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Quote Are you serious? We are not adjusting our display resolution just so we can use this garbage program. Is that really the best answer that you can come up with? Why we even post something on this forum at all? Pathetic.

Covid keeping you out of school?

Did you read the information, solution and directions provided

"from Windows File Explorer or other tools?"


What other tools do you have available? Are you willing to spend money for this?
Quote Hi guys,


I want to overlay some animated Like Subscribe and hit that bell notification onto my videos. I am not sure where I can grab some of those PIPs? if thats what they are. please be kind I am very new to this.

Since those are YouTube control icons , did you look there?
Quote Is there a way to sample the many new Shutterstock music backgrounds without having to download them to your library first? I have not been able to figure it out.

Near the bottom left of the wIindow is a play button a volume button and - as shown. One at a time.

OOps, the image can't be displayed but you should find the controls there.

I installed it Yesterday (27/6), on a new machine, so was the upgrade install, but no previous version installed, installed fine, and have the exact same issue, so you are not alone with the issue

Wozza, please start your own thread and add the dxdiag.exe file (the text file - not the line by line output.

How did you do the upgrade install if you didn't have P2G already on your new system. Did you have the computer manufacturer version on your new computer? Did you have any antivirus programs running? In fact, did you have anything else running at the time you installed the P2G?

Did you search this forum for the error?
Since you have what you need in mind, my suggestion would be to download the trial version of Power Producer and Power to Go. Try both to see what is better for you.

Note that P2G is not only a trial program (the more feature rich items) but is also a program that gives you a lot of fesatures that never expire.
Quote My install is hung at 99%. Installing on Windows 10 but can't complete it.

Please post thedxdiag.exe TEXT file from your computer.

Did you remember to turn off all anti-virus programs during the install. Do you have enough free space on your system drive?
Both of those that you said were not antivirus are.

You have some Windows problems that may be screwing things up but I thnk it is the space on your system drive and the problems with the games you have installed. There is also an update failure. Look at those errors (near the end of the dxdiag file) to clear those problems. Contact Microsoft for help.

YakuzaKiwami.exe has caused a crash. Really more than one. Fix it.

Does everythng else work in P2G?
Quote Upgraded from Power2go 11 to 13

Everytime i click on Utilities from the Menu and Select either (System Recovery On Disc - System Recovery on USB Drive)

Always getting this message :- CyberLink Power2Go cannot initalize the SBR engine. Try to restarting the program.

Many thanks Ken aka Gamerfly666

Mine works properly. I also upgraded from 11 to 13.

Did you have your antivirus on when you upgraded to P2G 13? Did you get any messages regarding errors or other during the install?

Please post the text file from the dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer. It will tell you and us about your computer and any errors..
The errors will ne listed near the bottom of the dxdiag file.
Quote Hello everyone,
I have been using PD for a few days to create my 360 ° videos. Can anyone advise me how to use a smooth rotation of the image by, for example, 90 ° and then back? So how do I know this in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Does anyone use PD to edit such videos? Experiences? Tutorials?

Perhaps this tutiorial video will help. It is basic.

Just to clarify. The use of the "you" is not correct. This is a users forum and very few if any Cyberlink employees visit on a regular basis.

I hope you take this as a useful suggestion rather than a repremand.
Sorry, no personal calls. There are several examples of how to use the program on that web site. Perhaps the other program on that site might be more interesting to you.

I just looked and there are several good tutorials on YouTube. Just search for Gold Wave.

Yes! I download it! but not sure how to use it
I do open project open video but it doesn't give me the option to upload a video

You open the video just as if it were a music file. It will extract the audio and allow you to edit it.

Perhaps, at this point Tomasc's suggestion would be better suited for your needs if you have a camera mic that you can put the wind silence on.

Sounds good!
Do you know if there is any free version to give it a try?
Thank you

Yes go to the link I posted and it say there is a full feature trial.

Thanks so much for your reply
So there is no way of doing outdoor talking video? )-:
yes it's the road noise, 06:30 am corona time and still so noisy

If that video is important and you are willing to work to improve the audio then try "GoldWave". There is a free trial.

I've used it it the past with good results.
What was the answer -- for others to learn ? Don't feel embarrashed if it was a simple error.
In the mean time, disable "Shadow Files". in the User Preferences (gear icon).
wait until they have been generated you'll see the progress above the timeline.

There are other user preferences that you might need to address.

Your gaming computer should not be an issue unless you are doing a lot of "fancy stuff" with the video.
Quote How many photos are able to be used in the slideshow in Photo Director 8. Producing seems to take awhile when using only 28 photos.

Please remember that we are not looking over your shoulder.

Tell us about your computer, the size of your photos (digital size), what are you doing to 'fix" the photos etc. What else do you have running at the same time. Are you editing and saving to your system drive. What is "awhile".

And about 20 more questions. Please be specific. Also what do you expect in time to do a silde show?
First and easiest -- Get a few - R (dash R) to see if the players will play on those DVDs. Not all playes will play +R and -R.

Break down and buy quality discs rather than what ever you bought (tesco)

Edit -- I just reread your post that you did try both dash R and A better quality (?) discs. Not all discs are the same in a stack.
I use nothing but JVC Taiyo Yuden.

sorry steve i should have said i used photo director 18 the free version then realised when i edited it i could not download file to a usb key because of the file it saves itself in the format

You probably saved the PROJECT. You need to have the program out the project to a desired image format.
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