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Hi All

Thanks for the replies.

Rich Video allows me to play a clip in PD13 but for some unknown reason is clearly missing on my PD16 interface.

Rich Video is in the Shared Files but I cannot install it
Quote I'd like to know if it's possible to edit out a dust mote that shows up on my video that was on my lens while I was shooting? Similar to editing a photo? I'm thinking that it's not possible, but thought I'd ask. Thanks.


In the FX room used the Blur fx, adjiust the shape and depth of blur to suit
A true Gent.

I wil always chersih our messages and his FX he shared with me.

Quote Hi, I just bought powerdirctor 16. I've been editing videos for a while with other software and it's hard to get used to the timeline in this program. With video editors I've used before, track one was at the bottom of the timeline. They were arranged in ascending order. The timeline for powerdirector seems upsidedown to me. It's hard to wrap my head around, if you want a clip above another clip in your finished video, you have to place it below on the timeline. It's counterintuitive.

Is there a way to invert the tracks? That is, place track one at the bottom, track two above that one and so on. So when you put a clip above another clip, it actually shows that way in the finished video?

Hi Tumithak
Welcome to the forum.

PDR is designed that the Last track on your timeline is the FIRST track you see in the preview panel and when you Produce your project.

I use other video editing software when the TOP track is the one you see first and like you have said.
You do have the abiliy to turn off tracks using the tick boxes.
Working OK in Australia on both IE and Safari
Hi Barry

I too clicked on Tony's link and was taken albeit after a 10 secong lag straight to your page. I was using my Mac though.
Hi All

Has anyone else noticed how sloooow this Forum page is. It takes ages to load or reply to queries.

The 'old' Forum page was much quicker and easier to use.

What's your thoughts?

A workaround in the meantime is to Produce these projects separately and then create a new Project and import the two produced files. Then Produce again
Quote When I copy and paste from one PD16 project into another PD16 project, it doesn't work properly. Everything is copied; however, all the clips timeframes are incorrect. In other words, when I copy clips from one PD file into another file, the length of time of each clip is about 10 times what it should be; that is, a 10 second clip all of a sudden becomes 1.2 minutes long when copied. All clips do this - so a 10 minute file, when copied into another program become over an hour long. I have installed the latest update.

PD is unable to copy-paste from one program to another. Do you mean from one cuelist to another?

As I said in the post - from one PD 16 project to another PD 16 project (not one program to another). PowerDirector has always been able to do this, but for some reason that I can't figure out, when I copy and paste into another PD 16 project, all the clips are 10 times as long.

Hi Aaron

Welcome to the forum

Here's a tutorial from our friends at PDtoots. It's version 8 but I believe the principals are the same.

If this doesn't work lodge a support ticket
Hi Chris

Welcome to the forum.

What is at the 90% mark? Write the length of time down and go to that exact time on your story board.

It could be a rogue file type that PD doesn't like.

If so, just remove this file and retry

Hi All - any ideas why Rich Video is missing in PD16???

I have just made the switch from PD13 to 16 and I do not appear to have the Rich Video box when importing files.

Am I missing something???
Hi Members,

Issue 6 of PDNews is now available.

Apologies for the slight delay in publishing this issue, you can read about it on Page 1.

Previous Issues can be downloaded here:

Been away for a while - what a great concept. Well done Adrian
If only I could find the Bookmark button - they've moved it!
You never cease to amaze me T. Bloody brilliant! Book marked
Quote G'day Neil -

The change occurred in early November, 2016.

Cheers - Tony

Thanks T
Quote I have just downloaded AudioDirector7 and wondered if there is a way of getting rid of room echo. I have a video made of a meeting that took place in a high ceilinged room and there is a lot of echo. I tried the 30 day free trial and to be honest I didn't get much joy. Does anyone know if it's possible to do this and if so how do I go about it please ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Scooby

As far as I know it cannot do that. If you Google How to Remove Echo there a few editors that offer it as plug- ins

All the best
Hi All

I've been away from the Forum for a while and I see Dafydd has been replaced by the PowerDirector Moderator.

When did this happen?

PD15 manuals is here:

Quote Current Wish List:


- ability to bulk unlink audio and perform bulk video speed adjustments.


- improve the clip trimming process to improve workflow. Click the clip in the media list to show it in the preview and trim there before inserting into timeline


- Ability to author and burn UHD BR discs PLEASE


- Ability to draw straight lines in Paint designer.

- draw circles & squares too.

- able to determine the length of time the item takes to get drawn.

- Also being able to have easing in/out out of Keyframes set to on by default


- The ability to choose multiple clips to apply fixes/enhances at the same time. The current "Apply to all" is too limiting.

- Next, the ability to alter the volume level of the disc menu music. Is it re-e-e-a-a-al-l-y that difficult?


- more control in the Produce custom Profile dialog box.

1 - choice for constant FPS and variable FPS

2 - Choice for constant CBR and variable VPR vs Avg ABR

3 - choice for changing GOP pattern

4 - would be nice to control i frame vs IDR frames this could make seeking the H.264 file easier and more responsive in the player

5 - MP4 does support 5.1 audio so why doesn't PD15? Even my home camcorder has 5.1, but I can't output to MP4 because PD doesn't support it.


1. The ability to create permanent tags/folders in the Media Room in which to place specific assets. For instance, if I am working on a project and I've got 10 different video shots, 40 or so music audio tracks for bumper music, 50 photographs, I would like to categorize them in their own respective folder just like I would do on my computer.

2. In MultiCam Designer, another option added to the audio source choices that would allow "audio to follow the video" selection. This is extremely important when you have two or more clips that actually sync in MCD but you may have a clip on camera 1 that may have only been recorded for 5 or 10 minutes and then is recorded another 5 or 10 minutes later in the sequence. MultiCam would then show the other tracks which you can click on but because you have "hard picked" the source for audio (e.g., Camera 2", it does not change when you switch to another camera.

3. In the project timelime, the ability to add a new sequence as part of that project instead of having to create a whole new project and then import it back into the project. For instance, if I've got a project that has say 4 different sections, it would be great to be able to access one or all of the sections while working in the same project.

4. Realizing that there are very minor changes/additions between versions, an UPDATED User's Manual that is easy to locate on the Cyberlink site in PDF woudl be great. Ditto for all of CL's products. The last manual I can find anywhere is for PD 13.

1. Custom freehand masking

2. The ability to Produce to an alpha channel file

And of course a PD Professional suite with professional titles and graphics etc etc to rival FCPX and the rest

For those of you who may not be aware
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