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Sayjimwoo [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Sep 05, 2010 20:56 Messages: 10 Offline
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Due to many recent hardware changes I have hit my Powerdvd 14 activation limit.
I sent a message to support stating this and for the second reply in a row I have recieved this -

Thank you for contacting CyberLink Technical Support.

I understand you are unable to activate the PowerDVD 14 Ultra software.

In regards to your issue, please provide me the following information:

1. Please provide me the screenshot of the activation window entered with your activation key in it to confirm whether you entering the right CD key.

2. Also, please send me the snapshot of the message screen with full desktop. We will look at the screen capture, analyze and send you a solution or provide more information.

To take screenshot, please follow the steps given below :

a. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard when the message appears on your screen.
b. Click on Start -> Programs-> Accessories-> Paint.
c. Paste the screen capture there by pressing Ctrl+V
d. Save the file with the extension name .jpg and then send to CyberLink Support for analysis.

Use the below mentioned link to get back for further queries:


Thanks to anyone from Cyberlink with a solution to my simple problem.
Michael [Avatar]
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please provide those information asked by the Support Team to the CS team they need the screenshot to kick/off the key extension

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From my own experience I certainly understand your frustration, Sayjimwoo.

There are two things going on when you contact Cyberlink Tech Support:

1) You're dealing with people for whom English is not a first language. I'm sure they're good people, and I have no personal criticism of them, but if clear and concise communication is the point of tech support, then introducing a language disjunct doesn't help anybody. Almost all software companies do it, because they only put a financial value on operational economies, not on customer satisfaction or service. I admire the support people for functioning professionally in another language -- I doubt I could do it -- but it does put the weight of understanding back on the customer, the exact opposite of where it should be.

2) You know what you're doing, but they don't know that. The procedures they're required to follow treat everyone as the lowest level of user.

If you want assistance, you need to play their game.
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considering the new powerdvd malware news. poor java code which can execute potential viruses, cyberlink needs to up their game.
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I agree daaceking. I'm not a fan of Cyberlink support; I only meant to say that if you don't do things their way, you get nowhere. (And the reason I'm not a fan, is that even doing things their way often gets you nowhere anyway.)

I've gone back to version 13, since I've had nothing but trouble with 14 and none of the issues have been even satisfactorily addressed, let alone resolved, by Cyberlink Support and its "one-size-fits-none" troubleshooting scripts. None of the issues occur with version 13, so whether it's version 14 directly causing the problems, or the way it interacts with the rest of my system, the problems are still with version 14.

Can you point me to info on the malware issue, please? I haven't heard of it.
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it's poor code i've been constantly mentioning on cyberlink's behalf. first aacs wasn't happy because hackers found aacs keys inside powerdvd, now java has issues.
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Thanks daaceking.

I'd be happy to see all hackers set adrift on an ice floe.
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well... if i recall, it was a hacker who found the vulnerability. maybe all hackers aren't bad. afterall, they help fix things don't they? :
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Or, to put it another way, they keep developers and customers on an endless cycle of patches and updates that use up people's time, cost money and sometimes break systems.

If, by "they help to fix things", you think software *improves* by constantly having to be revised, then that's not my perception, no. Hackers drain development resources that could be spent on actually making the software better, and increase the development and maintenance costs of the software in question.

Besides, AFAIK it's not the hackers who bring the vulnerabilities to light. It's the security companies and monitors of net activity who raise the issues.

Hackers are like aphids, sucking off the vital juices and goodwill of humanity.
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the article you read, it was a hacker who brought it to light not a security company. i wouldn't be surprised if security companies employ some hackers, because they're the best in finding out and patching vulnerabilities.

security is always a problem. the article i submitted says companies need to improve security not ignore it (cyberlink). i'm not saying hackers are all good, most of them are probably doing more bad than good. however, the article shows stereotyping hackers as "all bad" is wrong.
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Really? The whole purpose of their activity is to find vulnerabilities in software *and exploit them*. There's nothing benign or positive about that.

In my view, someone who finds a vulnerability and brings it to light so it can get fixed, that ain't a "hacker".

It's not about "stereotyping".

Anyway, thanks for the article. ;

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i think the issue is how we define hacker. i read a different article. in there it specifically says hacker without exploitng it. so if my original article is to be believed, a hacker doesn't have to be the exploiter. although it usually is and i agree with you (mostly)

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