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no way to do this after import?

Just to clarify, the subscription license allows you install the products on more than one machine, but you're only allowed to use the products on one PC at a time. In other words, simultaneous usage will require an additional license.

Awesome , that's all i need .. i wont be working on two machines at the same time anyway haha
thanks mate
Got tired and went and bought 365 , did complete reinstall, and viola. all is well now.
thanks guys
Yep , that fixed it. 365 thanks all
Thanks @ALL
i got pissed off and went ahead and bought the 365 a while ago. doing a clean install , hopefully this problem's solved.
Quote Maximum of two installation on two different pc allowed as stated by JeanBernard. After that you have to buy another license for installation on the next pc.

OK so it's max 2 pcs running the license at same time , right? that's cool
but if i activate 1 license then it's good for another different machine right?

reason im asking is , well, i forgot to mention, i also have a powerful desktop at my office and while it's not important since i dont use that PC much (im always using my home setup) , i'd like to be able to work on there too when i want to.
I've been having problems with Screen recorder and i want to try and reinstall it w/o having to reinstall the whole PD product
I own PD Ulimtate 15
have already imporated TBs worth of images into PD, now i want to find and select/delete duplicates.
I work on my Desktop most of the time, but sometimes i go on the road and take my laptop with me. I'd like to be able to use my purchased software wherever i go on whatever machine i want to use it on, through activating and deactivating, etc (something that lots of software allows you to do nowadays)

I wanted to confirm if this was possible on 365 before i take the plunge.

Quote MojoTojo, if you have a Nvidia GPU make sure shadowplay is not active, (or do a clean Nvidia driver install and install just the driver) I believe this may conflict with CL Screen Recorder at PD15 when using hardware encoding in Screen Recorder Settings > Advanced.


Yes i do hav nvidia card.. but is this applicable if im not using hardware encoding? Because i did notice that setting in the Screen Recorder but it's unchecked, and the check box is disabled (i can't check it) - so i assume in using software encoding only

anyway i tried full clean reinstall of nvidia drivers.. same issue , im still getting 1kb mp4 files

i openned the file in notepad and this is what it said.

Quote I can't tell from your last post if you had to update to get to 3929 (via the App Manager), or if you were already at that version and accidentally posted an older version number in your revised OP. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling PD?

I updated the application as you suggested, hence the latest post (version)
i rebooted the PC and tried again for good measure, it's the same thing... screenrecorder is producing 1kb files only
Quote Knowing your PD version helps. There have been 5 updates that you haven't applied, so please select PowerDirector 15 from this page and download and install the latest patch (3929), which includes all of the previous updates.

Please let us know if that solves the issue.

I thought the application manager will take care of the updates or at least remind me of such.

anyway i tried it and i can confirm i am on the latest patch

However, the problem prevails
Quote You didn't mention which PD version you have, or what version of SR you're running. If you have the original installer for PD, you may want to run that again to freshen the installation. I don't think you'd need to uninstall PD first.

I have the original SR installed from PD14. It's dated 1/20/2016 and is at version # I also have the newer SR2 that comes with PD365. It's dated 11/27/2019 and is version #

Oh i forgot to, thanks. Updated my thread.

All captures are like the above, 1KB files.
no errors, no warnings, as if all was normal

I have Screen recorder packaged w/ my premium PowerDirector suite
PD Version: 15.0.2026.0
SR Number: VDE160919-04

It's been working fine last time i used it.

  1. I've tried to turn off all security measures (firewall, av, windows defender)

  2. i've tried rebooting pc

  3. i've tried playing with the output formats and settings

  4. i've tried setting save directory to another drive

  5. i've tried to update in application manager but no new updates suggested.

I give up........
I know PD has albums to organize photos, but I like to keep my files organized in proper folders and subfolders as well.
I can't seem to figure out an easy way to do this. I can select a bunch of images then what? there doesn't seem to be any option for creating new folder and moving files into
I'm using PhotoDirector 8 and I assume it's the same with the latest version yeh?

Finally gave up on Picasa and wanted to use PhotoDirector as my media organizer. Sadly, it doesn't seem to show my videos! is this software for organizing photos only?

I needed something that organizes my memories (both pics and videos!)

Regards to all!
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