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Quote This only happens on viewing those two photos over an internet connection. Suspect that the dithering is necessary because of the server bandwidth.

That would explain why it's not consistently happening.
Thanks tomasc!
Thank you Pix.

Does the same issue occur in other photo viewers with that photo? (e,g, Windows Photos)

It now appears to be random. When I uploaded the exported photo to my Google Drive, even though it is now fine in PhD, I see a faint plaid over it in the GD viewer.

Is the problem occurring with all photos or only particular ones?

It was occurring on all photos in this project (I haven't looked at other projects). Just now when I went back to this project it was NOT occurring.

What options do you have checked under Preferences > Hardware Acceleration?

Enable Hardware Acceleration for video decoding.

Here's the original exported from PhD (with edits).
Here's the original straight from the camera.
I've never had this happen before, but my images have a sort of plaid pattern overlaid on them in photo viewer. It disappears when I click to zoom. The pattern is not there when viewing in photo viewer & browser or photo browser only.

Image with plaid pattern

Any idea why this is happening?



Did you manage to resolve this problem? Be interesting to know if it was an isolated case or something that can be replicated?

PowerDirector Moderator

Hi Moderator. I still don't know what caused the problem, and I honestly don't remember how I worked around it! LOL. I think I may have gone back to the old laptop to repack the project materials.
Thanks, Jeff. I must have misinterpreted the book's "real time". That's what threw me.

I'll make sure I avoid the tabs, and make edits in the individual projects.
The main project will be simply for putting them all together for my final product.
When adding a project to the timeline via Project Room, is there a way to edit the project from the main project?

For example, I have multiple projects relating to a vacation. I now know that I can add each of those projects to what I'll call the "main project" so I can product them together as one video.

I'm not finished editing each project yet, and I would be great if I could do so from within the "main project" rather than opening and closing projects each time. I suspect it's not possible, but want to be sure.

A tab is created for each project added, but it looks like if I edit there the changes don't flow through to the original project. Although I read page 65 of The Guide to CyberLink PowerDirector 19 Ultimate and it says it can be edited in real time, so I thought it was possible to do what I'm trying to do.

Is there a step I'm missing?

Thanks for you help!smile
Quote Moderator said it all.
If you can change the mode transition, Overlap change to for Cross before applying, solves your case.

Yes, that is what I'm going to do. I just hoped there was a way to use Overlap and move the other tracks. Oh well!
If you don't want clips on the other tracks to move, you can just lock them before adding the overlap transition.

I do want the other clips to move, which they do not do when the track is unlocked.
If I understand correctly, when inserting Overlapping Transitions between all clips on the track, all clips on the track shift left 2 seconds per transitionundecided. Has anyone figured out a way to make the necessary shifting of clips on all other tracks, so they match up?
Quote They should automatically appear in the Title Room under the Custom filter. If you don't see any there, chances are your current project's aspect ratio is different from the project(s) that you saved the custom titles from.

An easy workaround is to temporarily change the project AR to the other setting to populate the custom title library, then drag the desired title to the timeline and restore the desired AR for the current project.

That was it! I didn't even realize I had a different AR yet LOL. Thanks so much, optodata!!smile
Is there a way to import Custom Titles which I created in a different project? I know they are stored in C:\Users\UserName\Documents\CyberLink\PowerDirector\20.0\MyTitles, but can't find a way to bring them in to my current project. When I click "Import Media" it looks like it only sees .dzt files.

Thanks in advance for your helpcool
I just moved my projects (via pack project materials) to a new computer. I don't know if it has anything to do with the issue, but throwing it out there just in case.

I have 2 issues on one project:

  1. Clip that was playing fine after move, is now showing a black screen. Audio works, title on lower track works. All other clips are fine.

  2. This, and other clips, were precut before the move. However, the clips in the Media Room do not have the little folder icon in the bottom right corner. Why would that be?


Thanks so much in advance!
Do you have any recommendations for determining partition sizes?
Quote If you still have access to your old computer where the custom titles were originally installed, you should be able to copy the folders to the new laptop. See this discussion.

Otherwise, you might be able to recover them as long as you've packed at least one of the projects that used them.

Thanks for the link. I do still have my old laptop, with all files intact.
If you've used the same clips in multiple projects, you'll end up with multiple copies on your D: drive, so packing projects might not be the best way to go. Duplicating your video folders using File Explorer might be a better way to go and then just point PD to where the new folder is when you open each project and get the "can't find xxx" message.
Oh man! That sounds so much easier, and quicker! I'm forgetting how large some of these files are. I watched the two Project Management videos on YouTube, and he suggests packing the projects. Darn.

Ok, just thinking out loud...duplicate folder containing all video for the project...including the .PDS file I presume, and any photos I may have used? ...Open PD on the new laptop and point PD to the new location...Voila! Everything pertaining to the project is there.

What about custom titles, etc.?
I think the D: drive should only be for personal data, and since Windows has 4 dedicated libraries (Music, Docs, Pics, Videos) it makes sense to relocate them to your new D: drive. This article explains the steps.

Thank you for the article!

On a side note -I don't remember the process of Packing Project Materials taking a long time in the past. Does PowerDirector actually produce the video in the process? I thought I remembered it being a rather quick process. It's taking several hours.
Quote I keep all my installed my programs on C: because, if you format and reinstall Windows, they will need to be re-installed too.
But all my other assets are kept on the D: drive (separated from C - photos, videos, downloads, documents. I back them out automatically on an extrenal drive too.
Thanks SoNic67!
Quote Another reason is that if you ever need to reinstall Windows, it's much simpler if your personal info is on another drive so there's no risk of losing any of it.

Doing this lets the C: drive be dedicated for the just the OS, which also makes it easier to make system image backups and restore them if anything (ahem, like a showstopping bug in an important app update) might suddenly appear.

I've learned several painful lessons regarding what I did and didn't back up since Win3.1. This is how I now configure all my computers now and it's saved me more times than I can count!👍

I have very limited knowledge about logical drives, but I think this makes sense. If the C: drive is going to be dedicated for just the OS, once the logical D: drive exists do I move all other programs and files from C to D? I've already transferred a few files over from the old laptop, not PowerDirector files though. Well, I did, but I'm uninstalling all PD files before I do all of this.

I'm currently packing my project files, I didn't know it would take so much time for each one! Oh well!

I'm happy to learn from your experiences...Win 3.1surprised! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. smile

I'm looking for help on how to best move my PhotoDirector files to my new laptop. The User Guide doesn't seem to be available from CL anymore. I found helpful videos and forum solutions to moving my PowerDirector files, is it a similar process?

Thanks in advance!
Quote Depending on how your new laptop was configured at the factory, the Videos, Docs, Photos and Music libraries may already be set up on OneDrive but you may want to move them and the OneDrive folder to the D: drive to keep them safe if you ever need to format or restore your C: drive. This is a good plan even if you don't use OneDrive.

You might actually need to create a logical D: drive if you only have a single large C: drive, and there are many online articles showing how to do that as well as how to move library folders from their default locations and how to relocate the OneDrive master folder.

I've been thinking about this and I'm wondering if it makes sense to create a logical D: drive on the new laptop. If the C: drive fails, so will the logical drive, correct? Is there another benefit I'm missing?
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