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Quote Latest patch installed and the trash still crashes. What a pos.

What other software and apps are you running in the background?
Why can't you mute a segment inside of a track? at present, it's either the whole track or nothing. yell

You can mute clips by selecting the clip right clicking and select "mute clip" and you can alter the volume level of the segment in the timeline by adjusting the levels on the wave form and adding nodes and adjust each node...
I use X-Keys programmable keyboard to control PowerDirector... I personally would like to see more short cut keys... I personally use and love it. It speeds my editing times up at least 2 fold, but not being a programmer I wish I could get it to do more... and be fully interactive...

For the most part, it works but the failing part of PD is there are various short cut keys that need to be implemented ie;

Short Cut Keys to;

  • Zoom to view entire time line or view entire movie.

  • Short cut to Power tools, motion tracker including direct to even direct to Video Speed etc this would just speed up the work flow I don't see why I need to click Power tools the click Video Speen and the still have to click the button beside... why? Why can't speed adjust tools settings appear where the button is and the preview using the main preview. Theand then the time temporary changes to one in the speed (same for Crop Video)

  • Short Keys to go to the various Fix / Enhance settings

  • Short Cut key for transfer clip to (if installed) Audio Director and ColorDirector... as well as chosen photo editor whether PhotoDirector, PhotoShop or CorelPaint etc (though I understand that you can not make Corel etc... send the image back... but most people would know this before hand)

  • Short cut keys to the Capture, Edit, Produce and Create Disc screens.

    There are more... I am also aware that some of these I may have missed may already be fixed in the next version etc.

X-Keys also have the SDK for developers to integrate and develop for their software. And it would be cool if the developers of the PowerDirector developed scripts to make x-keys fully interact with PowerDirector. Doing this alone would give you an edge that your competitors don't have... not even the big guns offer this.

If this was an extra "plug in" I would buy it.
Make sure you have installed the latest patch updates for PowerDirector these patches have many bug fixes...

I have had PowerDirector crash a few times... but I also work out that other programs running in the background caused PowerDirector to crash (which it shouldn't I know) from AV and firewalls to various other minor apps. They were possibly using a shared DLL file which may have or may not have caused a conflict I don't really know.

I now make sure no other application is running, when I am editing a video ... and have way less crashes now.

But I agree that I still get the odd random crash which I can not explain why it happens...
Quote Creating a dvd with a consumer level editor has nothing to do with the region code as PD15 don’t use them.

You are concerned with playing commercial region coded dvd’s which is another matter. Relax. Lighten up.

Pretty sure this is correct the only thing you need to ensure is that it is PAL not NTSC

Most people play DVD's now on their computer... (DVD's as such are a dying thing) heck if you are that worried, and if they are just videos export them to MP4 and stick them on a disk as a MP4
The first is a seperate clip preview window, where you can select in and out points and then press an inser button to place the portion of the track between the two point into the time line. The second preview window is used to playback the timeline.

If you open the trim window and (Ctrl + Alt + T) you can use the "mark in" and, "mark out" features in including doing a single trim as well as multiple trims.

I think the philosophy behind it is to keep the interface simple and not overly cluttered as this makes easier for a new user to learn while still having the power...

My suggestion would be if to have the option to change the interface at will (and to lock it) because every user is different so in this case have the option to have the trim window attached to main interface etc... I personally wouldn't use it as it as for me the interface would become too cluttered as I find it quicker and easier to just do quick trims on the main timeline. However, I will admit I also use an X-keys and Jog Wheel.

I would, however, have the VU meters switched on if they were available under the above scenario.
Is it possible to apply edits in ColorDirector to the entire timeline of clips at once?

At this stage not to my knowledge ...
Quote In my wisdom of punching different buttons, I now have "Chapter 1" replacing all of my images on my timeline. Is there any way I

can back that out, so that the timeline again shows the individual images?

Not 100% sure what you mean... but

If you have PD set to make an auto back up (every 5- 10 minutes or so) you could look for this backup and see it...

Go to Options and under the Project tab you will see the settings for autosave and where your temp backup files are being saved to.

Go to this folder and open the last auto save back up and see ...

But,,, I am not 100% sure what you mean by... "Chapter 1" replacing all of my images on my timeline. ???
I have been using PowerDirector now for 3 years and all my videos (bar one) on my youtube channel are edited via PowerDirector. So here are some of the things I would like to see.


  • If there is a button or menu controler it needs to have a short cut key. And they need to be programmable. For me personally I use these short cut keys in my X-Keys Controller. ie; there is no short cut key to "view entire movie" (that I can see) yet there is a button on the time line.

  • I would like to see a third party plug-ins interface to allow various plug ins.

  • Media Library sorting with with folders each Project with Audio, Image, Video, folders. With the possibility of adding more folders for different camera sources etc.

  • The ability to lock a group of clips as one. Once locked you can not edit them till unlocked. While still movable on the time line but delete and moving other objects on the time line do not interfer with this group in anyway. At present grouped objects can still be go west if I delete something off the time line... it can still mess with this grouping... it needs to be locked.New feature


  • Easy stop go motion plug in. (or allow plug ins)

  • Better built in titling with out having to use titler pro... (or allow plug ins)

  • Pre-made scripts and drivers for various hardware controllers like X-Keys and other devices.

As discussed in my previous post I personally would like to see PD produce a prosumer and a professional version ... I would definetly by the the proversion...
Quote Good Morning.

After I retired, I resumed my Video Editing hobby.
They are Video Edits, not very frequent and focused on family moments.
It happens that my current PC is almost retired, too.
So, I'm researching parts for assembling a new, more upgraded PC so it has a long life.
As you are habituated and have more expertise than I, I relate the items (Hardware) that I am researching and I request to you, please, that if you have tips and suggestions, guide me.

MB: Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WIFI ou GA-Z270N-WIFI
CPU: Core i7-6700K ou Core i7-7700K (Or one of the two without the "K" ie without overclocking option).
CPU Cooler: Corsair H60 (Water)
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (16GB) (2x8GB) DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200)
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
Monitor, HD, PSU and Case, I already have.

If you can use use parts out of your old computer it will help lowing your cost... (monitors sound cards hard drives etc) but most off the shelf computers now are good enough. So you don't need the most latest and greatest keeping up with the Jones computers...

Just a side note this is my set up:
Quote YOU miss the point completley

i would just like the interface front end to be a little more professional like insted of the child like interface


thats all i have to say on the matter don't bother replying

i have made my point and if you can not see what iam driving at then just leave it hanging


Please enlighten me... how you think PD has a child like interface (what ever that is) and what a more proffessional interface is like...

I am not trying to sacastic... I am little confused by what you mean.

I personally find Adobe Premiere interface over crowded and a litte cluttered which can make it confussing to a new user... (BTW I am not a new user of Premiere I use it when I have to.) Where PD is less cluttered and easier to follow and has some hidden gems that many Prosumer editors don't have.

Again you have to remember the target market of PowerDirector it is targeted at the home user or Prosumer not the professional. So it has to be simple and easy to use else people won't use it because they have to go through that stepper learning curve... and PD still has the power to do general videos and do them well...

Where as Adobe Premiere, HitFilm, DaVinci Resolve and the like, are targeted at the professional, where the end user does it for a living and has gone through that learning curve.

Knowing who your target market is very important in programming industry, and I believe CyberLink have got it right for their current market... If that target market changed to professional, then the program would change to meet that demand... (so would the price as they as it would have to have many more advanced features and would not sell as many copies)
Quote Hi,
3) The ability to produce a file from a selected portion of the timeline. I may be editing a wedding, for example, but want to send a clip of just the vows to the couple for some reason. I should be able to select that portion and then go and produce a file from just the selected portion. I don't know if that is possible now but I always have to delete the sections that I don't want included, produce the file, and then restore the timeline.

Quote The yellow tans at the top of your timeline scrubber can be pulled to each side to hilite a portion of the track. New buttons wil appear when you do this and one of them is to PRODUCE the section.

Oh what he said lol
Quote I want a complete redesigned front end something like Premiere-Pro

and working as good as that does although very expensive to own

See my previous post...

If you want a front end like Premiere-Pro and all its functions then may I suggest you buy it... At present PoweDirector is a completely different market to where Adobe Premiere is...

Again PD would become just as expensive if it did every thing as Adobe Premiere and looked like Adobe Premiere .... you might as well buy Adobe Premiere...???
Quote Hi PowerDirector team ... Youtube annotation ...

YouTube no longer support annotations.
Some of the things that rattle my nightie (old kiwi saying) is people comparing PowerDirector to Adobe Priemere or DaVinci Resolve etc... one has to remember the market and target of PowerDirector. It is a not classed as a "High End" or "Professional editing suite" video editor. It is a more a "mid range" or a "Prosumer" editing suite that does have some nice features that others don't.

So you are not going to get some of the requests unless CyberLink change their market target. Which is possible and do-able with the software they already have. AudioDirector, PhotoDirector & ColorDirector all work flawlessly together via PowerDirector opening each program and sending the data to and from each program.

Because of this the chances are actually very slim because own product ColorDirector which works independently of PowerDirector but work together flawlessly. (Okay I have not ever run into an issue)

That being said it has room to grow, and they have a stable product. It could even become a high end editor as well as keeping the entry level application ie; different versions. The only real difference in the current versions are the different packs you get... If they fully combine these products the price of it PowerDirector will start sky rocket, BUT you start to get a lower end professional suite.With this they could easily produce a professional suite as well as prosumer suite.

PowerDirector Ultimate - (Professional)

  • With the professional suite combine these programes AudioDirector, PhotoDirector & ColorDirector with PowerDirector and make them run even tighter together this alone becomes a pretty powerful suite. then I only have to worry about one program one install one purchaces one upgrade etc...

  • Add in a way for 3rd party plugins that can easily be installed and be compatible to various standards. Because I want a easier way do to stop motion and a few other things then CyberLink don't have develop it and can concentrate on the core product and 3rd parties can make various plug ins... (unless this becomes a new feature in later versions etc)

  • Built in better titling and composting effects.

  • Start adding the more professional items that people ask for Nest objects, upgrading the browser library and show folders, compositing etc

  • I personally would like to see PowerDirector (and ColorDirector) be compatible with some more hardware controllers etc out of the box... ie; Tangent Track Ball Devices for colour correcting... Even having a premade scripts for X-Keys Controlers.

  • The ability to link to other programs of choice, PhotoShop, Corel, FL Studio... while I understand this one is a little more difficult but it is not impossible.

PowerDirector Ultra - (Prosumer)

  • PowerDirector as it is with some of the more general visuals

  • Target the mid range to home user and youtuber vLogger.

  • Keep the extra applications separate as they are and the user can buy them as needed.

  • Keep delveoping the core programme inline with PowerDirector Ultimate so if they upgrade it is no different.

The reason I say this is I would be buying the high end version but also know many many people that don't use 95% of the features PD offers now. And would be happy with the newer slimmer home version.

I have and already use PowerDirector, ColorDirector, AudioDirector and PhotoDirector (though I use Corel over PhotoDirector) I have been using for 3 years and pretty comfortable with them but I wish they had a few other things and that it did some things better. I would also upgrade to the Professional version if it was offered...
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