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You can probably download the zip here and play with this 32 bit floating WAV file and see if editing meets your need.


This link was a great idea! I downloaded the sample blowout WAV and imported it into AudioDirector. With the -30dB Gain reduction it was clean with no distortion... Amazing! With the 24 bit, I'd be sunk on a blowout like that.

Thanks again for the link... that saved me a lot of hassle.
Has anyone attempted working with 32 bit floating WAV files in the PD timeline? Or AD for that matter?

I am investing in a new field recorder and am trying to figure out if the files it records will fit into my workflow with this program or if I will need to edit them in something else first.
Quote There is a free audio level meter. It shows the level of your Stereo Mix.

Works great on Windows 7 after activating Stereo Mix.

I'm a bit late to this post.... but I've been searching everywhere for a meter (independent of another editing software) that works on Windows 10.

I still wish, even after all these years, that PD had an integrated meter like this
Quote You definitely found a bug.

This should be reported to CL so they can fix it. Here's the contact page if you'd like to do it, or I can report it if you prefer.

Thanks for the confirmation.... I have submitted a report.
Since the most recent update my shadow files keep defaulting to 720, instead of the 480 resolution I check. It will happen while I am in the program editing. I will notice that the workflow seems slower and go to check it and find that it is switched back to 720 again causing the slowdown. After tracking when exactly it happens, it seems to be when I open a clip in Color Director, then come back into Power Director. Has anyone else experienced this?
After switching to 365, I no longer see the plugin shortcut icon next to the media import icon. Am I missing a setting to display this again without having to go up to the file bar?

plugin missing
Is there a way to resize the panes (sources, preview, timeline) in the MultiCam Designer plugin? My sources previews are fairly small and my timeline record preview is way too big, but I can't grab and drag the borders like everywhere else in the program.
Quote Paul1983, when you say MIA, is that from both the timeline and the transition library?

There would have to be a cut where a transition was in the timeline so it really wasn't replaced by a cut, it's just now missing.

If you have the perpetual version of PD18 and do decide to reinstall, don't bother looking for any official released updates at any links as there are none. Seems like there should be an official update 2 1/2 months after a bug plagued PD18 release, but there's not.


Both the timeline and transition library. In the timeline, the blur was at the end of a timeline (last clip) so it wasn't in a cut between clips. It is now replaced by a "placeholder" that is a straight cut transition to black.

I have used this same transition in the same daily edit (daily uploads of content) for the last few weeks and it literally 'disappeared' between yesterdays edit and today.
After editing at least one project per day that uses the "Blur" transition, it is MIA today. I opened up a recent project from yesterday that contained it, and it is has been replaced there by a cut. Any ideas?
I am suddenly missing the timeline tool buttons. "Timeline view", "Storyboard view" and "View Entire Movie" are all gone for some reason.

The first button displayed now is "Split Selected Clip"

I have searched settings and right clicked on everything I can think of, but no luck.

Timeline toos
Rendering video in H.264 AVC (1080, 29.96P) Edited video has 2 chapters markers saved. When I go to play file in VLC there are no chapters and the "Chapters" function is greyed out in Playback dropdown. Is there a setting somewhere in render profile that I am missing to include these saved chapters in the exported file?
I am producing an AVC H.264 ISO image to be burned to DVD in Power2Go later. Is there a way to save the chapter markers from the edit in this format/method? Or do they need to be added back in later during authoring process in Power2Go?
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