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...and ?

For a reasonable answer with your minimum input , contact Tech Service @ Cyberlink or OFX.

Remember this is a users group and perhaps no one has needed to use it yet.
Quote Is this plug-in usable in PowerDirector 17?

Is it listed as being compatible? Isn't it more of a modifier for plug-ins?

Why do you need it?

For best result, tell us more.

Put as much time into your question as you expect the person replying to spend providing the answer.
Quote Hi everyone,
I'm trying to contact support through the page
Unfortunately it is impossible to do it (at least I can't).

The reason is that you cannot select the questions in the "Question Type" field.

Can you do it?


Are ou registered and is the contact information that is pre filled in correct? I have the same issue so it may be broken. Perhaps one of the "experts" here can help.

Make sure you describe the issue and give the full specifications on your computer (Windows dxdiag.exe>0. Use this as a guide)
Quote I have used the CyberLink Media Suite 10 to create a dvd. I transferred a short film from my computer files (MOV file and mp4 file). It played from the disc on my computer, but will not play in a dvd player. What am I doing wrong? I really need to send the dvd to a festival.

In order for a DVD to be played on a DVD player, the disc must be authored. It appears that you may have just burned the files to the disc.

My suggestion since you need the DVD quickly, I suggest you go to the Cyberlink site and download the free copy of Power2Go. Once it is installed, it is self explanatory on how to make a DVD. Be sure to use a new DVD.

Let us know if you need more information.
Quote I have a NVIDia Geoforce 1060 6gb. My PDVD 19 has developed a stutter in both the audio and video. This just started about a month ago.
I am running Win 10.
Has anyone else mdealt withn this issue and if so how did you fix it.

A little about me, I am an old man and not really an electronics genius, If you do reply PLEASE keep the info as non-technical as possible.

I'm also an old man also BUT age has nothing to do with it. When was the last time you did mainentance on your computer -- deleted programs you don;t use, empty trash, limited the number of application running at one time, etc.?

Since you are running windows 10, please post the dxdiag.txt file evaluation on your computer. Just use Windows search for that term and follow the directions. The ONY PERSONAL imformation in the dxdiag.exe txt file is what you named your computer.

It will tell us about the conditions of your hard drive, the information on your drivers, and also any issues that have caused an error.
Quote I'm trying to get PowerDVD 19 to log into Cyberlink Cloud but I always get a "The account or password is incorrect" error message.

I can log into the member zone, the application manager and MoovieLive with the same credentials just fine (as evident by my post here). My member zone also shows my active Cyberlink Cloud storage.

Is there anything I can do in an attempt to resolve this?

Didn't you get a message that the site may be down? I just tried @9:25 and got that message.

If you have incorrect log-in information, try changing your password.
I don't know how you can do that with this prosumer software.

You can reduce the bit rate to get more on the disc. My suugestion is to download Power2Go 15 day trial trial. It has a smart fir feature that will automatically reduce the bit rate just enought to fit.

If you are selling the DVD and blu rays, consider looking at putting you videos on a thumb drive. Most people can play the video through a USB connection on computerss/TV,/Game Console/etc. A small memory one is only a couple of bucks so it you are selling them, you may have to adjust your price.
Contact the maufacturer of the blue ray burner who supplied the software originally. They have probably modified the program for the needs of their burner so any other OEM won't work.

You might be able to get an older version of the software at some discount site. Be careful and get the correct serial number with your purchase.

If you updated any thing else on your computer, that OEM program may not work because of the upgrades..
Quote I have Power2go 12 and want to play music from my music library during the entire video. When I add my music selection, it only plays in the introduction and when I hit play the video starts but the music stops. Is there a way to play the music during the video or am I stuck with music during the introduction only?

P2G is primarily a disc handling program. You can burn a video disc with menu but it is not intended to make complete video projects.

Olease look at the User's Guide here. Perhaps there is somethng you can adopt for your project.
If you go to that link and click on the Download information and the Product Information, you will get a lot more information.

Also go here. Scroll down and click on beginner. There should be 5 tutoria videos.

Don't be in such a hurry, I posted those links for a good reason. Take time to absorb the info.
As I said above, ask them, not us ! undecided
My post was made with an eror. I cannot delete it or edit it.

I don't have sapphire, it's not available for PD but I know what it can do. It's just wishful thinking but I want Cyberlink to obtain a license or something.

As I said above, ask them, not us ! undecided
Quote I have Gear 360 raw video. I converted all my already-stitched clips to H.264, assembed a sequence and uploaded to YouTube and I am not getting 360 surround video. On my Oculus all I see is my video on a flat screen. I have uploaded fully-produced clips strung together, and I have uploaded just stitched clips strung together. Same result each time. Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong or is the problem the fact that it's a trial version? Thanks in advance for any assistance you might have to offer.

past 30 days? What download do you have? Read this..

Or this

Are you sure you followed the directions to make the 360 video? It is tricky.
Ask them !

As you know by now, this is a users group. Since you are a user of sapphire, you are in a better position to tell us ! wink

What doe it look like if you stretch out the storyline view to expand it. What does it look like in storyboard view?
Please explain more about what you want in chapters. Think of chapters in a book. You have have more than on chapter in the book but the book has to be opened. (all the chapters are the same topic but perhaps separated by time, location, etc.) OR are you looking for a library where people can select the book(s) (Think several separate but semi-related topics..)
Quote The title says it all really. This was just sposed to be a short video of around a minute, but whenever I produce it, PD records it way past the ending, and I`ve double checked, and there are no stray clips out there making it do so. Any ideas? Thanks

I watched the video and there is a video near the end !. Switch to storyboard view so you can see it better. It may be on a track that you have hidden.
Scroll down to near the end to see the following. There are more like a VLC error that I won't address.

Your dxdiag shows a lot of GPUTweakII.exe crashes. When I looked that up, I see that it should not be the cause. Read this.
Do you have the TODO program on your computer? If not, you MAY have a virus.

The one that bugs me is the CLR20r3 error. I can't find much that is directly applicable. The only thing is that it may be related to Microsoft's .net (dotNet). You may want to try to reinstall the recent version or do a repair on Power Director since it should have the right version.

Did you update the video driver before, after,or during the problem.

Good luck.
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