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Zitat Hello,

We received information that CyberLink is aware of this issue and is working on fixing it.

PowerDVD Moderator

Thats very good news !
Lots of people wont buy PDVD21 ( included me ) , untill this issue has been fixed !
Wonder if its a problem for only EU or US also.........

We all wait for the fix !
Some of my friends bought the latest PDVD21 already , they encounter errors when trying to watch or pin Youtube-files .
It seems this problem occurs only in the EU , PDVD21 should be patched again , coz Google/Youtube-rules have changed in the EU...
These Youtube problems are not new , they were in previous versions also , but always fixed by update to newer version !

PDVD20 does not have these errors , so we hope CyberLink will fix ( new patch ??) this Youtube-error soon in PDVD21 also !!
Are other people facing these errors also , in EU ??

C - key .................this is what I searched for , able to choose which extension you want to use !
I choosed for .jpg , good quality and small in bytes..........

Thanks a lot , for your solution ! wink
" by using the keyboard-buttons "........for example ; Ctrl + F5 , or only F5 , etc. ,etc..........
So , by using a button-combination , making screenshots of a movie , which you can see later !

Which buttons to use ??
Zitat I agree that powerdvd software on all its version
Especially the new version 20. It is the best software on the market without any competition.
But software that cost 99.99 dollars and today in the global era. It need to be with much more display languages support. For example in my local languages hebrew. Please add hebrew languages to powerdvd . Its necessery

Please , Dutch (nl-NL) also !
So much money , not in my native language ..............??! frown
Since a few days we are not able to watch our YouTubes on PDVD19 anymore !
All the pictures of the movies are visible on the YouTube-start screen , but after selecting one and pressing on "play" , a black screen appears with a rotating circle and , a few seconds , later the error ; "can not play the movie"........

While it is possible to watch the YouTube when clicking on the URL from YouTube , not in PowerDVD 19 .
Vimeo works fine .

Any help would be very nice and welcome !!
I bought PDVD17-Ultra last year , it works fine.
But now we are in 2018 , I suppose a new PDVD18 will come out this year.

My question is; do we have to pay again (!) for this new version , or can we use our ( bought) key again ??
Zitat I've got an answer from Cyberlink.

There's no way to do it. Power Dvd is programmed, so that it blurs picture automatically because otherwise it disturbs Power DVD's interface.

Thanks for the reply..

Well that makes the feature of importing your own picture/background pointless!! Why have the facility to do this only to BLUR it?? makes no sense at all!.

I prefer to leave it as default, but i believe they can improve the feature of the backround not to be blur in the next updates, so i cant judge now because this is not the final version/updates to be realeased.

Still BLURRED ( !) background , even after latest updates !!
Why not fixed , after so much time past .............?
Downloading backgrounds is totally useless , untill this blur-problem has been fixed !
Zitat Hi Pete, Is that a comment or complaint? I don't see Dutch listed as a supported language.

Well, as a matter of fact; its both !

Dutch is not present in the program , and not supported also , would be very nice if Dutch will be included in next upgrade/update !!
just bought PowerDVD17 Ultra , got a key after the transaction.

Installed perfect , on RedStone3 , only missing my own language ; Dutch !
Then what is wrong , or how can we solve it.............??
Event logs ; " C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSVCR110.dll " with Application Error id=1000

Sound-driver ; Realtek

nVidia-driver ;

I dont believe its a driver-failure , MSVCR110.dll is making the error , according to the eventlog.............
Hi, sound is a Realtek-driver on Win10 x64 ( latest build) , with a nVidia-card .

Yes, all these Visual C++ are installed.

This error appears in the event-log after every reboot immediately , so without starting PDVD17.

It also appears after de-activating the PDVD17Agent ............

I have no idea how to solve it !
This PowerDVD17Agent is after every reboot in my Event logs ; " C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSVCR110.dll " with Application Error id=1000

Maybe someone in this forum has a solution for this error ..............?
Zitat What this service/File do ?

What happens when I disable it ?

I only watch bluray 3D movies, I don't need anything with network or sharing or from External USB devices.

Yes, I want to know this too, I dont understand why support still did not answer this question !!
Zitat Updated PowerDVD to 2406 ???

When will be available to the public?

Hi, where to find/download this update ???

This version has not been updated for 4 months now ............!
PDVD16 or other related files , dont show up in my Event Viewer.
Very wise to check these logs,coz otherwise you dont know about faulty or corrupted files on your system.
You could try to completely ( yes, COMPLETELY !) remove PDVD16/CyberLink , and then reinstall again......
Same problem in the Netherlands also.
Lots of You-Tubes dont play with PDVD16, its a very annoying problem and something must be done for solving it.
We upgraded our Win10 TSH2 to Redstone1, so with keeping all our software etc. Our PDVD16 is working well on the Anniversary Update.Only troubles are the YouTubes which ,sometimes, will not play..........
I see, but its still ridiculous coz we can play almost anything in FULL WIDE SCREEN with MPC ( media player classic ) while we even dont have to pay for this fine player !
We always have to deal with these ugly big black bars in PDVD16 ( up and bottom) in some DVDs, and not only the blue-rays.....
I think this is a big mistake in this player and have to wait for a solution (update ?),before we buy !!
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