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Quote I can import the files just fine, preview them no problem. But when I try to produce videos, it just returns like no problems were found but the resulting video has nothing in it. Very strange.

PD 365 Version 21.4.2812.0

Is this a known issue? Thank you.

Not sure what profile you are using to produce, but yes, issue hashed out prior. Uncheck pref > Hardware Acceleration > decoding and that worked for some, others also turned off Fast video rendering technology on the Produce page and that worked for them.

PD21 only produces 8bit output so another user converted with HandBrake to 8 bit and had no issue in PD21 with producing.

You should be able to see the benefits of hardware decoding with this simple test outlined below.

First, we need some higher complexity video for easier demonstration of hardware decoding benefits. To create this,
1) Drop 10 copies of this Skateboard 01.mp4 clip in the timeline so we've got enough content for a good test
2) set pref > Hardware Acceleration, nothing selected
3) Go to Produce tab, select standard NTSC profile, H.264, MP4, with Profile name MPEG-4 4K 4096x2160/30p (50Mbps). Use the “+” to right of profile name to create some customization and on the Video tab select 59.94 for fps and enter 100000 for Average bitrate
4) Produce, this will now be our source video

For the hardware decoding back to back test;
1) Remove Skateboard 01.mp4 clips in the timeline and add the above produced clip
2) Go to Produce tab and select default profiles and use the H.264, MP4 MPEG-4 4K 4096x2160/30p (50Mbps) profile
3) Make sure Fast video rendering technology: NVIDIA NVENC is selected for hardware encoding on the Produce page
4) Produce and record elapsed time
5) Use Previous button to go back to Produce tab area
6) set pref > Hardware Acceleration, make sure hardware decode is selected
7) Produce and record elapsed time, prior specified produce settings should be maintained

If I didn't screw up on directions and things went as desired, you should probably see a reasonable difference between the elapsed times in steps 4 and 7. The timeline hardware decoding and encoding in PD is fraught with bugs/anomalies/idiosyncrasies so care often required to really validate what was done, it may not be as expected. I think the above should work fine on your system with PD21 and your Maxwell based Titan and provide a valid comparison of hardware decoding benefits.

If you do some basic high level monitoring of component load with Task Manager > Performance tab, you should see step 4 having higher CPU load and no GPU decode load relative to step 7 which will have lower CPU load and significant GPU decode load. Both steps 4 and 7 will have GPU encode load but the levels will vary.

Post your times, I'd be interested.


EDIT: I should clarify, I'm interested in your results as your system is a little strange. Fairly old GPU technology by most standards with a Maxwell Titan X (although high end in 2015), in a fairly recent and higher end Ryzen 3950x. You might not see big GPU decode benefit as your CPU is rather capable when it's doing the decoding. I'm guessing probably still an advantage though.
Wow. I must say I don't have much knowledge of #1 (How to set hardware decoding) i just let the software do whatever it does? How does one set that?

pref > Hardware Acceleration > Enable hardware decoding, when unchecked, CPU will do timeline decoding. When checked GPU hardware will be used for decoding if the timeline video format is supported by the GPU decoder. For instance, a wmv file will always be CPU decoded as video format is not supported by AMD or Nvidia hardware decoding.

Quote Hey check it out.

Someone with a 6000 series graphics card did a render test and the radeon beat the Nvidia gpu in h.265 export within powerdirector.

RTX 3090 Vs RX 6900 XT H265 4K Rendering Test - YouTube

Such a poor comparison, means nothing to me. A few brief comments after scrolling through link.
1) No indication how hardware decoding was set, can make a big difference depending on source video specs
2) One writing to C: the other D:, can make a big difference depending on source file complexity and location and hardware behind C: and D:
3) Encode preview enabled during encoding which can be terrible to do during performance test. Recent PD releases don't even allow hardware encoding when preview is enabled.
4) One wrote a 3.5GB file the other 11.0GB, no comparison of output specs meeting profile specs
5) Profile was 80000Mbps video bitrate, total duration 6:32:40, end file should be somewhat larger than 3.14GB as audio encoding bitrate was not shown. At 11.0GB, RX6900XT did nothing as was specified, output file specifics need interrogation.
6) No comparison of quality
7) Custom GOP used and somewhat unique GOP vs more typical. Comparison with default profile would be advantageous.

This test is basically I did something, here it is, totally inconclusive for a good back to back comparison. I'd like to see a little more vigor in the test and results to see real performance difference to make a ~$1700 purchase choice.

I didn't put in a Radeon card to verify, it's too hard to tell from literature as PD uses custom Boris products, not mainstream, but your use of grunge effect may be only CUDA (Nvidia) based. I'm not sure, I'd have to throw in my Radeon RX 5700 to verify.

It would be nice if OP provide some exact steps. I'm not even sure how to replicate what was stated as it states "apply the Interpolation setting after I slow down". I'm not sure how you do it after the slowdown, I'm only aware of two spots with an interpolation setting, Video Speed and Action Camera.

At least OP could use Tony's clip to see if issue repeats so then others could verify with proper steps.

Quote Hi Jeff,

I think a lot of what you have lilsted above might be checked. I will try it with the options unchecked and report back once I have had a chance to check performance.

Thanks once again for your suggestions.

I will resond on here soon.

Kind regards,


In my opinion, you'd always be better with no internet connection than a real crappy one if PD is using such services. PD will run fine without a connection, but when you have a connection, some of these services could have some upload traffic and speeds and latency can be notoriously poor with a hotspot. Simply run PD with no service and see if your crash issue continues.

You could also use a free or trial tool that logs HTTP(s) network traffic and see what your PD version is doing.

Quote I tried to attach a list....but they are mostly titled like "ContentPack_Essential_PowerDirector_PCP190327-01-11.exe.

From the link you provided, while not exactly the same names, I see that once executed they ad features into the PD21 program itself.

THank you for the help

I think the names give you a good match to the link provided to see what each contains.
Your file ContentPack _Essential_PowerDirector_xxx is PowerDirector Content Pack Essential in link
Your file ContentPack _PremiumI_PowerDirector_xxx is PowerDirector Content Pack Premium 1 in link
so on

Click on each for contents.

Quote PD21 comes with 6 executable files called "Content Packs". What do these packs provide. When the file is executed to they install features directly into the PD21 application? Is there a list somewhere of what features these provide? thank you

Would be nice if you'd supplied a pic with executable names, but I'm assuming they might have something in the name like "PowerDirector Content Pack Premium 1" if so, scroll down to the appropriate area of this link for details.

Just use keyframes and position control on the text box, no canned slide transitions at all, can do whatever speed and/or delay as you wish.

Quote Hi,

it's strange as when I am at home, I have good wifi generally and PD, seems to run a lot smoother. When out and about, I tend to tether my laptop to my phone by creating a personal hotspot. The performance of PD is awful when I do this. It will run normally for about 5-10 minutes before giving me the dreaded grey screen when I do anything technical. Even clicking the play button on the timeline takes 5-10 seconds to get a response and can cause the program to freeze. Granted that I do not get a great 5G signal in some of the locations that I do my VE work but, as you mention above, this should not matter. I was thinking that maybe purchasing a stand alone version of PD rather than the 365 version that I have might improve things as there would probably be less need for an internet connection (if there is a need in any case).

I have run the scans that you have linked above with Lenovo (and the Windows commands) and all seems to be ok.

I was set to 5 minute autosave but have not set this to 2 minutes.

Thank you for your help once more.


Other items could trigger internet traffic and could grind you to a halt over hotspot, a few potentials:
Cyberlink Improvement program if checked
Cyberlink Cloud Services if auto log in
Directorzone if auto log in
Update checks if checked

Quote As for saving your progress while working in a designer tool, the only way to do that other than exiting to the timeline is to make sure you have the autosave turned on from Preferences | Project. I suggest setting the interval to 2 or 3 min and change the folder location to somewhere that you can easily find.

Unless something has changed very recently, I doubt this will have an effect. No autosaves are created when one is simply active in "Sketch Designer" changing opacity, color, durations, positions, ending effect even when exceeding save interval. One would need to be back on the timeline regardless.

I simply wouldn't use render preview. Way too many issues that have persisted for years, audio echoes, wrong video playing, hung produce sessions,.... vs benefit. Reduce preview quality, produce range of timeline, are better options to provide some potential relief.

Quote Hey Jeff,

Handbrake seems to have worked! Thank you so much!

I'm going to be shooting a lot with my cell phone. Is there any way to prevent this in the future or is PD planning on fixing this?


From your text file:
Frame rate : 27.643 FPS
Minimum frame rate : 7.444 FPS
Maximum frame rate : 75.314 FPS

That 7.4-75.3fps is surely to cause lots of issues in PD18. Phones do this to conserve storage space, so what you get is largely dependent on what you are filming. Some clips might not be so problematic others very problematic. It's best to just convert them. I know, PD specs or other detailed feature support info will imply iPhone compatible, it's just not.

Filmic Pro app on the phone can do it, but lots of people think it's not as convenient to launch an app vs using Phone features.

To save lots of peculiar editing hassles, I'd simply get a good HandBrake profile for the Phone quality you’re using and intended end use and preprocess all clips prior to PD editing.

Quote Hi,

I'm coming across a very confusing (and frustrating) problem. Some clips play differently when I pull them into the timeline. They are shorted or edited in some way. I confirm that they are fine by playing them in the media library but when I drag them down they some how change.

I've tried dowloading from the raw video again, renaming the file, starting a brand new project, taking off hardware acceleration, restarting PD, and nothing has worked. I did start using image stabilization on this project but I'm not sure this has anything to do with it.

Any ideas on how to fix this? It just started happening with this project.


What is the source of your video clips? Provide the details of a trouble clip by using MediaInfo app or the online link and upload the text file to the forum, .

My initial guess is a very variable fps in your source clips based on your symptoms. You could try free HandBrake utility to encode your source files to constant fps and near constant bitrate with the same resolution and similar quality of your source files and use those files in PD18 and see if you have better editing luck.

This may help, an email for your order provider,

Here is also a link of interest in the German forum, Bernd1948 includes a link for the ShuttleXpress that he uses and a link to the German forum page of his discussion.

Quote Hello!

I had to reinstall PD 365 on a new computer. I did. Logged in an everything!
It is looking good.

TheAI style plugins were also installed. But I don't see them!

Search for ai style in the help system will give you the info.

Do the AI Fix/Enhance: Audio wind removal and Speech enhancement also have the same issue? What CPU do you have?

Quote I used the Fade "Cross" transition and there is no visual transition in the audio timeline nor is there any actual audio transition when listening.
Interestingly, if I select or double click on the "Cross" transition in the timeline to display the Fade options, then select "Overlap" the audio transition appears in the timeline and then immediately select back to "Cross", the audio transition remains in the audio timeline as a Cross transition.

Is there a way to assign an audio transition to a Fade Cross so its done automatically without the extra steps mentioned above?

No, there is always at least one extra step to get audio transition with Cross. It was clearly covered in the second to the last post in the link optodata supplied.

Quote I believe that in the participation of the Improvement program, Cyberlink found and stated in the past that very few users were found to use the NB, ProDad, and fx in their video editing. optodata found 25 in PD17 that were missing in PD365. Yet the users only reported maybe 6 total that were this forum. The fx is not missed by the majority it seems like. I used to use those speech bubbles a lot in PD9. They all disappeared in the later versions of PD as time moved on, replaced by more modern titles. It’s like out with the old and in with the new. Software is constantly updated to support new features while old ones are dropped as they become obsolete.

Never complained about the speech bubbles being removed in newer versions of PD. I downloaded the ones I need from the DZ. As time goes by DD 5.1 audio is no longer available in consumer video editors. It may be that Dolby no longer licence it. I still use it.

Users need to let Cyberlink know what they need by using those fx while participating in the improvement program.

Sorry, not a believer into this. If it's the case of lack of use, what percentage of the 2700+ sound effects provided by CL have you used, why not get rid of them, instead every month is a new set. I guarantee it's a very small fraction. How about the 2000+ sticker category? Oh, and wait, there's 40+ new fonts a month, and the usage, let me guess! This was as you say 6 or so in a week of push, that's pretty high.

Concerning, NB, ProDad, DD, DTS, more than likely just a cost and legacy issue, PD simply not staying current, so many good 3rd party features supplied to other platforms.

Really disappointing to hear that CL support said it was intentional, beyond belief. CL will do what CL wants too, no user input will change, every day, simply a day closer to death by neglect.

You might try running as administrator and see if that helps, it almost appears like a create file permission error for write area.

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