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I see, but its still ridiculous coz we can play almost anything in FULL WIDE SCREEN with MPC ( media player classic ) while we even dont have to pay for this fine player !
We always have to deal with these ugly big black bars in PDVD16 ( up and bottom) in some DVDs, and not only the blue-rays.....
I think this is a big mistake in this player and have to wait for a solution (update ?),before we buy !!
Sorry,wrong download !

Tried second time, this time indeed, an exe-file ( PowerDVDLoader.exe), it does not function at all !!

Maybe in PDVD14, but no way in PDVD15 or pdvd16 !!

Tried in Win10 x64, on 15-Ultra and 16-Ultra, no luck..............

a new (updated) loader would be awsome !!
Can not find an exe-file in this folder !!
There are several files in it , no exe......
Tried to open them ,one by one, but always "not supported" in PDVD16. (??)
I had the same problem, it was solved with latest beta 2617!
We had these problems before,always with Vimeo.
Sometimes you just can not acces to Vimeo anymore and an update might solve the issue.....
First ; my compliments to the PowerDVD-team !

Vimeo is back again with the last beta-version 15.0.2617.58.

You can not make promises to the buyers,if functions just dont work,for we could not login in Vimeo in the previous version.

This version does all the functions we need to our full satisfaction, keep up this good job CyberLink !
I still can not understand why Im receiving so few reactions on my question !

I wonder if Im the only one who is watching Vimeo and/or You-tube video with PDVD15.............?
Hi, thank you for your help.

I always could use Vimeo and You-tube in the past , its now only You-tube, in PowerDVD15.

I can not log-out/in into Vimeo also, so I guess Vimeo stopped support with CyberLink.

Maybe support knows more, or else we have to wait untill PowerDVD16 ??

btw; In PowerDVD13/14 ONLY You-tube is available , Vimeo is never supported in PDVD13/14.
We can not watch the Vimeo-movies anymore on PowerDVD15, only the You-Tube-movies are still available.

A few weeks ago we suddenly lost these Vimeo-movies, while we always could watch them.

What went wrong with Vimeo ??

Is there a way to get the Vimeo back again in PDVD15 ??
New final version is out , but it has the same version-number as the latest beta -patch ; 15.0.1804.58 !

Is there any difference between these beta-patch and the final anyway ?

Is it worth installing the final ,if you have this beta-patch already installed with the same version-number ??
Hi, I hope there will be some more languages available , Dutch and more.
I dont understand why this has to take so much time, PDVD 13 has the Dutch language a long time already !!

Second, why do we still have to clean the "right-click-mess " of PDVD from our PC ,after every new install or update !!

Third, the look of PDVD 15 has to get better then in PDVD 14, would be nice if you could choose your own look ,when opening the program.

Noticed a lot of troubles with PDVD 14 ( just take a look in the forum !), and we all may hope the new PDVD 15 will have less bugs.

I have used PDVD 11,12,13 and 14, and I like PDVD 14, this player works pretty well on my Win7 x64, but it always could be better,so we will see in the near future........
Is there any sight on a brand new Power DVD 15 yet ??
Would be a very nice start for Power DVD in 2015 !

Maybe next update??
Yes, had to remove about 50 registry-items for removing this "Play With Powerdvd14.0 " !!
The easiest way to remove this garbage is by using a registry-tool, in which you can make a deep-search for these items.
First back-up(!),then remove all the items you found, and your done!

Have to do this after every patch or update again!!
Thank you,Stevek, which version is better the Ultra or the Life-version ? Whats the real difference between these versions anyway ?
A friend of mine installed this version, but it still showed "Ultra-version ", and he could play everything, just like the 4206-version.
I could not notice any difference between 4206 and 4223-version ! How is this possible ??
We have seen, on many sites, a new (??) PowerDVD 14-version, its version 14.0.4223.58 .
It should be an update-patch, or maybe a final version.
Strange, can not find this version on the CyberLink-sites !!

Someone knows more about this new (??) version, appreciate some more information !!
Thank you all !
Ok, thank you for your reply, so its not wrong to stay with latest beta-patch .
This means,we are updating as soon as a new build-number arrives.

btw, so there is no difference between the beta-patch and this final-patch,I guess ???
Hi daaceking, I have asked the same question as yours,still no answer !!
If there is not any difference between the beta and the final patch , then why should you upgrade ??
Takes a lot of time again , and you have to clean your right-click menu also ( again!)

Hope soon to get an answer, coz I only will update( ?) when there is a good reason for .
Hi Michael , we have the beta-patch already installed, it has the same buildnbr; 4028.
Do you advice us to install this new patch 4028,not beta anymore, over our existing 4028-build , or is there no need to ???

Its a bit confusing because patch and beta-patch both have the same buildnumbers , so is there any difference between them ??
If so, I guess we have to install this new patch over the beta .
Hi,can you tell me where I can find this option " dont install with "play with PowerDVD14" ?? I have never noticed such option, so we have to delete this keys manual from the registry, every time you update or upgrade the program !!

btw, did you install this beta-patch and did you noticed any improvements ? If not so, we better not install this beta ( why should you ?)
Is this version not a beta-patch ???

What version number you bought ???

Mine was the PDVD14.0.3917.58.
Keep in mind ; a beta is not a final-release and can have some consequensis
Hi,what buildnumber are you using ; 14.0.3917.58 or 14.0.4028.58 ??
Just installed the newest patch; PDVD14 4028 Ultra. This time the installation works perfect ! First,the old program is uninstalled and Second; the new one is perfectly installed !!
Did not notice any improvements yet, but noticed one thing ; the rigt-click context-menu , full with PowerDVD14 again !!
So, costs a lot of time to clean-up the context-menu!!

Please, do something about this annoying problem, its still the same problem , if you want to improve the program, then please, listen to your customers,for this context-menu problem has been reported for so many times, and still no improvements !!!

An other thing; when do we get Dutch language back in the program??
If you want to sell , update your languages !!
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