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Yes, I'm happy to have been able to get the one photo re-edited and saved.

Thank you!
Quote Hello Myemerald,

I can honestly not think of a possible cause for that alert/error, nor do I recall it happening or being reported here.

Just as a test, could you please try the following steps:

  1. Open a new PhD project (File > New Project, or Ctrl+N)

  2. Import the error-causing file into your project from its current file path

  3. Edit it as before, making similar adjustments

  4. Export the photo as before, using the same export options

Do those steps cause the alert message?



I followed the steps and there were no alert messages. I have the current build, 2509.

Just tried again with the original project and file, still receiving error.

This is so strange.
I just exported several photos with 1 exception. I received an error "An error occurred during the export of these files" with the one file listed.

I tried to "Save As" the sae file and received this error: "The photo file is in use."

I restarted my computer, thinking something might be stuck in cache but it didn't help.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!!
I've just read all the new posts from optodata, tomasc, and PIX. My head is spinning.

I'll try to read through, and understand, everything tomorrow. Please let me know if you want me to try anything from my end to test the theories.
If there is a way to determine the original path, that would be helpful too.

There is...

Open Notepad, then use it to open your most recent .phd file (project file). Scroll through the text to find the name of the folder or a particular photo. That will show you the file path.


WOW!!! Notepad to the rescue again. It would have never occurred to me to use Notepad here. This is incredibly helpful information, thank you so much, PIX!

Of course, your editing will be lost.


Thank you, but you're right, I'm trying to preserve the editing. I appreciate the suggestion smile
I inadvertently moved a folder of photos and when I launch PhD I'm prompted to [Find] the new photo path or [Remove] the photo.

I click Find but nothing appears to allow me to search for the new path. Here's a Screen Shot

If there is a way to determine the original path, that would be helpful too. For now, I can move the files back to that location. Still want to know why [Find] isn't working though.

Thanks for your help :
Sounds like somehow PhD got itself into a bad state and couldn't recover, even after restarting. I'm really glad to hear that the new project cleared the issue enough that you could reload the original project and carry on!

I spoke too soon. It froze again. It's been sitting for about 45 minutes now, and still not working. I was just using it yesterday without any problems, it was responding quickly to my edits and moving around the project.

I submitted a support ticket yesterday, waiting to hear back from them. This has be baffled for sure. I'll post when I hear back from Support.

I think Hatti is suggesting that while PhD may look frozen it might actually be busy doing internal processing. Do you think that's what's happening, or is it more of a suddenly the app can't even open situation?

One way to tell would be to try and open a brand new project. Download and extract the empty NewProject project to somewhere you can find it, then open the folder and double click on and see if PhotoDirector opens normally.

I'm sorry, I should have said that I already waited a very long time for the project to process, that's why I didn't think it was an issue of patience. smile

I downloaded your file, and it opened just fine. So....I found my project in explorer and clicked it. Voila! It's working! I have absolutely no idea what happened, or why it's working now. I'm just happy it is working.

Maybe it was your NewProject file LOL

Thanks to Hatti and optodata for your helpsmile
Quote Do you still have a project? Then don't be so impatient smile
It can take a while to scan the whole project and maybe reindex the database.


Yup. Still have a project. Patience isn't the issue, but thanks for your input smile
I can open the program, but the screen is frozen once open. I restarted laptop, cleared temp files, ran as administrator, launched from folder, nothing helps.

Any ideas? PowerDirector is running fine.

You're welcome. Writing out your post probably helped clarify what you were really after, which is the EXIF data. What is it they say about great minds?

I didn't see a way to export PhD's internal photos database, but maybe other members with more experience might know of a way.

It seems like the easiest way to do what you're looking for is to get a free EXIF viewer, like this JAVA-based one. It will work as long as you have JAVA installed on your computer, and it seems perfectly suited for your needs:

I thought of the EXIF viewer right after I posted LOL. Great suggestion, thanks!! You're always so helpfulsmile
Is there a way to print our List View? It would be a tremendous help for me to analyze the photos and various settings used on my GoPro Hero7. I tried copying and pasting in Excel but that didn't work. There must be a way to export this table.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advancesmile

Without knowing whether that specific lens profile is available, it's very easy to simply try each lens and profile out and see how it looks. It's best if you have an image that clearly shows the fisheye (or whichever) distortion you're looking to correct, then it'll be pretty easy to see if any of the existing profiles will work.

There is also a slider to tweak that particular distortion, which is likely to have the biggest impact.

I will do that, thank you. I guess it all goes back to... whatever makes it look the way I want it to look, right?
Has CyberLink released a profile for the GoPro HERO7 Black? I've searched and can't find it.

I'm not that familiar with Lens Corrections, and Lens Profiles yet. I see the latest model with a profile is HERO6.

Would they be the same, or is there any word on the newer profiles? I'm editing underwater photos.

Thank you smile
Quote Hi,

For future trips, you might find the piece in PDN4 useful.
Thank you, I will read it.

Quote Colour correction of UW footage is complex, as the light conditions change between clips and as we shoot. Perhaps a key question is about "looking good" or "looking realistic"?
The main problem is to compensate for the loss of red light but without introducing too much, particularly with "whiter" parts of the video - like bubbles, or beams of sunlight. If this is not carefully done, the dolphins look great, but you end up blowing red bubbles!
Red bubbles, I have them! Haha. I used a red filter on my GoPro. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the red bubbles and sunlight beams.

Quote So, in this example which looks "realistic" (but not colour popped), over the full clip on my monitors, until the surface shot shows the red colour correction, I used a small trick, working only in PDR17.
I adjusted the white balance of the original, not by choosing a white base or a black base, but just by eye to get a good balance. This produced a reasonable result but with a green tinge.
I'm going to play with that now, thank you for the tip!

Quote I dropped the original clip (too blue) into track 2 and adjusted the opacity to "blend the clips", it introduced the blue back, but just enough to compensate.
What a great idea! Definitely going to try it.

Quote Haze removal is also a difficult one, but CDR has the function. This example is the previous adjusted clip dropped into CDR and a Dehaze value of 10 applied. Any more than 15 introduces artifacts, to my eye, but the "....eye of the beholder etc."
Is there a way to Dehaze in PD17?

Quote I dived in Croatia in 2017, without my proper contact lenses and couldn't adjust my white balance properly (lost my one push shortcut and couldn't see the tiny menu!) so all the dive was uncorrected and I cannot get most of it back "realistically", although at 44m it was beyond my camera's white balance anyway - there's just no red light left at all!
44m?? Wow, that's deep. This was my first dive, I went to 21 but mostly around 15m. The menus on the GoPro are so tiny, well the camera is tiny. Drove me nuts some of the time.

Quote If you're interested, this video is all shot with the same camera, from surface shots to 30m, but with white balance.adjusted every 2-3 metres. No post correction was done. In the shallow depth shots, the problem of uber bright sunshine and reflections off the sand showed the weakness in my camera in dealing with the differing exposures needed.

I'm definitely interested, I'll watch your video shortly. I'm enjoying working with my video footage in PD17, I get to relive the experience over and over.

Thank you, Adrian, and everyone for your help with this project. You've all been so amazing!
Quote Hi Myemerald -

Before I checked out what optdata had done in his PDR & CDR projects, I made some adjustments only in PDR's Fix/Enhance. The settings are shown in the attached screenshot.

Then I looked at the projects optodata provided.

Here is a preset (called optodata1) made directly from the adjustments he made in CDR. You can download it into your PDR in the Fix/Enhance module.

Not that it needed improving, but I made a few modifications and uploaded it as another preset - called optodata (modified). Maybe it could be de-saturated a bit.

Cheers - Tony

Wow! Thank you so much!
Quote Thanks for the full clip!

I think you'll also want to play around with Split Toning and HDR Effect. You'll probably also need keyframes to adjust the settings as the dolphins swim past, since the lighting changes so much. Her's what I came up with to really help the pod stand out:

I've packed my project with those exact settings, which you can download from this OneDrive folder. It has a full copy of your clip included, too.

If you have ColorDirector, using that is another option, especially for adjusting and tuning the finer aspects here.

That's beautiful! I don't know anything about Split Toning and HDR. I'll see if I can find a tutorial on those. I don't have Color Director, I'll see if I can try it out for free. Thank you so much!
Quote The CLUT tool also has a Compare in split preview option, and the left is the "original" (but very crappy quality) color and the right is with Harvest Farm applied:

I just updated my original post with the clip, this time from Google Drive instead of Photos. Should be better quality.

Yes, I found the split screen feature, it helps a lot!
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