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powerdvd 15 expectations
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Powerdvd 15 is predictably coming in 2015. I am just wondering what you expect from it? Any new feature your hoping for? Any opinions?

I think it will be out in April. Look for the final sale for powerdvd 14. That means if anyone is looking to get the none live version of powerdvd 14, they may want to wait a few months. I think 2 audio technologies we are going to see are Dolby atmos, which is out for Bluray discs already and DTS X which is out in march according to websites for the home theatre market. Both of these are object based codecs as opposed to sound channels. Also there is talk of UHD bluray discs set to launch around Christmas. I don't know if powerdvd 16 will feature that or 15.
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Hi, I hope there will be some more languages available , Dutch and more.
I dont understand why this has to take so much time, PDVD 13 has the Dutch language a long time already !!

Second, why do we still have to clean the "right-click-mess " of PDVD from our PC ,after every new install or update !!

Third, the look of PDVD 15 has to get better then in PDVD 14, would be nice if you could choose your own look ,when opening the program.

Noticed a lot of troubles with PDVD 14 ( just take a look in the forum !), and we all may hope the new PDVD 15 will have less bugs.

I have used PDVD 11,12,13 and 14, and I like PDVD 14, this player works pretty well on my Win7 x64, but it always could be better,so we will see in the near future........

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Do NOT GIVE UP!! CyberLink updates PDVD12 next month for solving these frustrating problem!!
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i would like the same thing but realistically, it's not going to happen.
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