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Quote Way to let us all down.

Not sure what you mean by that?

BTW I recently read a post on another forum that indicated that new Nvidia GPUs will not work with older drivers so downgrading to a 3D supporting driver may no longer be an option. Careful what you buy if you want to play 3D.
Quote My point is that advertising Windows 10 suport is misleading and Cyberlink should instead cleary state windows 10 suport doesn't include computers with NVIDIA cards. Anything else is actually very misleading. I guess cyberlink could add that users of POWERDVD19 can playback 3D blu rays with Nvidia cards if the user is willing to turn off automatic updates on Windows 10 and also install an older nvidia videocard driver. I guess both intel and AMD have solutions for 3D playback included in their drivers and software still. Cyberlink should let users know 3D playback is not something they are making possible through there software but requires 3rd party suport and drivers that contain the programing code that allows for 3D movies to be played.

I don't agree, the PowerDVD19 web page clearly states additional hardware is required for 3D and the the specs it says quote

"Blu-ray 3D with or without Hardware Acceleration: 3D
display and 3D glasses are required (NVIDIA 3D Vision, 3D Ready HDTV,
HDMI 1.4-enabled TV, Micro-polarizer LCD or Anaglyph Red/Cyan Glasses).
HDCP compliant display for digital output."

If you no longer have "Nvidia 3D Vision" then hard luck, though I would presume Anaglyph still works and depending on your TV/display maybe Micro-polarizer.
As I said in the previous post complain to Nvidia it is not a Cyberlink issue.
Quote My Windows 10 update just automatically installed nvidia driver 430.58. Now no longer suports 3DTV play and I can no longer play 3D on my hdmi 1.4 set with a 2080ti card. Looks like no fix coming and this is probably the end for 3D blu ray stereoscopic playback with cyberlink player 19 on windows 10. It is time the product page is updated and the 3D playback feature removed as it is definitely not suported anymore on windows 10. I will not be buying powerdvd anymore unless they come out with there own solution for this.

Game over man. Game over.

3D playback is still working fine with AMD GPUs and I believe with Intel ones. It was Nvidia's choice to drop 3D support, complain to them and ask for a fix, it is not a Cyberlink problem!
Also I can't believe it is not possible to roll back the Nvidia driver and stop auto updates, both Win 10 and Nvidia.
Glad you got your RX 560 running again but sorry for prodding you into the work..wink. MPC-BE x 64 is a good choice, nice program and actively supported. Madvr is brilliant though heavy on GPU but the RXs can cope with it quite well.
My storage space is not unlimited so I do still like to view an original disk before deciding whether to "back it up" to .mkv. I have thought about using a BD decoder but given the choice between questionable legal and expensive software and a reasonable priced PowerDVD, I have stuck with Cyberlink for everything except MKVs.

I have a RX 560 I have given up on, the 3D is spuratic at best, lots of crashes and confusing software (ATI - AMD have always had a software problem) I switched back to an Nvidia EVGA GTX 1060 and use the last 3D drivers they will ever develop. I dont know how long this will last but for now it is the final solution for me !

I suppose the Nvidia 3D setup utility is simple, reliable and always functions perfectly...NOT!wink

I'm talking about frame packed (BD3D) with 3D capable TV over 1.4+ HDMI using passive glasses. The problems I have had with Bluray 3D playback have never been an AMD issue, PowerDVD sometimes Nvidia 1060 Ti always!
3D MKV vids saved from original disks have always played perfectly in 3D using MPC/LAV/Madvr with AMD GPUs. What problems I have seen with 3D playback with PowerDVD have mostly been with original disks and .iso, i.e. with menus and I do not believe that to be anything to do with AMD GPUs!

How can that work with AMD? They don't support 3D.

Says who??? Not cyberlink for sure!
Quote I'm glad you can watch UHD videos.

Anyone have any information about AMD cards that work with cyberlink and 3d vision or intel graphics. I'm not sure any do unfortunately. Would be very interestesd in any cards that do work now with their current drivers of course. Would buy. As I've said very interested in 3D Blu Rays myself.

I can't confirm with respect to PowerDVD 19 (I'm still on 18 with latest updates) but AMD (I have an RX 570) plays 3D. I did have a problem with a Cyberlink update of last year but it is fixed now. I install AMD updates regularly and have never had a problem in that respect with 3D. I did flirt with an Nvidia GTX 1060Ti for a while but it always had problems playing 3D Blurays in 3D so dumped it. No complex set ups for 3D with AMD it just works.laughing
Quote That answers that. Very helpful reply. Thank you.

Only question I would have left is does anyone have 3D stereoscopic working on Windows 10 through any adaptor like display port or usb-c other than an HDMI port?.

Just curious but what does PowerDVD think your non HDMI 3D display is when the "Auto detect 3D display" is enabled in the settings? For me via HDMI it is "HDMI 1.4 enabled 3D TV (1080p 24hz)" which is what I use but quite by chance I found that if I disable the auto and manually select "Micro-polarizer LCD 3D (row-interleaved)" it also plays in 3D. It does not seem to trigger the TVs 3D mode (no icon shows) but it is definetly 3D when viewed through the glasses (passive). I assumed that PowerDVD was doing some kind of conversion but not really sure, might be worth a try.
BTW I bought the AMD RX 570 for the HW HEVC decode and HDMI 2.2 capabilities, for 3D a much cheaper card will suffice and also the RX range is now not so
Quote I just realized might sound like I'm telling people to buy the most expensive graphic card available. Absolutely not. I think most important thing is it's got an HDMI port directly integrated into the graphic card. I'm not sure if AMD would also work. My Nvidia has a setting called 3D TV play and this switches on when I enable 3D display under window settings. I think any NVIDIA card from last several years would work fine. Would be interested with anyone using an AMD card if 3D stereoscopic blu ray playback works with PowerDVD too.

I'm using an AMD RX570 and 3D playback on HDMI (Disk, .iso and .mkv) works fine now (had problems recently see here). I used to have an Nvidia GTX 1050Ti but always struggled to get 3D working reliably with it, sold it in the end. The AMD cards just plays 3D, no setup required or manual switch in win 10. That said I do still get the occaisional dropout of 3D on Bluray menues (goes to 2D) and I have to re-enable the "Playback 3D Media in 3D" in the PowerDVD settingsto get 3D back.

Per your request.

Original Ticket number:- CS001965282 raised on or around the 13-Dec-2018

New Ticket number:- CS001988748 raised on 10-Feb-2019

Thanks and regards

Just to confirm I have removed the Beta patch and installed a modified file, supplied via the new ticket CS001988748, on top of update 2307 and 3D playback is now working

I have also closed the ticket.

Making us aware of an issue is helpful, but please also submit a support ticket for the new issue and reply here with the ticket number, which we will pass on.

Also send us the ticket number for the original issue you mentioned for references, i.e. send us two ticket numbers.

What we can do is pass them, along with your comments, on to the CyberLink customer service.

PowerDVD Moderator

Per your request.

Original Ticket number:- CS001965282 raised on or around the 13-Dec-2018

New Ticket number:- CS001988748 raised on 10-Feb-2019

Thanks and regards
Quote I think that if their engineering team modified any files specifically for your platform, then it is not recommended to simply patch it with some other versions as this patch is still in beta.

As explained in my post, the devs removed the modified file(s) as part of their cleanup leaving me with again with a PowerDVD that crashed any time I tried to play 3D. I had no option but to go back to the non-updated version (my original purchase). The support ticket for the crash on 3D after 2307 update was closed following the arrangement of the remote session without further comment. The post here requests feedback when trying out the beta patch but gives no further info on where to send the feedback!
Further to raising a support ticket I participated in a CyberLink Remote Investigation in which a modified file was tested which completely resolved the crash/3D playback problem I had. This file was removed during the cleanup which again left me with PowerDVD crashing whenever I tried to play a 3D vid or disk. I subsequently re-installed my base version which works and did not install any updates. Today I noticed this beta patch was available which seemed to address my problem, I installed the latest updates then the beta patch and indeed I can now play 3D but unlike the testing done in the remote investigation it is not a complete fix.
The problem I now have is that when attempting to play a 3D disk or image during loading I see the TV switch to 3D mode but when the the menu is displayed it is in 2D and any playback remains in 2D. If I check the PowerDVD 3D settings the "Play 3D media in 3D" setting has been reset. At that point if I change the setting for 3D the display will switch to 3D mode and the disk will play in 3D without problem. This is a 100% hard failure for me. 3D videos (.mkv/mvc)play in 3D without problem, but of course they do not have menus.
I have seen and I believe reported this issue previously. possibly for PowerDVD 15, so hopefully it is a known problem that can be easily fixed, here's hoping.
Not sure if this is the correct place to report this issue, I have also raised a further ticket, please let me know.
Quote Same problem here. It's a bug in the actual version of PowerDVD 18, no matter what Blu-ray drive you use.
At present the only fix seems to be AnyDVD HD which allows you to enjoy the slightly enhanced playback quality of PowerDVD 18.

Well my version of PowerDVD 18 plays DVD and BD disks, Can you elaberate what version you have. With a a legal DVD/Bluray player you should not need to resort to a legally questionable product like AnyDVD to play back original disks.
Lacking any expert or informed response here, I am going to assume the message I'm getting is from the Bluray disk itself in response to the player (PowerDVD 18 ) not being capable of playing 3D (i.e. because the "Play 3D Media in 3D" box is unticked), rather than an error from PowerDVD itself.
Having said that seeing as PowerDVD does detect other conditions that inhibit 3D playback and issues an error, e.g. not being in fullscreen, I could wish that it would similarly error when the "Play 3D Media in 3D" box is unticked and before the disk playback gets underway and reports a very misleading error.
Quote Hi, I don't have the solution but just curious if you tried the Bluray Advisor and what is the result of the 3D check?

Yes, first thing I did when I got the error, all 3D playback requirements come up green/ticked.
I have for some time been struggling the get 3D playback working reliably and have posted a ticket CS001907202 2 days ago detailing this. Basically when I start a 3D disk or .iso my TV initially switches to 3D mode (HDMI 1080 24hz) but by the time the disk menu is displayed it has gone back to 2D and the PowerDVD 18 setting "Play 3D Media in 3D" has been de-activated. Manually setting the option to 3D again will restart the movie and it will play in 3D till the end but restarting the same movie or a new 3D movie will result in the same problem. Playing back 3D .mkv rips in 3D works perfectly.

Is anyone else seeing this? I'm running Win 10 x64 (1803 all updates) with an AMD RX570 GPU.

Also further to this problem and not reported (to avoid posting 2 issues) in the ticket, is a further problem I noticed. If I attempt to play a 3D disk or .iso when the "Play 3D Media in 3D" setting is not ticked then PowerDVD 18 errors saying it has not detected a 3D capable display and returns to main menu. I would suggest a more appropriate error message should be displayed and playback continue in 2D mode.

Will the amd gpu be supported any time soon?


I would like to second that question, failing to support AMD GPUs in this respect is, I believe, a serious failing!
Quote Since I have installed the Win 10 FCU (1709) I have not been able to play 3D bluray disks, it was working fine before the update. In Clasic mode it will most often (60% of the time) say my hardware is not 3D capable but on a retry will play in 3D OK, also it works 100% if I select 720x1280 50hz but with a reduced screen size. In Cinema mode after a lot of flashing between a blackscreen, the gui, desktop and sometimes with the TVs 3D notification it eventually hangs and I have to hit the power button and reboot. 2D bluray and DVDs still play OK.
I know there have been issues with Nvidia GPUs but I'm currently using an AMD RX 570 with the very latest driver.
Anyone else seen this problem and/or come up with a fix???
I have opened a ticket with support but no luck so far with their suggestions

3D playback with PowerDVD 15 has returned from the dead for me after updating Win 10 to 1803 (Spring update).smile
Yes, me too. was a great well working software. cry

Pretty sure is not JRiver: I installed it after discover that PDVD not working.
I'm not sure if I have .net 3.5. Is not into my installed updates list, and I never try Media Portal.

Just wanted to let you know that following the Windows update to 1803 my PowerDVD 18 now plays 3D reliably in HDMI 1.4 1080 mode.laughing. My old PowerDVD 15 has also started working again after the 1803 updatesmile so it looks like I have made an unnecessary purchase.undecided
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