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In PD 18, 360 video editing, I cannot place key frames. The control on the left side is not highlighted. How can I get it to work?
Direct link to photo:


I don't see this issue on my Zoom with YouCam.
My microphone still works. Can you share a screencast?

No problem here with Zoom. Try a different mic.
Quote Hello,
Please contact CyberLink technical support about this issue:

YouCam Moderator

I returned the Webcam as it could not deal with YouCam 9 software. It was a Chinese junk model no doubt.
It worked with Zoom, however.
I ordered a Logtech C920. Does anyone know if this will work with YouCam 9 software?
I installed a new external webcam. When I go to record I get the following error message: see attachment.
However, if I restart the program and go to record-it works. After that initial successful attempt any further attemps yield the error message. I must constantly restart to record. Is this program webcam sensitive?
Clicking on gadgets and nothing happens. It used to work. A reinstall did nothing. However, it works with Zoom-go figure!
Now it is working-crazy. Please disregard.

Sure there is right there in your screenshot. I highlighted in your image and reuploaded.


Thanks Dave. I got it.
Quote Are you sure? I have it in my YouCam 9. Could it be you don't have the Deluxe version, because avatars are an optional feature?

How about sharing a screenshot with the avatar tab open?


No options availabe in this screen Dave:
My YouCam 9 has no avatar creator-why not?
How would you delete an scene from the program. They must be located in a directory, but where?
Solved the problems:

  1. Good advice from forum regarding lip movement.

  2. Using 640x360 resolution helped

  3. I found that Gigabyte had several monitor choices for my Laptop. When I choose LCD computer monitor it worked. All is well.

  4. Only thing left, of no functional importance, is why does YouCam 9 not recognize its own driver?

Youcam 9, the lips do not move, but the eyes do. How to make the lips move?
Instead of the avatar I get myself. How can this be changed using Webcam 9? Image of avatar blinks. I changed resolution and the avatar plays, but continues to blink. I am using a Choney usb 2.0 driver for camera, but I cannot get cyberlink to recognize their own driver. Also, lips not moving.
If I have the key can I download the trial version and use the key to open the program?

See some ways to handle audio in PD18

Thanks for the helpful insight. However, it still is more burdensome than VS.
Quote Powerdirector remembers your timeline layout in a saved project, but resets to the default when you start a new project.

If you want there to be a default timeline layout, you need to make a new feature request for the next version, as it is not currently available. Best way is through the Rate Us & Provide Suggetions dialog in the File menu.


Thanks for the answer, but this is such an obvious basic requirement that it should be available as it is in other software.
This is especially needed as you cannot view the entire track layout at once and can make functionality more difficult. It tell me don't use this software for complicated projects..
I set the tracks the way I want to, but upon reboot they default back to two tracks-not my desired four. This is not too user friendly to be sure. Why can't the program remember-suffering from dementia? Can this be cured?
Yes, from the library, but not the timeline edit. You cannot drag the edited clip to the library as one can do in Videostudio for further use.
Quote Using "Link/Unlink Video and Audio" separates the audio, but if you do not press reset alias they still move together-rather odd?
I would think the Link/Unlink option would be enough and is not in the manual.

Thanks for the reply. Now I got it.
One more thing: How do you save the audio of a split clip? No save option seems available. In Videostudio you just drag it to the library for further use. In PD I would have to clear all but the audio clip and then save it-no too good.
I can remove all audio from the Library and save it, but the removed piece of audio on the time line cannot be saved. Can this be done?
Using "Link/Unlink Video and Audio" separates the audio, but if you do not press reset alias they still move together-rather odd?
I would think the Link/Unlink option would be enough and is not in the manual.
If the photo is too large you must go into PIP and resize it to a usable size, try again and hope it's a usable size.
An extra step. Scaling within the collage, as allowed by Videostudio, is more efficient and not as time consuming.
So,why not?
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