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Powerdirector 2024 - 365 subscription access from fade in-fade out on the timeline
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Jmich [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Oct 13, 2018 13:27 Messages: 2 Offline
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Hi Cyberlink team,
It's really very annoying that the convenient and
fast keyframe points on the video timeline are no longer available.
Fade-ins and fade-outs could be set quickly and clearly.
Now you have to laboriously use the keyframe button,
which also takes more time and can only be done using the slider.
Now you have to laboriously remember or write down every value on the slider.
A real deterioration!
It was this function where the keyframe points (controls) were displayed on the timeline that was special.
You should reintroduce this function quickly so that you can work more easily and quickly.

Best regards
Warry [Avatar]
Senior Contributor Private Message Location: The Netherlands Joined: Oct 13, 2014 11:42 Messages: 832 Offline
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Indeed, see also my post.
Mike Hall [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Oct 29, 2018 19:37 Messages: 11 Offline
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Yes, I agree 100%. Why remove this very useful function???

There are other changes too which are a step backwards instead of forwards.

1. Using 'Pan/Zoom' with video clips is now more difficult to use. I can't find the correct words to explain the change, but Cyberlink needs to restore this to how it was before!! And while they're at it - how about adding 'Ease in' and 'Ease out' to the keyframes in 'Pan/Zoom and getting shot of the curved lines joining keyframes which sometimes results in the zoom window going outside of clip border which produces black areas at the top/bottom/left/right sides of the clip.

2. Using the 'Fade' transition between two video clips results in a black screen shown in the preview window instead of showing the last frame of the first clip and the first frame of the second clip merged together. FIX THIS please!

3. Why get rid of the 'Fast Forward' button in the Preview module?? I don't want to use keyboard shortcuts or have to right click in the module and select 'Fast Forward'. I want to use BUTTONS so please restore this!!

Editing videos is now more difficult and time-consuming than the previous version (which I am trying desperately to roll back to). I don't mind a GUI change, but why Cyberlink choose to remove useful functions is baffling.
Dashtapper [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Dec 03, 2020 11:29 Messages: 1 Offline
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I totally agree. I just updated last night and the missing timeline edits is a HUGE disappointment. Most of my videos are in 3 parts with a fade to black between each one. Depending on the content I may do a slow fade or a fast fade. This was much more easily controlled with the timeline edits.

Now I have to jump back & forth into the Keyframe editor. I have to jump out (because while in the keyframe editor you can only view one clip at a time) to see that the fade to black and fade back in has the look I want. Plus it's 10 times more difficult to visualize where the fade are when the fade controls are on a different area of the screen.

I came into this forum hoping I missed something and that they just moved the way this is shown. I had already scanned through the updated documentation hoping they'd show the alternate maybe improved method for handling this and found absolutly nothing. It seems, they just quietly slipped this feature away with no help whatsoever. I do have a support request in. If they come back with something helpful, I'll post the answer.

Other than that, sadly from seeing these comments I see this appears to be a complete FAIL on Cyberlink's part. Hopefully enough customers will raise a stink about it and they'll bring the feature back. Otherwise I may need to look elsewhere for my video editing software.
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