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Based on past releases with perpetual licensing, no, you are not updated to a new release even though you just bought the product. You would need to pay again to update. Also keep in mind CL typically only offers upgrade availability to 2 versions, so 17-18 can upgrade to 19, 18-19 can upgrade to 20.

The above just based on past release characteristics and does not represent what CL may do, for that you would have to contact CL directly.


Thanks Jeff.
I currently have PD17. If I update to PD19 (Ultimate in both cases) would I be entitled to a free update to PD20 Ultimate when it comes out later this month?
To be clear I am not talking about 365 subscription but outright purchase.
I currently have 365 Suite which expires around Sept 7. I wish to have only Powerdirector 365 so I cancelled the renewal and am ready to download PD 365. Should I wait until the 365 Suite expires and then download PD 365? What happens if I download the PD 365 while the suite is still active?

As for the rest of the 365 suite I will replace them (except the audio) with older versions that I got before the suite. eg Color director and photodirector. Do I have to delete the current 365 versions first and then reinstall the older versions? When I do uninstall the 365 versions will the 'extras' be deleted with them or will that require individual uninstalls?
This has been happenng with me also but with Shutterstock Music. Sent error report 2x to cyberlink.

Intel Core i7 @ 3.20GHz 39 °C
Coffee Lake 14nm Technology
12.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1330MHz (19-19-19-43)
I found the same thing as optodata, but didn't realize the problem pointed out. By that I mean I am still not sure on the differences between video templates and theme designer. These you tube templates do not show in my theme designer but do show in video templates. When using one of these youtube templates I was able to change the text and that is how I thought they were designed.

I would appreciate someone either explaining the difference between theme designer and video templates or point me in the right direction. (I never used these items before yesterday but I did find theme designer did allow me to place my own videos in the placeholders). I am assuming 'express projects' is now an obsolete term.
Quote Hi Barry -

You should be able to access those YouTube video templates by clicking on the Project tab. Under Video Templates, look for

  • Simple Style

  • Sketch

  • Summer Sale

  • Technology

(at least I think that's what they're called)

The attached screenshot should help.

Cheers - Tony

Right on. I was looking for 'youtube'.
Thought I had it figured out that the theme designer and video templates were the same thing. Apparently not, beause in the theme designer I cannot find the video templates I just installed.. that is the youtube templates. Please, somebody explain the differenes and where I can actually find the video templates. A cyberlink video calls them express projects which do not seem to exist anymore. (In the projict room I can see video templates listed with a red dot in front, but selecting that only brings up the instructions on how to use video templates and nothng else).
Thanks in advance.
(Powerdirector 365)
Quote Ok, but I guess I'm confused why you're asking about non-PD products in a PD forum.

If you have the right kind of source clips, you can use Detect Scenes and then produce each segment using SVRT. You won't lose any quality because SVRT basically copies the content to the new clip.

What I am doing is taking older video captures (mainly from tape sources) and runing them through Topaz Video Enhance AI to improve the quality of these clips before editing them.... therefore I wish to avoid any rerendering to keep the video at the highest quality possible. That is why I want to be able to save the cut up clips without the rendering. I can cut the clips manually and then save without rendering... but that takes quite a lot of time in itself, as does the processing in Video Enhance AI. (Topaz only allows choosing one section of a clip, no being able to pick out more than one scene).

I tried my clips in Cyberlink and indeed it does a fantastic job detecting scenes, but they did not render in SVRT. Is there anyway to 'force' SVRT on a clip?

Thanks, Barry
Quote I'm not clear why you're looking for an app when PD has exactly what you're looking for. Dectect Scenes does the hard work for you in the Media Library, and you're then free to drag the clips you're interested in to the timeline. No producing needed.

I want to be able to save each detected scene as a seperate file without having to render or produce. Like I said I have found apps that allow me to split up a video file manually and save each without rendering... I am looking for the luxery of automatic detected scenes that I can use anywhere.. not just in PowerDirector.

I am looking for an app that will automatically detect scenes and then allow me to save each scene WITHOUT rendering or producing. So far I have found apps that will allow me to save each scene but only after manually selecting each scene.
Thanks in advance,
Thanks optodata for your reply. I posted a video on youtube that shows the 'final' product, that is, post PowerDirector. One can see the 'lower quality'. My concern is that I seem to get slightly better results with other video editors and that is why I want to know what plugins (add ons) other users use for their old video. For example any New Blue etc.. I am not asking for specific settings, only what plugins.

For the youtube video I only used Cyberlink adjustments in PowerDirector and ColorDirector.

BTW: at about 2:58 into the video appears to be better... I believe that may have something due to the fact it was recorded at or after sunset... as darkness approached.
Using Director Suite 365. I am currently in the process of editing old video (nearly 30 years old). I do not have access to the original 8 mm tapes anymore and the files are now mp4. My concern is using PowerDirector 19 and Color Director 9 I find that I cannot make the video look quite as good as several other video editing programs I have. I know this is totally subjective when looking at the video and comparing but I would like suggestions on exactly what specific settings and plugins to 'play with' you would use to improve the looks of older video using Director Suite 365. The video is 720x480. Data rate is 1938 kbps, total bitrate is 2048kbps, and frame rate is 29.97.
Thanks. Barry
Clarification: I am not asking what exact settings to be 'set at'. I am asking what settings and plugins you would use.

LET ME SIMPLIFY: Please give suggestions on plugins available to Director Suite 365.
Thanks Maliek,
Your method indeed beats having to 'reload' the produced video again. I will be doing what you suggest as one does not have to leave the program to get the modified clip into the library. Besides, the producing of the clip is usually short and quick.
Done, Sent request to Cyberlink.
I am with you on this. It would be nice to have a preference setting where the scroll wheel can be used to move the time line up and down, but I am glad to know about the alt key.
Short of having to modify a clip (e.g. Fix.Enhanced and/or cropped etc.) and then rendering it out to reimport back into PD, is there a way to get such a modified clip into the video collage? I don't see way to modify the clip unless it is in the time line and collage does not seem to allow us to select a clip from the timeline.
Am I missing something obvious?
I cannot explain it, but I did go back and both methods (1 and 3) did work this time. All I can say is I grew pretty frustrated when neither worked before. (I retested with the same video file). Before, when I tried, 1 and 3 (and the others I tried), did absolutely nothing. The precuts just stayed there.

Hopefully that was a one time fluke because I certainly do like the way we can delete the precut.

Thanks for checking it out.

Thanks again. I kind of laughed and cried at the same time when I read your response.

I wish I had found that in the manual. It certainly would be a lot easier to just be able to right click on the actual precut and select remove.... and know that the in and out points would be deleted also.

I wanted to delete precuts no longer wanted. I tried:

1) Right clicking on the precut and selecting remove from library
2) Right clicking on the precut and selecting remove from custom tag
3) Selecting the precut and pressing the delete button
4) Re precutting the original clip only to find the old precuts remain
5) Changing the name of the original file only to find the precuts remain
6) Reading the manual.
7) Searching the forum.

None of these worked. What finally did was: cutting the original file from the location PD 365 looked for it, when reloading the project told PD to ignore the file, saved the project without reference to the 'missing' file, reopened the project, placed the 'missing file' back in its original location, reloaded it into the project and precut again.

Is this really the method one must use to delete unwanted cuts? Nothing simpler?
Thanks again Optodata!
I may have to restore windows 10 (reinstall).

Can someone please tell me what the procedure would be to reinstall Diretor Suite 365. I am assuming I would just logon to my Cyberlink account and somewhere there I would be able to download the application manager and then the suite.
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