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Hi Carl

I've been doing some testing and its the frame rate which is causing the problem. I based my custom setting on the device preset for iPad which is 25fps. When I change it to 30fps the jerkiness stops.

I normally have my project set to 25fps. Does it make any difference what the project setting is? It looks as though the produce setting overrides it, although there is a minor difference in the bitrate and data rate - but both seem to play ok.

I have these complications because I take video on the iPhone 5s (30fps) and also on a Sony camcorder (25fps) so its hard to find the best settings for Apple TV3 for videos made up from clips from both devices.

My life is too complicated

Thanks again
Hi Carl

No its the produced video that's Jerky.
I'll upload a few samples tomorrow.

Video filmed on my iPhone 5s is really jerky when panning after producing the final video. Its fine on the phone.

I'm producing mp4 1280x720 9000 25 fps to play on Apple TV 3.

I've tried 30fps (NSTC) and 1920x1080 but still jerky, most noticeably when panning.

Any ideas please?

I have the option now the driver is up to date but I'll use it with care.
Thanks again for the advice.
Will it be ok to use the produced video?
Me again!
I just produced a MP4 video and when it finished I got a message saying:

"The Shadow file on [PATH]\Produce.mp4 is unavailable because its is broken or contains an error. Try deleting it in General preferences, and then try again".

In General Preferences there is a "Manual Delete" button but there are lots of files when I click it and I'm concerned I may delete the wrong file.


The produced video seems ok.
Yes I was well out of date. Upgrading now so I'll let you know how I get on.
Thanks again for your help.

Why do you not use hardware acceleration Carl?
How do I find out?
As with another recent thread I can't get hardware acceleration working and its taking ages to render videos - much the same as PD11.

In the preferences box I can set "Enable AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing" but the "Enable Hardware Decoding" is greyed out.

On the Produce screen all the acceleration options are greyed out.

My hardware spec is in my signature below.
What version of Windows are you using - is it 32 or 64 bit?
32 bit operating systems can only address around 3.5 Gb of memory.
Thanks Andrew.
Just out of interest, did your footage come from an iPhone?
I've noticed that my 5s produces video at 30 frames per second and in the UK we are PAL (25 fps) but the ATV3 seems to work with either frame rate.....which is somewhat bizarre!
BTW - when using the Colossus card I'm running Windows 7 and PD12. I use the Hauppauge app appropriately named "Capture" to capture the video. I also used PD11 with it ok.
I tried a Hauppauge VCB internal capture card for capturing VHS home video tapes on my Dell desktop PC. It was OK until I went back to tapes which were originally taken on an older camcorder and I started to get a lot of "crackling" i.e. flicker on the captured video which wasn't obvious on the VHS tape.

It was too bad to watch so I got onto Hauppauge who, I have to say were really helpful, but couldn't eliminate the problem. They said it was due to the card losing sync with the VHS machine when there was an error on the tape.....and there were lots!

Being me I went on and on at them to fix their driver and in the end they sent me a new card FOC - a Colossus card - which works just fine and doesn't add more flicker than was on the original tape. The output is far superior to what's displayed when the VHS player is plugged into a TV via SCART. Its not cheap though!

...... and then your trouble really starts! You have excellent captured video, Powerdirector (which I researched long and hard and was glad I bought) ..... and no idea of all the challenges (not problems) you are about to encounter

What output format? what's the difference between PAL and NSTC? why does may Apple TV work with both PAL and NSTC? why does an iPhone produce 30 NSTC when I live in the UK? - it goes on and on but it's all fun and the people on this forum are really helpful.

Have fun
I just found the device presets in Produce
Is there a way of getting one for Apple TV 3 ?
My problem is that some of my video is 25fps (Sony camcorder) and some is 30 (iPhone) and I would like to be able to use both in a project. As the ATV3 will work with both frame rates I've been experimenting with what you said and I also took the opportunity to upgrade to PD12.

When I change the "General" frame rate setting to 30 to see what NSTC looks like I was still getting 25fps in the produced file.
So I checked the Produce setting (MPEG-4 1920x1080/25p (16 Mbps) and it would appear this generates 25fps.

So 2 more questions:
1. How does the "General" frame rate setting tie in to the produced file?
2. How do you produce a 30fps MPEG4 file as there is no 30fps profile - just 24 or 25? Maybe I need to use something other than MP4 but then my ATV3 wont play it.

Thanks again
Thanks Borgus1 - I sort of get it but I'm still a bit confused sorry!

So my iPhone 5s takes MP4 video in 30 fps, which sounds like its using NSTC, so its logical that when I use PD11 with a setting of UK (PAL) it will object saying it wants 25 fps.

If I then play the generated PAL output through my Apple TV 3 it works but also, if I play the original video directly through the ATV3 from the iPhone using Airplay, that also works.

There doesn't appear to be a setting on the ATV3 for PAL or NSTC, I assume its just a sending device which "moves" the video from the source device (iPhone or PC) onto the TV ?

So it appears that it works with either 25fps or 30fps so I'm confused.

Also I checked the settings on Vuze, which I use to convert videos from other formats such as AVI or MPEG2 into MP4, and it converts to 30fps....and also Handbrake which is used for DVD ripping, for which the ATV3 pre set also generates 30fps.

So basically I'm confused and just wanting to know what will be the best format to produce for all my home video, some of which was taken on a Sony digital camcorder (MPF format) and now on the iPhone 5s - so I can display it via ATV3 on a Pany TX-P50ST50B.
Hi, I'm fairly novice with PD11.

I'm copying files from my iPhone 5s into PD11 and it says there's a TV format conflict because the input is 30 fps and the project is set to 25. I set PD11 up for PAL as I'm in the UK but I suspect I may need to set it to NSTC to get 30fps and then the ATV3 will get it as NSTC and convert it to PAL when sending to the TV - am I correct or will this cause further problems?

I don't really understand what PAL and NSTC are for in the new world of digital TV!

Hi - me again! Yes I'm a newbie, I only installed PD11 at the weekend so early days

I'm capturing VHS video via a Hauppauge WinTV 885 video capture card. I've successfully captured 2 tapes but on the third I'm getting "This movie is copyright-protected. Recording is prohibited". It starts recording then the message comes up after about 10 minutes but not always in exactly the same place.

The picture is quite good so I don't think its tape quality.

Help please.
Is it possible to merge 2 projects into 1 please?
I've spent quite a long time editing each project, so much so that neither is now very long so it would be good to merge them into one so I can produce one output file - but I don't want to have to do the editing on either again.

Cheers Bolda
I put the post on and went a walk and realised I could do that while I was out.
Sorry to waste your time but thanks anyway.

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