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Thanks for the update and clarification!
Might ProDad's 'Hide' be of value?,l-us.html
Thanks for the answers. Indeed version 8 is available on Amazon and a search did not show any later versions.
The essentials version IS a 365 version.
Solved: I uninstalled the ai styles and reinstalled them through CAM. There must have been some difference(s) in the v20 vs the v21 ai styles files.
What was the last available version of ColorDirector and does anybody know where to purchase it?
No matter what video I use and no matter what ai style I select, the preview screen is black. Select 'transform video' and I receive the attached message. (The orignal video will appear properly but selecting an ai style gives a black screen). Based on the attached message I do not believe there is any rendering going on at all
Anybody else seeing this? (BTW: I did report this to Cyberlink).
Thanks Warry for the reply and workaround.
Is there a way to park the scrubber (timeline marker) in place and click somewhere else on the timeline without the scrubber moving?
Thanks..... Barry
As far as I know it is just plain old Windows 10.
I am attaching a copy of my windows features next to yours. They are quite different.
What I don't understand is why PD365 (20) does not have the problem.
Thanks again
Thanks for the prompt reply. In the'turn windows features on or off' I do not see a box for IE11. I do see two other Internet listings.
1) Internet Information Services with subfolders and more subfolders but no mention of IE11 or any IE) and Internet Information Service Hostable Web Core (with no subfolders).
In PD19 Ultimate, whenever I try to connect to web from within the program, I get message that I am using a feature that requires a web browser and that I should install one. (I have 3 and they are all connecting). It makes no difference what I try to use... e.g. learning center, help, what's new, director zone etc..

Meanwhile, in PD365 (20) the same features connect with no problem.

I suspect this is a preference setting but don't know for sure.
Any ideas?

After having no luck reinstalling with the new download files support told me it was a newblue .dll file and suggest I delete all newbluje file and reinstall PD17. I did that and still the same problem.
My 'solution'. I reinstalled windows 10. That seems to have 'solved' the problem.
Thanks to those who chimed in here.
Quote bjtap1,

Title appears to indicate issue upon starting PD17 but post body appears to address installation of PD17. If installation, I serious doubt any drivers at play for that issue.

I assume you are installing from your original downloaded files that are similar to CyberLinkPowerDirectorUltimate17_0xxxxxxx.part1.exe and associated other ****.partX.rar files? Do you have all the parts? If that's the case, I'd probably look at your anti-virus software since you indicate the installation crashes immediately.


Thaks for replying. This does not appear to be an instalation problem as it appears to install well.
Cyberlink has sent me an url to redownload version 17 with all the accomying files so I am in the process now of downloading and reinstalling. Hopefully that will rememdy the situation. I will post back here the reults.
Thanks optodata;
I did everything you suggested with no satisfaction. I did send a request to Cyberlink support telling them everything I have tried (including what you suggested). Hopefully they can sort it out.
I am currently using PD 365 but wish to install my PD17 ultimate as well. Upon starting the PD17 installation (in any mode) the program crashes. It shuts down and shows me the 'oops it crashed screen'.
Any idea how I might remedy this situation please?
Thanks, Barry
Things I have tried: running as adminstrator and changing compatibility mode to windows 7 and windows 8. Do you think uninstalling 365, then running PD17 and reinstalling 365 might be necessary. I would think they should coexist. I am using windows 10.
Thanks optodata.... exactly what I was looking for.
How would I set up two videos as shown in the attachment? and.... possibly be able to animate each clip in 3D... for instance have one end of each clip move independently of the other.
Clear as mud?
Thanks... Barry
Unfortunatelly, I did not see these posts in time and I cannot delete all the x.x.211005 files. So I have a New Blue ticket in that will not be looked at until at least Monday .... but: I changed the compatibility mode of PD 20/365 to (I believe) windows 8,1, and PD is running again.

I don't know if this will cause any problems down the line, but if you are stuck like I was (am) perhaps this will be a temporary solution until either New Blue or CL fixes things. (I did uninstall and re-install of PD 2x).

BTW: I mentioned I cannot delete all the x.x.211005 files: in my case I have Filters 5 Ultimate of said version but I can find no way to delete it or downgrade it. Not listed in uninstaller, not listed the start menu under New Blue or anywhere I can find. Online, NB only has the x.x.211005 version available for download. If anybody has an idea how to delete the Filters 5 Ultimate please let me know.

Confirmed and it appears to be all NewBlue Video Essentials.
Further checks: This appears to be on:

'NewBlue Essentials, Paint Effects,Stylelizers
Boris: Film Style, Image Restoration, Lights

To confirm I am using PowerDirector 365.

Based on past releases with perpetual licensing, no, you are not updated to a new release even though you just bought the product. You would need to pay again to update. Also keep in mind CL typically only offers upgrade availability to 2 versions, so 17-18 can upgrade to 19, 18-19 can upgrade to 20.

The above just based on past release characteristics and does not represent what CL may do, for that you would have to contact CL directly.


Thanks Jeff.
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