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Buffering on playing Youtube through PowerDVD 20
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bill62 [Avatar]
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Just added PowerDVD 20 to my rebuilt PC. I notice that if you use Youtube through it the song oftern stops a quarter of a way in and a buffering message appears. Sometimes if you shut down PowerDVD or minimise its screen it freezes and you end up closing it through Windows when it asks if you want to wait or close program. Youtube is fine via its own web site and never buffers. Once you get the buffering message it never resumes playing. Not that big an issue but just wondered if its a known issue.
I am on a Windows 10 i7 system with 8GB ram and GT1050ti GPU.
QC2.0 [Avatar]
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powerdvd 20 works fine on my playform.

No buffering even though I directly skipped big interval at the beginning when just started playing a video.
I also tried skip forward or backward multiple times by clicking any timecodes on the timeline.
(I'm not using a Google-fiber level connection, just home use bandwidth (60 Mbps plan)

I guess your buffering condition might be related to the network connection stability at the moment when using powerdvd to access the videos, or something like that at your location
Or, the loading of some videos on YouTube might not be as fast as other short clips.

However, to have the best loading performance, just play the video in the web browser.
It's the official way to play YouTube's videos and I'm afraid that no other client players can run at the same download and rendering speed versus the direct playback in a web browser, or YouTube official app.

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