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I always purchase the stand alone product. The advantage is that you're always purchasing a clean build. PD17 is patched and very stable on my system, and the editing I've done so far with PD18 Ultimate has been without issue. Last night, I completed a twelve minute video with multiple audio layers, transitions and titles with no issues. I'm sure there are bugs in PD18, but nothing that's yet shown up with my editing preferences. I don't like the subscription model. I get that you get a constantly updated product that way, but if you really need some of the functionality of the 365 model, you can always purchase those packages for the stand alone model anyway. I find that I really don't need them. I hope Cyberlink gets it sorted out for you soon.
Quote On the 17th September I posted in the PD17 thread (there was no PD18 thread) my
problems with PD18 crashing (as an upgrade from my PD365 subscription). Frequently
crashing. I never had a problem for many months with PD17. I decided to upgrade my
computer to a new desktop, the specs are below.

UserBenchmarks: Game 109%, Desk 133%, Work 120%
CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K - 110.6%
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070 - 103.5%
SSD: WD Black NVMe PCIe M.2 250GB (201 - 224.7%
HDD: WD Blue 2TB (2015) - 82.6%
USB: SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB - 15.2%
RAM: HyperX Fury 2666 C16 2x8GB - 82.1%

PD18 installed and it is STILL CRASHING. Not every 5 minutes like it was before,
but it is still doing it. This is a beast of a machine capable of playing the
very top games at high frame rates. My poor laptop got the brunt of the blame,
but it is clear that it wasn't all to blame. As I said before it worked well
with PD17 for months. PowerDirector 18 should NOT be crashing with such a
powerful machine and 16GB of DDR4 ram. Still no word from Tech Support.
They must realize there's a problem. I can't be the only one (and I'm not).
I'm going to post this in the new PD18 thread as well
(there was no PD18 thread when I first posted). Please help.

All of the initial issues that I've seen with PD18 seem to involve the 365 version of the software. There are obviously real issues there that will require a significant patch to resolve. I think that all you can do is place a detailed ticket with technical support, and I see that you've already done that. They have a history of not being very responsive, but hopefully they do actually escalate such tickets.
Quote I've been usingPowerDirector 17 Ultimate, which I purchased at a retail store, and decided to upgrade to 18 Ultimate from the Cyberlink website.
I've downloaded the 13 exe files.
Question: Do I just run each of the 13 exe files over my existing PD17?

Thanks so much!

If you purchased PD18 Ultimate at the full price, you'll install your 13 files, starting with the main program file, and you'll then have clean versions of both PD17 and PD18 as I have. That way, if there are early bugs in PD18, you can keep using PD17 until a patch is released. If you purchased the cheaper 'upgrade' option, you'll overwrite the existing PD17 files.
I just purchased PD18 Ultimate and I really like it. It's a totally separate install from my PD17 product, and judging by the 365 issues I'm reading about, I'm glad that I stuck to my process of always purchasing a clean copy of stand alone software of this nature. I'll keep PD17 on my system for a while in case of bugs in PD18 that I don't yet know about, but it seems very stable to me. The new bells and whistles are cool, but I do wish that they'd offred the functionality of selecting the precise number and types of tracks for each new project. I know that you can remove empty tracks, but that's not the same thing. Other than that, it's working very well for me so far. cool
I've learned over the years that if it ain't broke don't fix it. PD18 has some nice bells and whistles, but in terms of the packages that I tend to edit, I really don't need it. PD17 is very stable and does everything I need. I may get PD18 for the hell of it in about 3 months when it's patched and stable. cool
It just showed up.
I see the 365 version, but where's the download for the stand alone PD18 Ultimate?
Quote PowerDirector 18 was released today. This interview with David Morgan of CyberLink will give you insight into some of the new features.

Nice. cool
Quote Hi,

I will try to explaind my probleme :frown

I saw on youtube for Power D. 16. There was a fade at the bottom in the Audio menu.

I want to fade out in Power 17.

But I do not find this option. If I select my music, I do not check the option to check for fade out in automatic

I see it just in manual second after second even if my mp3 is highlighted (in the menu editor audio)

If I double click on my mp3, there is no menu Pip designer.

Sorry i'm a beginner embarassed but i just want to make an automatic fade out

Thanks you to all !laughing

There are several ways to fade in and out. If you want to keep it simple, you will find the Audio Mixer icon on the left-hand side just above the microphone icon. The fade in and out options can be set by positioning the TL marker at the point where you want your fade in or fade out to begin, then click the fade in or fade out triangle in the audio mixer. Your music will then start a fade in or out from that point in your project. You will see on the audio TL, that the white dots show that you’ve selected a fade in or out.
Quote Thanks, that really solved the problem for me. But what if I just permanently disable shadow files? I don't know why shadow files are needed anyway tbh!

I have shadow files disabled permanently. I don't need them and they're more trouble than they're worth.
PD 18 lands on 09/18 apparantly. Now that's an update cool

What are the instructions for using the CTRL Key?

I'm new to this program, but some of the replies here seem to be missing the "steps". For example, another reply mentions "Constant Gain...transitions", but doesn't provide "where or how"...None are easy to find...I couldn't...

IDK, but one or two quick sentences seems to be missing.

Can ya help?



By placing your cursor over an existing waypoint (white dot) on the audio track in the timeline, pressing the Ctrl button, and then moving your cursor to a new point in the track and left clicking, a new waypoint is added. This helps a lot when creating fade ins and outs. With existing waypoints, you would highlight your audio clip, left click on (Grab) the waypoints (white dots) and adjust them up and down. You can identify the db level of your waypoints by hovering over them. +0.0 is the normal audio level. You can adjust to higher and lower levels as desired by grabbing the white dots and moving them up or down.
Any leaks on what 18 will have that 17 doesn't?

While speeding up the video the text will not follow... I want the text to follow one object. But when a change the speed of the video, the text is still in ordernary speed

Why not make the text follow the object at normal speed, and then render that section of your project as video plus title. Then place that rendered section back into the timeline and speed it up. As the title is now an embedded part of the rendered video on the TL, it would speed up in sync with the video when you applied the tools. You'd lose a little quality, but it should work.
Quote How to change speed of the movie without losing the alignment of the text I have inserted?

Changing the speed of a clip works independently of your title. To alter the speed of a clip in the timeline, hi-light the clip and click on Tools......Power Tools. In the window that pops up, select 'video speed'. Then click on 'speed adjustment' and select your range. Then you click on 'create time shift'. A blue border will appear reflecting your chosen range to alter the speed of the clip. Click on 'speed multiplier' and select your chosen speed for your selected range.
Quote My laptop information:
Proc : intel core i3 8130U 2.20 GHZ
RAM : 4 GO WIndows 10 64bits

- Have you tried creating a short range involving a transition, and rendering just that section of your project?
> Yes and Yes and Always in this part.
In place of the transition I just have a black video.

I tried with just a fade and it's black again on those part.

Note that I edit on an initial video in 4k converts to proxy / shadow 720 P to go out in 1080 P.
On 30 minutes of video I just finally have 3 or 4 black transition Bugs.

There are others here with far more technical knowledge than me, but looking at your specs, I don't think your Laptop is really powerful enough for video editing. You have an i3 processor and 2.20GHZ, and I think the minimum required for decent results would be an i5 processor, with an i7 or higher being recommended.
Quote On video editing, tracks transitions work well in preview, but during the final rendering some transitions do not work.
Especially transitions like page turning, interference, mirror, wave, ect.
Is it due to my laptop (Lenovo Yoga 520) or something else?
Sur les pistes de montage video les transitions fonctionnent bien en apperçus rapides, mais lors du rendu final certaines transitions ne marchent pas.
Surtout les transitions du genre page qui tourne, interférence, miroir, vague, ect.
Est-ce dû à mon ordinateur portable (Lenovo Yoga 520) ou autre chose ?

The community will need a lot more technical information regarding your Laptop.....CPU, GPU, RAM etc. Have you tried creating a short range involving a transition, and rendering just that section of your project? Does the transition get rendered?
I'm running 3005 and I'm not experiencing this issue. Are your video drivers up to date?

Need more than two tracks, add a third audio and/or video and then remove if you want to test functionality.


Thanks, Jeff. They really need to write some code allowing the user to remove default tracks if necessary. On some simpler projects, I could easily remove two of the default tracks and not miss them.
There's a 'Remove Track' option in the drop down menu in PD17, but it's always greyed out and disabled. Why? It would be so useful to be able to remove a track that you knew that you weren't going to use on a project. I know that if you leave it empty and place something on all the other tracks, you can select the 'Remove Empty Tracks' option, but if Cyberlink created a 'Remove Track' option, why can't we use it?
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