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I thought PD used to have an option in video speed changes where it would insert interpolated frames to keep the playback, at the slower setting, at keep the smooth motion. Where did it go? Or has this valuable option been dropped? If so, what app is available for a PC to make a slowed video smoother with properly inserted frames?
I've retained Power2Go 9 because I just needed something to multiple copy DVDs that I create with PD16 Live. Suddenly, perhaps after upgrading to PD16 Live, the copying of a DVD is a problem. 2Go-9 starts copying with a noise like from a warped disk, but after about 25% it slows down, there is a beep from the PC every few seconds, and finally stops. One time I had to reboot to get my disk out, other than manually. I first figured my new PC's DVD disk drive already gave out. But further testing shows that ImgBurn copies the DVD fine with no noise to my desktop. Then I manually copied the ISO file onto a new DVD disk. Perfect. No noise. Yet when I go back to 2Go-9, the same symptoms come back.

<span style="font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">Was there an update to Windows 10 that makes 2Go-9 not work well with the DVD burner-player? Or any other ideas?
Quote Creating a dvd with a consumer level editor has nothing to do with the region code as PD15 don’t use them.

You are concerned with playing commercial region coded dvd’s which is another matter. Relax. Lighten up.

Pretty sure this is correct the only thing you need to ensure is that it is PAL not NTSC

Most people play DVD's now on their computer... (DVD's as such are a dying thing) heck if you are that worried, and if they are just videos export them to MP4 and stick them on a disk as a MP4

Thanks for the comments.

I just have to do some serious planning to provide the correct format to my New Zealand friend. I've created 100s of hour-long DVDs of my world and Arizona back country travels for my voluntary "Armchair Travels" shows at senior centers. They all have DVD players and large-screen HDTVs, have huge libraries of their own movies on DVD, and are not likely to replace with newer technology you suggest. Will DVD players also play MP4? My tour-director friend in New Zealand wants to use my DVDs in a similar manner. Will PAL be needed in playing MP4? In either case, apparetnly I have to re-render all my projects in PAL - that's a lot of rendering. You've convinced me that Country Code is not an issue. But I will confirm that with a test DVD.

Any other comments or suggestions?

Quote You probably don’t need to do anything different. The ntsc format disc can be played by most pal dvd players according to this article: .

You can create a pal dvd with PD15 by first changing the settings in Preferences/General.

OK, I understand the PAL. But there is the difference in country code. I'm reluctant to change the default country code on my PC for fear of running out of the quantity of changes - I think 5 is the max. I create many shows for the USA and could easily go to the limit as i switch to that for Australia-New Zealand. If this is a problem, how do I deal with this? Surely there is another way.

I'm asking how the person will view the DVD in Australia. It makes a difference if it's on a player and TV, versus just on a PC, if I understand this correctly.

I need more assurance and guidance.

I'm in the USA and will be making 8 DVDs about my trip to Australia and New Zealand. My tour guide down under asked for a copy. What do I do to convert my finished project to one set of DVDs that play down under on their equipment?
This immediately fixed my problem. THANKS!

Quote Hey guys,

I see there is a hot fix for the Screen Recorder available now. Do you want to try it and see if it fixes your issue?

OK! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Now how do we get tech support to follow up on this and get a patch?


Quote I have the same problem.

I havent used PowerDirector for a while (two months) beacuse my mic broke on me, so I got a new head-set yesterday (Razer Kraken) and when I went to record with PD15 It had to be updated so I did. I then tried to record my gameplay but everytime I did a screen capture (that´s how I record my gameplays) the result was a very bad distorted sound output (game output) and very high. The mic recorded was ok but the game output was horrible.

I tried all the settings I could on PD15 and on Windows10 but nothing got rid off that nasty overloaded distortion!

I then tried recording the same gameplay with nVidia ShadowPlay (nVidia Experiance) and everthing worked fine, no issues with game output. So my guess is that it has to do with the recent PD15 update, as before this update everything worked fine and I didnt have to do any ajustments to PD15.

I hope we can get a fix on this.

Best regards.

NO. I did not solve the problem. Perhaps it indicated as solved because I tried the remove the check mark that automatically appeared at the bottom.

I'm still waiting for solutions.


Quote David, I used this:

I have PD15 installed on my PC and my laptop for backup. I recorded on both as normal, then again with the audio control on the video clip well below the normal setting. The result is always the same: terrible distorted and clipped audio. It has worked for years, but the other day this issue happened and I can't do anything for it. I never had to adjust anything because it recorded video and sound perfectly. I was so happy with this feature until now. Any more ideas?


You say your problem is solved, but not how. Please post your solution, which will help others that may have the same issue.
David, I used this:

I have PD15 installed on my PC and my laptop for backup. I recorded on both as normal, then again with the audio control on the video clip well below the normal setting. The result is always the same: terrible distorted and clipped audio. It has worked for years, but the other day this issue happened and I can't do anything for it. I never had to adjust anything because it recorded video and sound perfectly. I was so happy with this feature until now. Any more ideas?


Quote Hello,

You are capturing from one of the sources in the Capture window? If yes, which one. Most of them let you go into settings and adjust the audio input volume so that this doesn't occur.

Please provide more info if you can so we can help.

I've used the capture function a lot, but today I discovered that the audio is way too high and records with distorted clipping. Has anyone observed this ? Any suggestions to control the audio level? I've had to install a third party app to capture the audio I needed off a website and it works. I conclude the PD15 has a new bug .
I received a private message for me to consider accepting $5,000,000 - you know that type of scams. I could not find any way to report this or block it. Any idea how to stop this character?
Over the various previous versions of PD, I laboriously created personalized titles etc. for reuse in the hundreds of shows that I create. Today I noticed that all are gone. Where do I go to import them again? They couldn't have been discarded during the upgrade, right? Please say they're still there somewhere.
It looks like the latest update to PD14 LIVE has fixed it. It seems to go through a couple of steps, flashing some windows to respond to, and eventually it finds the photo it lost track of.

In the meantime, my work-around was to drag down the latest version of the photo from the library to the timeline. At that point PHD7 could find the photo and allow me to edit it. Then I deleted it, found the new version of the photo in the library, dragged it down to "replace" the former photo, and all was well. But I had to do this same sequence if I found I had to edit that same photo some more.

After this last forum response, I contacted tech support. I went though a number of their requests for more samples, etc. I wish they would pay me for all the time I spent for them and all the users who encountered the same problem. But thanks to all of the Forum responses to point me in the right direction.
This question probably should be posted elsewhere, but I don't know where.

I read through all these Q&As in hopes of learning more about the PPM feature. I am planning on a long trip and figured I could continue working on my unfinished (many) projects on my laptop. My concern is that when I return, how will all my additions and updates be returned to my Desktop PC where I usually do my work?

How do I or PowerDirector resolve the changes in photo, video, audio, etc. locations from PPM back to the correct locations in my PC?

How could you have told me such terrible news? I wonder if this was oversight, or a tough technical job that the put off for the next update. Sigh. Thanks.

(I'm still struggling with the inability to invoke PHD7 more than once on a photo in PD14. Tech support is responding, but every time I do, there is more work for me. An endless process. I suspect permissions have changed for some crazy reason, but I don't know where all the pieces-parts are that I should look for. Even then, I'm not sure what parameters should be corrected.)
I've done some tedious work in isolating an object in a photo using PHD7 erase tool on a layer, but I see I erased too much in one spot. Tell me it isn't true that there is no way to undo an erased area without starting all over. Every other feature as a tool to brush over areas to undo the wrong erase work.

I certainly can't find it in the module, nor in any manual, tutorial, etc. Tell me I'm wrong, please.
No luck so far. I may have someone help me in figuring out the no-access problem for I'm not sure what parameters or steps to take to make sure all of the OS is clear of this problem. Meanwhile, I'll continue my work without that feature that creates the problem - I'll use your method of editing until I clear up this mess.

I'll follow through on your export link that you mentioned, but it does look familiar. I did go to it directly the other day and there is no access problem. Yet when I invoke PH7 through PD, it can't find the photos. This is crazy! But it is what it is. Meanwhile, I installed the whole system on my laptop and it has no problems. Go figure. But it makes me conclude that it is some setting change on my PC. It does seem like the problem started with installing PD14 live. Perhaps I should uninstall PD14 and see if it clears the problem. I've already done that for PHD7. Maybe it's PD14 handoff to PHD7 that is in error. But I can remove the offending photo, import a copy, and edit it. But if I do another and return to the first photo, the access problem returns as with any of the others. Sigh.

Attached is a screen capture - I hope a png will be viewable.

What are the default folders, etc. that have to be in place for PHD7 to function and find the photos? I can check if they are there, or the equivalent and whether the permissions, etc. are OK. Coincidentally, as I searched for answers on this issue, I found many folders denied access, such as my standard Documents and Settings were locked! I Googled and found steps to correct this, but I still wonder how that happened and if more is lurking.

What is crazy is that I can add a photo to PD project, edit it with PHD7, and later find that PHD7 can't find it. I think a locked folder would prevent the first action. Geez. It's always something.

The alert stays on the screen and I have to x-out from it to return to PD to bail out. I understand your work flow, but as I view the edited photos as they appear in sequence, the color, contrast, etc. vary so much that I have to go back to edit some more. This is especially true for the 3000 35mm photos that I scanned in from my living in Europe for two years starting in 1967 - so last century, right? Anyway, each slide had faded in one way or another. And when I transition from one to the other, I see the differences, and the dust particles that I missed the first time - Smart Patch is so fast and easy to get rid of dust and little hairs. PHD does a wonderful job in adjusting the color casts to normal with several presets I created for these slides. Today, with the FAST return to PD14, PHD7 is such a pleasure to use now. Before it would take a minute - let's see, 300 photos = 5 hours of just waiting for return to PD14! Now it's just seconds! Love it!
I have started using PD14 Live and just the other day commented to Cyberlink how delighted I am with the significantly increased speed in posting the edited PHD7 photo imported back to PowerDirector. Hours later I discovered something unusual. When I go back to edit the photo some more, PHD7 couldn't find that photo! I could import another copy from the folder where it should be, and it is OK. But if I return to edit it again, again PhotoDirector says it can't find it.

I have checked the preferences and played with them. Nothing helps. I uninstalled both PD and PHD and reinstalled. No change.

What I did do, to test out PD14, was to copy an unfinished PD13 .psd file from my PD13 folder and pasted it into my new PD14 folder. I thought perhaps the links to photos for that project got screwed up. But why on earth would it find my photo the first time, and not the second time or thereafter.

I just tried using a fresh copy of the PD13 file in my PD13 folder. I can open photos from PD14 using PH7, but when I go to others, and then return to the first photo, PHD7 suddenly says "this photo is missing, Click on the locate or remove icon to handle this photo." Nothing seems to happen when I do either. I then X-out to return to PD14.

I use this feature on most of each of like 300 photos in a project and the increased speed of return is wonderful! But sometimes I need to return to the photos to make this editing feature useful!

Thanks, in advance, for any ideas.

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