder why you ask?
Titles and Credits durations are usually defined by a number of things:

  • the title text should appear long enough on screen for people to read it. In former days it was recommended to read out lout the text 3 times; to set the duration. Nowadays the time of 3 reads will be considered much too long.

  • the title text could appear longer for important information (like the name of the star actress)

  • when animations, creative arts and/or funny sequences are used the duration of those will also define the duration

  • In commercial movies credits must be shown. To give all people credit and to show copyright information etc. When shown on TV you may have noticed that credits are cut off, or shown very, very rapidly, so that no one can really read them

  • There are movies with credits at the end that go one for minutes and minutes (I believe the record is over 8 minutes?)

  • You no doubt have seen at the and of movie that bloppers or other shots are shown to make up for the lengthy credit part.

I guess that answer is: that is up to you. Taking the above a bit into account and considering what timing fits your production the best.

So I wonder why you ask!
Netflix has shielded off recording using screenrecorders.
what Optodata says. There is currently no better way.
It is fun to learn about the possibilities of PIP. Sizes and many other setting can be very precise as you may have noticed, by using the numbers. There are also other tricks in many PD tutorials. Highly recommended
With the PIP designer you should be able to move pictures around even of screen using keyframes. PD will even sort out movements between positions automatically, with ease in and out etc.
Removing backgrounds will help, as will green screen using chroma keys
Also search for animation tutorials for PD, there are many good ones that will teach you what you can do.
Have fun!
Thanks for your explanation.
It is great that the produced video gives the required result. Your conclusion that the designer cannot be trusted is more or less true. We see this in other functions of PD too. It has to do with the computer (program) that has to do a lot at the same time and if the computer cannot cope, the previewed video may stutter a bit, or (as in your case) video and / or audio may not be in sync. What might help, besides buying a faster computer, is lowering the preview display quality settings.
Fortunately in most cases the produced video come out okay ūüėä
Quote Hi all:
I've just bought PD 18 and am trying to do up a slide show. I've gotten the pics & music clip onto the Timeline. The default duration for the pictures is 5 sec in Preferences. I re-set it to 4 BUT the duration during playback is still 5 sec. BTW, another thing. Is it possible to use "Slide show creator" and not have to get stuck with any of those canned transitions.
I got to that point and when I tried to bypass that, the app didn't work.
Thanks for replies

The default duration in the preferences is used at loading time only, loading into the timeline that is. If you change the duration after loading it will not have effect on the duration already set in the timeline. The duration setting in the preference has no influence on the duration in slide shows. The slide show duration is determined by the slideshow template, the music used and the number of images. You can however change the duration (per image) in customize.
The transitions are fixed into the template and cannot be changed.
From what I understand you say is:

I can't download the Blue frames with white borders tells me extraction failed no video collage makes me download who helps me ??????

I would assume that you have started the Collage Designer and clicked on the blue download field; which brings you to the download zone.
Select the desired effect and download it. Once it is downloaded (it should have the extension dzvc, click on the file-name (either in your download folder or in your browser). If you have installed PD correctly, the extension will be recognized and the effect will be inserted into the (proper) effect room and made available in PD.

Please let us know if this helps, otherwise tell us what blue frames with white border you mean.
Indeed searching the internet or even search youtube for green screen brust animations, maybe there is one of your liking.
Excellent! Good to know that this works. The number of tracks you had was low. Look at the virtual orchestras on YouTube, with vary large numbers of participants. How much work that be?
D'accord. Ensuite, nous pouvons maintenant clore la conversation
I have checked in my version PD 365 18.3.2717.0, and it consistently shows the Media Room Icon.
The display of items when clicking from one icon to the other is a bit slow, but it displays the icons correctly.
Which PD version do you have?
I suggest that you inform Cyberlink by making use of the Rate us & Provide Suggestions from the File menu....
A quick reaction, not a step by step instruction, sorry.

1) If you have each clip and the mp3 file in sync, I would suggest that you produce a video file for each of them separately. Pick the specs of that video file wisely (read use high quality where possible), so that you have sufficient quality of the next steps. MAKE sure that these videos start precisely at the same moment, so that when started at the same time, they are in sync, since in the collage designer you do not have to possibility to sync them again.

2) once you have these files you dont have to bother about the synchronisation any more, but only about getting them all on the same screen. You can use the collage designer for that. The beauty is that your can have the video segments changing at opening and close. By my knowledge there is no facility to get these four videos completely in sync in the collage designer, other then as said, making sure that the video files made in step 1 do start precisely at the same moment, hence to have them start in the designer at the same moment (in advanced settings, the playback timing start them all at once), they might still be in sync.
Sorry to chime in this late (although 2 days …..). I browsed through the conversations, but I do see what precisely it is you want to achieve. It is your aim to get this 18 hour video on just one disk.
Or do you want the disk to be Blu-ray compatible so that it can be played on a standard BR player? If you aim to do that and try to make the 18 hours fit on one disk, even if PD could cope with that, you might expect the video quality to be very, very low.
In the first case, it may be a matter of just copying your files to a BR disk, using ordinary burn software. You don’t need PD for that.
In the latter case I would simply cut (or produce) the video into smaller chunks that fit on disk and allow for a bio-break when the disks are changed? You may even increase the quality of your video a bit.
Please tell us a bit more: is there any error message for the file that is refused? Did you look at the properties of that very file, to see whether it is still a bit different from the rest? Did you try to play the file outside PD and did it play alright? Maybe also te version of you PD etc. Other memebers would ask you to send the Dxdiag file so that we can have a look at your computer settings and drivers... So please give us a bit mpore information.
Any idea whats wrong?

All the files have precisely the same specs, lenght of the result is about the same as the total of the individual files. The audio specs are a bit higher in the merged file but that should not be a problem. What makes you say that something is wrong?
Did you try to look at the result?

I can only guess that you might see a hickup at the place where the clips were merged, in that case I would assume that (some of) the frames that were wrong and caused a new file to be started are still included in the clips. In that case you may need a video editor to remove those frames, or maybe you can tell the merging software to forget a number of frames at the end of each clip?
From this disctance and having no experience with the .dv files, and software you use, i can only be guessing, you understand....
Are u certain that when combining .dv files there will be a loss of quallity?

No, on the contrary. As I understand your ordeal a bit better, one would assume that the pieces indeed all have the same specs.
And when they all have the same specs and you maintain those specs when combining them, there is in principle no reasons why conversion (which might be the reason for quality loss) will take place. Maybe you can find software that allows you to easily (and quickly) append the files, in the order desired.
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