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Have you looked at Windows' Photo app? Like the new Video Editor, it comes free with the operating system and they've kind of flown in under the radar. Look for them under the Start menu.

The Photos media catalog isn't nearly as sophisticated as, say, Adobe Bridge or the Adobe Elements Organizer, but it offers a number of ways to manage, search and organize your photos and videos. And it's free -- which is always a good place to start.
And be sure to check that you have the latest driver for your GeForce GPU. You'd be surprised how often an outdated driver causes problems!

Don't depend on Windows to do it. Go to the nVidia site and download their GeForce Experience software and use it to find your driver. nVidia updates pretty often. In fact, as of the writing of this post, their latest driver is dated November 9 -- three days ago!
If you can do a simple Star Trek transporter effect I'll be very impressed!

Another challenging effect would be the break-into-dust effect from the last couple of Avengers movies. But don't kill yourself trying to recreate this one. It's easier to do in After Effects and HitFilm. But if you can do it in PowerDirector, I'll give you a gold star!

And certainly the most requested effect these days is the Zoom effect, aka the Brady Bunch effect, in which you have several faces or musical instruments appear split-screen as they speak, sing or play together.

I'm working on my own version of that last one. But I'd like to see how you do it.

Thanks for being up for the challenge!
After Effects can be used as an editor, but it's really most effective for creating short effects sequences.

Most people use it as a supplement to rather than a replacement for a video editing app.

Although it integrates ideally with Adobe products, you can also use it to create effects sequences that you will edit and assemble in PowerDirector.
You can of course generate or type all of your subtitles in a program like Word or Notepad and then import them into PowerDirector in one batch. I can't imagine and easier way to add subtitles, short of the program generating them automatically -- and that's a system with its own problems.

What part of this system doesn't work as well as you'd like and what would make it better?
Most likely you'll be stepping up to a more advanced effects program like After Effects.

But I've no idea if there are templates for that or if you'll be creating it from scratch.
If you go back to Edit, it's still on the timeline, right?

If so, go to Create Disc and look under the Content tab. Is your movie there?
What device recorded your video and what is the video's format and resolution?

How long is your movie and how many tracks of video are you using?
I suspect that action cam footage may be using a non-standard codec, more like an H.265 rather than an H.264. But in any event, start with the specs of your original file.

Open your action cam footage in the free download MediaInfo. In MediaInfo, set View to Text and then coopy the text from this complete report and paste it to this forum.

We'll better be able to advise you once we see the file's complete specs.
There is a free trial of the program. It might be easiest to download it and see if your device works.

Your experience on your computer is the only true guarantee.
Unless the background has a smooth, even-colored background -- set up for Chroma Key -- you're not going to find an easy way to swap in a background of a video in PowerDirector.
Of course it is. But the problem with a fully automatic tool is that sometimes it doesn't do what you want it to do.
This tutorial shows you how to blur a face as it moves around the screen, but the keyframing principles are the same.

It could well be that there's too much motion, blur and similarity to nearby objects for the program to identify and follow the person automatically.

But tracking with the person by creating your own motion keyframes should be fairly simple and it will give you much more control in the process. Have you tried that?
And, if you're looking for a simple, illustrated, step-by-step manual, there's my " Guide to CyberLink PowerDirector 19", available on

Here's a look at the newest update of the Screen Recorder, an oft-neglected cool feature in PowerDirector 19 and 365.

Here are walkthroughs and demos of some of the latest features in PowerDirector Ultimate.

This is a look at changes to the interface.

Here's a look at the cool, new Sketch Animations.

Here are the new Motion Graphic title templates.

And here is the new Custom Selection Mask feature.

I've also got a free 8 part Basic Training series, if you're looking for a program overview.

If you're asking about swapping out a background like Zoom does, you can do that with the latest version of Screen Recorder, included with PowerDirector 19 Ultimate and 365.
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