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Future PowerDirector Versions - Wish List/Suggestions (03/2017-07/2017)
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Dear PowerDirector Users,

Please use this thread to submit suggestions for future versions of PowerDirector. Suggestions can be any of the following:

- UI or usability improvements.

- program feature improvements.

- main program features*.

Note: the suggestions from the previous thread have been summarized and are being reviewed by the PowerDirector development team. The previous thread has been closed (which you can view here for reference).

This new thread has been started to try and keep things more organized. CyberLink's product development team will review the suggestions periodically. Suggestions could get implemented in either patch updates, or in the next full version of PowerDirector, depending on product development team availability and the scope of the change.

Note: do not use this thread to issue complaints or report bugs. For these, please contact customer support. Bug and complaint posts will be removed from the thread.

We want to stress that there is no guarantee that your suggestions will get implemented, but we can guarantee that product development team will review them. So please enter them below!

Please see the PowerDirector Feature Suggestions in the readme for more information.

* the planning phase for PowerDirector 16 has ended, so any new main program feature suggestions will be considered for version 17 and beyond.

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- Customer service:
- Technical support:
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I think alpha processing is lacking in PowerDirector. When we use blending effects, an alpha channel is created and used internally by the blending mode and applied to each track as it is layered on the track before it. However, the control we have over the alpha channel and how it is used is lacking. This is not rocket science because the alpha/layering logic is already in place (has to be if blending is to work). I would suggest a few improvements which together would make PowerDirector SO much more flexible without compromising ANY of the ease of use that it has now.

1. Have a toggle on the preview window called something like "Diagnostic". This splits the preview window into 4 quadrants. Upper left is the video "fill" component of the activated track - not the full composite over prior tracks, just the activated track. The upper right shows the alpha component derived from any blending modes, chroma key, or the alpha inherent in any alpha capable media like .PNG files. The lower left is a vector scope. The lower right is a wafeform monitor. If a clip or track is highlighted, that is the view. A second view can exist if no track or clip is selected. It can show full composited video (just as Preview shows now) in the upper left and anything at all in the upper right. Note: Thanks to New Blue for making the waveform and vector scope possible, but these are clumsy to use and clog up work flow. A simple inherent tool is so much better!

Alternately, the window described above could be an undocked and hideable window easily dragged to a different monitor. It could have a toggle on it to latch this window to one particular track so that the usual editing steps don't wreak havoc with it. If no particular track or clip is selected, the window can show the vector scope and waveform monitor applied to the preview output. I rather like this one better but it suits itself well only for those who have second monitors.

The whole point of this is to add tools that are helpful and streamlined when more powerful alpha processing is put into place. That leads me to......

2. Just like there is an Fx and other tracks available other than video and audio, there should be an optional Alpha track available to every track (but is normally hidden). So one could put a still or video source on this track and it will act as the alpha channel. Any color is reduced to black & white in the diagnostic window and for the layering process. This allows traveling mattes of any level of sophistication. I would think that any blending mode can, if desired, be applied just as we have now, but with alpha replacement by the new track. This alpha replacement is called a "Split Key" and is powerful when you learn what you can do with it yet stunning in its simplicity.

3. By far the most important feature that I think should be added in the Alpha and blending department is the ability to adjust Clip and Gain (aka threshold and sensitivity). If #2 is not implemented, at the very least there needs to be a "self key" feature as a blending mode where the same video is both fill and matte (alpha). This may already exist but without adjustable clip and gain, it is not very useful.

I would like to point out that what I'm advocating is the same level of power that has been present in production switchers since about 1970. Simple keying allowed us (back in the stone age) to do monochrome, sepia tone, knee simulation, masking, traveling mattes, and a whole lot of cool things that PowerDirector relies on NewBlue and other plugins to provide. It also brings functionality that PowerDirector might not have in any form, let alone something as simple as adjustable clip/gain and selectable alpha sources.

Few things annoy software developers as much as "experts" who tell them how they should write their code but having been both, I would be happy to collaborate with the development team on how this can be done in a way that makes their job easier and the pesky video engineers happy.

_Gunter_ [Avatar]
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A function for ease-in and ease-out in the Magic-Mogion-Tool would be very useful - for a soft start and stop of motion. (especially for the user-defined motion) This function is already asked since many versions.

Also the possibility to copy the Motion/Zoom-Path to other Pictures/Clips.

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borgus1 [Avatar]
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Allow PD to launch in 'window' mode - vs. full screen - if in that state at close. That behavior is consistent with most programs.

When INDEX SEARCH is launched the cursor should be live in the search box, instead of user having to first click focus to the box.

In HELP, make explanatory icons 'hot' so they bring up the appropriate area of the program when clicked.

Provide an audible scrubbing ON/OFF option, so audio can be heard while moving the scrubber.

Enable keyframe deletion (right-click) on the timeline for both audio and video.

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Ghost Dancer [Avatar]
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Some suggestions:

  1. An option to disable the request the merge projects when opening a project (I've never wanted to do this and its an extra click every time I open a project). Alternatively, instead of an option, disable it completely and have a separate merge project option in the menu.

  2. An option to disable loading the produced video back into the project (again, I've never wanted to do this and have to remove it from the project, or click a notification saying it couldn't load it because I've renamed/moved it).

  3. In the crop tool (and other similar windows), remember previous settings (e.g. snap, safelines etc.).

  4. A feature to copy/apply power tool and fix/enhance settings to other clips and entire track. Fix settings can currently be applied to the track but that's it.

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Sometimes I often create assemblies of severals photos with key images :
Movement, enlargement, size for each one . In order to save time is it
possible to create a personnal script to reproduce this assembly(editing) for
other projects with new photos . In this case , we can add or change picture .

Regards Regards
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I would very much like to see an huge improvement in the Media Library for PowerDirector. Dealing with two or three cameras (phones x 2, GoPro and Point and click, DSLR) the amount of footage that can produced of an event or holiday requires significant work in breaking it down into manageable sections(chapters). This part of the exercise can be over half of the project . Once its identified there is a need to work through this footage to utilize the good stuff and mark it. So that at film assembly time you have the material required to piece together a short movie. PowerDirector just does not work well here and I am constantly looking for product to achieve this.
Godled [Avatar]
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  1. The ability to animate straight lines using the draw function

  2. the ability to set by default ease in/out ON.

  3. Bring back MOV it's the best loseless container

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I mostly do promos,comercials,events mostly less than 10 min timelines and many non sequential projects.

One of the things that attracts me to this product is the storyboard interface yet its not up to its potencial.

For it to be a trully usable and usefull interface I should be able to: add titles,fotos,efx,transitions, parameters audio...... to any box or boxes

a good way to do this is to create a bin were all these can be stored and just simply drag to the box or boxes selected in the storyboard view.

I downloaded the trial and would buy in an instant if I had this interface.

Ricardo Marty

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Evgeniy Palcev [Avatar]
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Good day! I propose to introduce the option to change the color workspace of the application . In version 15 the interface is very dark. I have vision problems. There is a feeling of discomfort. The ability to choose the color of the workspace (as in version 12 or would be nice.
JITF [Avatar]
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More than 100 chapters allowed per project. Personally, I'm using a 100 GB BD-R XL disc to create one complete chronological compilation with regards to family/home videos. Seeing as how sometimes a chapter is divided by 5 minutes of footage or 30, it ends up adding up to the point where I have several hundred chapters and not needing to make a new workspace to work around this would be great. Thanks
rytis2015 [Avatar]
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I have a suggestion: make version 15 compatable with version 13, because I was very happy with the powerdirector (version13) until yesterday when I purchased version 15, and all my masks (I always crop clips with masks) were gone in my existing files. (it is a lot of work, (not to mention the fact that all video stutters in v15)) so I had to uninstall the 15, and hopefully 13 will be working normally again. I have no plans to use the purchased version 15 until these issues can be resolved first, the only question is will I ever be notified if they are resolved.
duckysan1 [Avatar]
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1. Being able to change levels on the entire audio track - presently every clip has to be changed individually

2. Being able to select several clips using the 'shift+arrow' combination. Presently, multiple clips can only be selected using 'ctrl' which is laborious

3. Improve the 2D cross-fade transition to remove the zoom-in/out effect. Essentially, I'm asking for a disolve.

Thanks, Chris i7 4790, 16Gb, Gigabyte Z97, GTX460, 500Gb Seagate SSD, WD 2Tb Black, Win 7 Pro x64
HeartFire [Avatar]
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Sooo, I missed the window for suggesting features for PowerDirector 16! Buuu-tah, maybe I'm just in time for 17 and BEYOND!!! I have a tablet that doesn't support Premiere Clip, but CyberLink has a cloud option for customers. It would be cool to start projects in the mobile version of PowerDirector and then send them to the desktop version. Of course a Cyberlink Cloud subscription and the desktop version of PowerLink would be neccessary, but your price points are VERY competitive. Let's go I.T. and Marketing. YOU CAN DO IIIIT!!!
CyberlinkFANUser [Avatar]
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Custom Resolution and also Custom Aspect Ratio
Fielding [Avatar]
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i have been using PowerDirector for less then 24 hours (just bought it yesterday.)

From what I am seeing - it's a really nice program.

Although, i have not found out how I can nest a sequence.

In Adobe Prem Pro I create multiple sequences, then place them together on a timeline.

I really enjoy this approach.

I don't see how this can be achieved on PD15.

Perhaps I'm missing something, I don't see how to create multiple sequences, and then nest.

Please advise if anyone has been able to achieve this, if not - then it would be a very helpful

addition, for those of us transitioning from Adobe Prem Pro.



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I have upgraded to the latest Director Suite just because I am mostly used to upgrade. This time, PD15 introduced almost nothing worthwhile - I don't care about the 360 or vertical videos at all, so the only welcomed feature for me was the mask designer.

Now - DaVinci Resolve 14 is in a beta. DR is a de-facto industry standard for color grading. They have added strong sound support, are much better in media organisation and since version 12 are more and more becoming an NLE solution. Their Studio (Pro) version went down from 999 USD to 299 USD.

Of course PD is more compact, easier to use, has stuff like particles, easy project templates, etc. But - for just at least two PD iterations, I am mad at Cyberlink for tossing us a bone, but keeping us away from meat - plugins. We got Titler Pro 1.0, later on I think version 1.5, for free. I did not bother to install the latter, as I already bought Titler Pro 4 back at that time.

Unless PD provides industry standard plugin interface, I am done with the whole suite. Just go and look into the NewblueFX home page and find the list of supported NLEs. If Sony Vegas can be there, so should be the PD. Do I need to mention, that DR is there of course?

We simply need plugins -no package is complete on its own. Please allow Titler Pro to work with the PD in its recent version ...

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Fielding [Avatar]
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I'm very intertested in DR as well, and what a great price at 299

but coming from avid/premiere, I see PD as filling a different space in my needs

I'm really enjoying the exteme speed of editing with this program, and that's only on day 3 of using it...can't wait for day 4

damn - it's really easy on the system as well, I have it on an older machine (albeit 12 gigs of ram)

and after a few tweaks...I'm sailing

I have a new computer coming, I'll buy into the 299 DR at that time

(I was getting sick of paying the adobe subscription...hence the move over to PD...and 'to be' DR)

I just got a refund on my PD15, cause I want the full version at $159 - incredible value is my opinion

at this time

I think the move to 360 shows incredible foresight, I'm going there over the next few months - I am enjoying the VR experience and glad to have an inexpensive editing program that is on the cutting edge of providing
Helgi Viðar Hilmarsson [Avatar]
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I would like to create my own title bars in the PD15 that have similar features (movement & effefts) as those who come with the software. The problem is that the Title designer only allows static pictures. So the default title bars are created with particles and the movement and effects are animated through multiple pictures like a cartoon film. This is not easy to do for a typical user.

Of course this can be solved the other way by having two separate time lines, one for the bar itself using Pip designer and the other for the text using Title designer, but then you have two objects in separate folders instead of one that you can apply to your timeline. So I would like to have the possiblility to open a Pip object with effects and movements in my Title designer just like a partical object.

How about implementing that in the next version of PD?
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Ability to produce and burn UHD DVDs

Eugene 73s, WA6JZN ex DL9GC
Win10,64bit.CPU i7 6700,16GB ,C= 480 GB SSD ,GPU GTX1060 6GB 1 fan. Plus 3 int, 4 ext HDD's for video etc.LG WH16NS40 reads UHD.
4K 24" ViewSonic monitor.Camera Sony FDR-A
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