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If the scene is static-no problem. However, when there is a slight change in direction the video starts to flicker. It looks like a storm in sunny skies. Needs to be fixed.
I need to reinstall program to correct a malfunction. Screen size is crazy on timeline-out of proportion. In library it is fine ,but on timeline it enlarges a great deal.

Ignore this post. I assumed the size was correct and did nothing to my knowledge to correct it. It was at 300 instead of Fit.
Quote Most general questions have been asked and answered many times, and a forum search for LUTs will give you a much quicker response than posting and waiting for someone to answer.

You can also simply reference the online PD help file and use the Index feature.

"Import Color Presets and CLUTs” is not visible therefore, I cannot add Lux..
I cannot get any Luts in PD 20. In PD 18 they appear. I went to the PD 18 directory to copy them to PD 20, but they were invisible.
No option in Fix/Enhance to get them in PD 20.
Quote Asknet is the e-commerce vendor that Cyberlink uses for purchases directly from the CyberLink portal.

pepegota, I thought you indicated here: that you got it download from the email links. Keep in mind, it's up to you to save those downloads as the links expire in 30 days.

If you are having issues with the Asknet links, contact CL support, they may provide you a set of installs from their server which is often much slower than the Asknet links but may work if you continue to have a download issue.


I found the problem. The Ant downloader was corrupted. After a reinstall all is well.
I cannot make this purchase.. The download provider Asknet Inc. provides the program and the key, but the download cannot complete. How the hell can you purchase this? The pay by month/year has the same screen and they probably use Asknet.
When the presets are applied the top half of the photo is cropped off. 16x9 format.
Quote For some reason you're (still) using the free/trial version. You need to completely uninstall that using the Windows uninstaller and then use the download links that came in your purchase confirmation email to install the full version of PD20.

If you can't locate that email for any reason, you can access the installer from your Cyberlink account (but only for 30 days from purchase). Please save the installer files somewhere you can find them as you might need them again in the future.

That's what I used, the download from their email.
I purchased PD 20 and it was working fine for a few hours. Then a screen popped up saying, "To avoid watermarks upgrade." I paid the company $139.99. What the hell is going on! See screen.
What is the purpose of this screen? See attachment

Not within PD20 interface itself. Look for a 3rd party utility app for screen management.


This is a bad design and they should change it. It's a pain you know where!
When I setup the PD screen the way I want it, it does not remember and I must set it up every time I enter the program. It should be permanent. Can it be done?
In PD 18, 360 video editing, I cannot place key frames. The control on the left side is not highlighted. How can I get it to work?
Direct link to photo:


I don't see this issue on my Zoom with YouCam.
My microphone still works. Can you share a screencast?

No problem here with Zoom. Try a different mic.
Quote Hello,
Please contact CyberLink technical support about this issue:

YouCam Moderator

I returned the Webcam as it could not deal with YouCam 9 software. It was a Chinese junk model no doubt.
It worked with Zoom, however.
I ordered a Logtech C920. Does anyone know if this will work with YouCam 9 software?
I installed a new external webcam. When I go to record I get the following error message: see attachment.
However, if I restart the program and go to record-it works. After that initial successful attempt any further attemps yield the error message. I must constantly restart to record. Is this program webcam sensitive?
Clicking on gadgets and nothing happens. It used to work. A reinstall did nothing. However, it works with Zoom-go figure!
Now it is working-crazy. Please disregard.

Sure there is right there in your screenshot. I highlighted in your image and reuploaded.


Thanks Dave. I got it.
Quote Are you sure? I have it in my YouCam 9. Could it be you don't have the Deluxe version, because avatars are an optional feature?

How about sharing a screenshot with the avatar tab open?


No options availabe in this screen Dave:
My YouCam 9 has no avatar creator-why not?
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