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Quote Hello,

Please try unintalling CAM first. Once uninstalled, try doing a fresh installtion by downloading and installing again:

PowerDVD Moderator

I've tried that but it won't let me download as a virus was detected.
Cyberlink Application Manager is telling me there is an update, so it tries to auto update but it trigger Microsoft Security which gives me a warning of a Trojan Virus detected.
I'm having an issue with PowerDVD Live/22, I play 4K HDR content and PowerDVD freezes, it doesn't seem to freeze if I disable Video Enhancements but doing so I lose or seem to lose the HDR effect. Everyting was fine with PowerDVD 21.

My monitors is Dell 34 S3422DWG which supports HDR 400 with FreeSync Premium Pro
I'm having this annoying issue where DVD, Blu Ray and Video File playback is stuttering or like a jult sort of effect. Does anyone know how to fix this.

I have a 144Hz monitor and for some reason PowerDVD 21 doesn't tell me I need to change the refresh rate to match the video content like it used to with PowerDVD 18 and before.

My Monitor is Dell 34" Ultrawide 3440x1440x144Hz
CPU AMD Ryzen i5 3600
16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM
Running Windows 11 Pro 64-Bit.
I'm having the same issue, normally PowerDirector downloads in less than 2 minutes. This time the update is at 87% and it's been downloading for nearly 5 hours now.
Is there a way to make trim more responsive? I go through the time and there seems to be a delay when pressing the arrow button and adjustment to the current image. It really lags. I tried disabling SLI but it didn't help.

Samsung 2560x1440x144Hz
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1909
Intel I7 7700K
32GB DDR4 3200Mhz
ASUS Maximus IX Formula
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2 TB NVMe SSD
3x 6 TB Westen Digital Black (RAID 0)
I can't seem to find the 5.1 audio option, has it been removed in Power Director 18? I used to use 5.1 all the time for my videos.
Quote There isn't necessarily anything unusual about high CPU usage, as it strongly depends on what PD (and also your computer) is doing at the time.

Did you only notice the issue when you were producing a video, or were shadow files still being generated while you were editing? Both of those situations can cause very high CPU demands. Same with 4K (or higher) resolution clips, depending on what GPU hardware you have installed and whether you're using hardware acceleration or not.

If you're using shadow files, the best thing to do is to let PD finish making them before doing any serious editing. You'll see the yellow icons on the Media Library icons turn green as each clip is processed. The same goes for temporary slowdowns, let PD sit for a minute and see if/how much the CPU load drops. Make a note of what you were just doing and see if there's a correlation when you start doing that again.

Post back with more details, especially the ouput profile you were producing to if that's when you noticed the issue, and we can try to assist you with specific suggestions. It would also help if you followed the steps in the Read Me Before Posting sticky thread so we can see the DxDiag results.

I received a private mesage telling me to check the files themselves, I did that and it was indeed the files causing the 100% CPU usage. The files I'm rendering for some reason aren't using GPU Accelatoration, I tried other files and they did use GPU Accelatoration while using 60% CPU.

The issue is with the files and not with PowerDirector.
I'm rendering a video and for the last week Power Director has been using almost 100% CPU usage while only using 23% GPU usage. Before the week it only used 60-70% CPU usage and 50% GPU usage. I haven't changed any settings or made any changes in my BIOS/UEFI.

Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just me?

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1903
ASUS Maximus IX Formula
Intel i7 7700K
32GB DDR4 1600Mhz
Samsung 960 512 Pro
EVGA 850w Supernova G2
I have PowerDVD Live 19 and it's refusing to play any video file in AVI format, I get a message saying the format isn't supported. Is there a way around this,
Quote Hello together. An Information from me: PowerDVD 19 with or without newest Patch brings Stuttering, if you install newest GeForce Hotfix Driver 431.18. Playback of BDMV or Bluray Discs with H. 264 60p stutters every 30 to 60 sec. VGA is GTX1060.

If anyone had this issue, too, go back to previous geforce driver like 430.97 Hotfix.

Edit: Testing longer With 430.97, and there are the same issues...

It mainly occurs with 1080 60p BDMV and BD discs.

Files in MP4 format with H.264 also stutter and freeze, the issue I've found is with Windows 10 1903, the video files ran perfectly when I was using Windows 10 1809.
Hi, only have PowerDVD and PowerDirector. I'm wondering if I got PhotoDirector would it allow me to create Slideshows but have the photos ramdomised or will it just show the photos in order of how they were placed.
After speaking with Cyberlink support they supplied me with a hotfix that has fixed the issue I was having with the directional keys not working.

Wonderful to have the keys back, my hand was hurting from having to use the mouse.
I've just found this guy who calls himself PowerDirector University and his videos have been really helpful for me and could be helpful for other people. He makes short videos on PowerDirector Features and how to use them.

His YouTube Channel

It seems like there are several different things going on, and most likely all your keyboards are working fine but you're running into the first issue described in this post.

You should be able to hit the key from the main editor screen and switch view from timeline to storyboard. If you drag a title to the timeline, you should also be able to type in characters and use the arrow keys to move through the text.

It's only in a few specific areas that numeric (and apparently arrow) keystrokes are not accepted in v2721.

I've just watched the YouTube video and the first issue is the same thing that I'm having trouble with, I'm also on Version 2721.

I used to be able to type numbers and use the arrows but neither work anymore just as mentioned in the video.

I assume that your keyboard works normally everywhere else. You didn't mention whether you have the stand-alone or subscription version of PD17, and you didn't state if you did a Reset this PC kind of reset or completely rebuilt Windows from the ground up.

If it's the first option and you haven't explicitly uninstalled PD and reinstalled it, please try that.

I did a clean install of Windows 10 by secure erasing my Samsung SSD with Parted Magic, reinstalled Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS 1803. I also installed all the latest drivers for my devices

I have a year subscription for PowerDirector 365 and year subscription for PowerDVD Live.

I've tried three different keyboards and none of them work even the brand new keyboard & mouse set (Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop) I bought today didn't work with using the arrow keys.

I've noticed that the hundredth numbers now go up to 49 where as before the update it only went up to 24 before going back to 0 and the second number changes.
I used to use my keyboard arrow keys for trimming videos to link them together but the keyboard no longer works since the last update, I've pressed every key on my keyboard and they do nothing. I thought there might have been an option to enable it but I can't find any. I'm stuck using a mouse to change the trim timer and it's very annoying as some times it will skip a couple hudredths of a second and you have to keep going back. The keyboard was procised.

I thought it could have been caused by a corruption when updating so I did a complete Windows 10 reinstall but the issue is still present.

There is a feature called Batch Produce that does exactly that. It's under the File menu and allows you to load a large number of projects and produce them all at one time.

Please note that there is currently a bug in PD17 where all project audio tracks are enabled, even if you have specifically deactived some in your projects. This post has more details. If you are running the stand-alone version of PD (not the subscription one), there is a new beta patch that solves this problem. The official patch (which will also be available for subscribers) is expected soon.

Assuming that your projects are simple and won't be impacted by the bug (or that you're able to install the beta patch), one timesaving step is mentioned by Warry here, which allows you to set the desired output profile once for all the projects. Otherwise you'll need to set them one at a time.

Thank you for your response, so if I understand you correctly to batch produce videos I will first have to create a video, save it and then work on another video, load saved videos and it will then produce them all.
I'm new to PowerDirector and I've just purchased PowerDirector 17 365. I seem to get the idea of the software but the one thing I can't seem to work out is whether it's possible to create multiple videos and then Produce them all at once.

Any help would be appreciated.
Quote Downloading now, thanks Cyberlink, greatly appreciated smile

Downloading for me now as well. I've had PowerDVD Live since PowerDVD 13 and we normally get it before the official announcement. Glad it's downloading now, thank you CyberLink.
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