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Quote I build videos from a variety of still images and videos using multiple layers. I often have to tweak the lengths of still images to get a desired effect. If I select one or more images and select the icon to set the length, all layers adjust by the difference in length, a real problem. Is there a way to change the length of an image and have the option of leave gap (if shortened)? Currently I have to grab the edge one image at a time and expand or shrink to the length that I need.

Maybe try to just click the lock (just to the left of the timeline) on the tracks you don't want to move. Unlock tracks when done with your duration change.

Quote How even can I drag the random pan&zoon to slides? I just can't drag it, it's applicable only for the one selected slide.
I selected slide, then edit -> image -> tools -> pan / zoom. Do I miss something?

Yep, as the linked post said, no apply all.

You don't drag, simply click on the next picture, click random again, rinse and repeat over and over.

Quote Hello,
in previous versions, I could select many pictures and add a pan&zoom effect for all of them at once. Now I can do that only for one picture at a time, which adds me a lot of work time. Is there still a way I can do that? Is there any chance they'll change it back / a way to make them do that?

For those that use shadow files (proxy files), some significant changes at PD22.

1) Shadow files are no longer generated for Full HD video (1920x1080) like PD21 used to do, regardless of proxy file resolution settings. Manual still states "Enable shadow files (proxy files) on high res videos: select this option to speed up the editing of high definition and 4K video" but source resolution needs to be greater than 1920.

2) If loading a prior pds that had shadow files generated and are still available for HD video, it will appear like PD22 is using those, but will not generate shadow files for new Full HD content added to Media Library.

3) No graphical indication proxy files are being generated. The PD21 changing color of icon in lower left corner of clip is absent. One needs to hoover over every file for popup status

4) When generated, icon in lower left corner of clip is very small and poorly colored and can easily be missed. Icon appears to be a "P" for proxy files.

Attached pic shows the differences for PD21 to PD22. Why these types of changes which provide much less user clarity are presented as a modernized GUI are puzzling.

Quote I was trying to make a video presentation for a class on Indigenous culture and as part of it we were required to take a nature walk to document all the beautiful autumn folliage and colours. When I tried to get everything set up in PowerDirector to build my video presentation I found that everything in the preview window was tinted green. So all the leaves which would normally be red or yellow looked varying shades of green. This even affected the clips I downloaded from PowerDirector's library to use, the templates for the title card were tinted green, and the text was red instead of white for some reason too.

I exported the video to see if it would carry over and the final rendered video was the proper colours but for whatever reason all the previews, even the previews in the rendering page on PowerDirector were all green. I disabled Hardware Acceleration, I cleared my cache and made sure my drivers were all up to date and none of them fixed it. It's really hard to get your asthetics right when you can't tell what colour something really is until the video full renders, if anyone has a fix I'd appreciate it since I would like to use this software in the future but don't think I'll be able to if the colours never preview properly.

You might try pref > Display and use RGB, my guess you might have it set to YUV and see if RGB makes a difference for you.

Quote As I said, I'm still doing some testing of performance in PD24 compared to PD17. Here's something I noticed - I noted above how the yellow handles that you use to highlight a portion of the clip on the timeline (do they have a name?) are very laggy in PD24 (almost like the programme can't keep up with the movement on the timeline), but very smooth (for an identical clip) in PD17.

I've now tested CPU usage in each case. In PD24 , usage of my CPU (a fairly old i7-6700) goes from 4% to 12% when I move the yellow handles. But in PD17, it goes from 4% to 40%. Quite a big difference!

What does this mean? That PD24 is more optimised in its use of CPU resources compared to PD17? Or, bearing in mind the laggy behaviour, that something is throttling PD24's use of the CPU meaning it's taking longer to process. (Note that hardware acceleration is enabled in both PD24 and 17). It's all quite mysterious!


I really couldn't confirm your findings.

I used a 2 min, H.264, 4k, 60P, 50Mbps clip that was hardware acceleration decodable in both PD22/2024 and PD17. I moved the timeline right hand range selection continuously and randomly throughout the 2 min clip for ~30 seconds while recording CPU load at a 1 sec interval. I set PD17 and PD22/2024 to the same settings in all aspects that I know.

PD22/2024 had more CPU load, 13% vs PD17, 6.5% average for the same task as shown in the attached chart. Not really a desirable outcome, one would think things should get better and the same task require less horsepower with a fully renewed GUI. I really noticed no discernable difference in fluidity of moving the right hand range selector between PD22/2024 and PD17 testing.

Quote Motion graphics 15 with the three dots on either side. how can I tell which ones will allow font size change- Just try them?

I don't have Motion Graphics 015 title, but from what I've seen, so much of CL template offerings always have massive restrictions when it comes to just basic customizations. Basically, you only have the controls they expose to you, which in this case is not font size.

In your OP you said you "change the size of text", just how did you do that? As mentioned prior, you can scale everything but I see no way through the exposed controls that you have to change font size, just other attributes of the template text blocks.

Quote I've used a number of iterations of Power Director and am currently using 2024 Perpetual for my sins. I have come across a challenge with a feature I have used many times before to change the time (length on the timeline) of an image, title or colour board by dragging the end of the clip.

Without pictures and in words:

I want to change the length on the timeline of an image to fit in an odd time slot

Select the clip - you get a little hand which will allow you to drag/move the clip to another point on the timeline. Works well..

If you move to the end of the clip you get a little double headed arrow, if you select with the mouse you have the option to extend or reduce the length of the clip.

In PD21 this worked you could extend or reduce the clip length to fit.

In PD2024 the clip length alters visually as it did in PD21 but rather than altering the length of the clip when you take your finger off the right mouse button, I (you) get a pop up message that says:

  • Trim Only
  • Trim and Move Clips
  • Trim and Move All Clips

Am I missing something or has the behaviour been changed by design..

I'd say by design as it does offer a little more flexibility when working in gap areas. For the PD21 type behavior, obviously the "Trim Only" is the option needed.

I wish it would let you lock on to a setting for a period of time. At times I want the "Trim Only" for many edits, but now it adds an extra click which slows down editing. Other times I'm opening up an area and would like the move feature for several edits. Really too bad one can't establish a default in the pop up and change as needed.

So many real changes could have been envisioned for a real GUI modernization effort for improved editing proficiency.

Quote Good Idea. I tried a sample Clip and get the same issue.

Strange indeed that the sample clips don't even play. Might try the whole uninstall/reinstall loop to see if that resolves anything.

Might also try selecting and/or unselecting pref > Hardware Acceleration and the decode option there. One often has to exit PD after change and relaunch or change doesn't take place internally. Just the GUI changes but not the real behavior which can be misleading.

Quote Here is a picture with the clip selected and then one showing after I click play.

Only guess I have is something unique with your IMG_8116 content, the after click play pic obviously shows you are in play mode in the preview window, just no play or play head advance. I've not seen this behavior prior, does it exist with say a timeline of the PD sample clips?

Quote if I change the size of text in a motion graphics title to overlay video it reverts to original size when I test by playing that section of the video. Other parameters like overlay stay but the size doesn't and I don't know how to lock it in to the size I want. Any ideas will be much appreciated.

What Motion Graphics title are you using? Many don't allow you to change font size, just font type but allow overall scaling to change size.

Quote Thanks Jeff,

I tried the hack, but the problem is even if i have a clip selected and hit play, the playhead returns to the beginning of the project and doesn't play. It is very strange.

Maybe attach a pic of your time for some clues or to try and replicate. Have the captured pic with play head location and clips selected that triggers the play head to the beginning of the project when space bar for playback is used.

Quote With the new update I am no longer able to just hit play and have the project play in the Preview Window. The PlayHead never moves. I can play videos indivually when clicking on them in the media tab. Am I missing a new way to preview my clips or is it a glitch? Thanks very much.

If a clip is selected and has played to the end, further play action will not advance the playhead. This occurs even if pref > Editing > "Switch to movie mode automatically..." is selected in your pref. This is different than prior PD21 version. This automatic switch does not appear to function correctly or like it used to, at least for me.

This post may help with a workaround:

If you apply this hack: then the previous PD21 scrubber behavior should work and pref > Editing > "Switch to movie mode automatically..." appears to work again for this selected clip and playhead at the end issue with play advancing.

Quote Jeff,
you certainly have seen and tried and worked-around everything regarding PowerDirector
over it's many iterations. I never tried to add Adorage to a menu before, at least now I know the error is baked in.
Sadly it is another example of really sloppy incomplete implementation of plug-ins, from New Blue, ProDad, Smartsound.
I've not had any issues with Pixelan, but I rarely use it, and do not find it placed where it cannot be used.
Thank you for your response.

I just tabulate a database with events as they occur for me so easy to reference and search, it's 100+ strong of line item issues. This issue for me was first observed in PD14. I think Adorage was first provided in PD13 by CL, so it's probably been that way since released I'd probably guess. Prior to your response, I tried PD19, which was last "supported" ProDAD package version and it does not work there either when applied in the menu system.

For fun, I just tried PD22/2024 perpetual version 2106 and it does not work there either when applied in the menu system.

Quote My Prodad Adorage is behaving very weird.
The FX work in the timeline but do not "stick" in menu creation.
I can create a menu with Adorage FX, save it, and see the thumbnail as newly designed, but when rendering my video DVD the FX are not present.
Has anyone tried this yet?

I've never had Adorage Fx work in the menu creation system if you’re talking about applying the Fx to the background video of say the "Chapters" page in Menu Designer. It's not worked for me in DVD, BD, MPEG or H.264 disc creation options. The PD preview shows the Fx applied, the end product simply does not. The Adorage FX does work fine for timeline content for me.

A workaround for me in this case is to apply the Fx to the video clip I'm using as background video and then use this in the Menu Designer vs using the basic video and Fx in Menu Designer.

Quote Hi TravisJ -

I'm not sure what's happening there with your PDR 365 2024 version & iPhone .MOV files, but I'm not having the same issues with mine.

.MOV files from iPhone X, 11 & 12 all import & run correctly here, without it asking me to "get some sort of Premium upgrade".

Anyway - you have a simple resolution to your issue (i.e. PDR17)

Cheers - Tony

Hard to really guess accurately, but I suspect OP never really had the PD 365/2024 version you reference since a "update" to 2024 from PD17 is really not available. I suspect OP got like the "Essential" free version of 2024 as a tease or something and it's always hard knowing precisely what all the limitations are of such a version. Not supporting iPhone .MOV files could easily be one such limitation.

Quote Hi,

I understand the frustration, but this is a user to user forum, with no direct access to CL product development, nor part of the formal CL Customer Service.

However, I can assure you that CL are aware of the issues you specify and, as you are aware, have issued hotfixes and information updates on some of these.

No-one on the forum can help directly, other than reporting on their experiences and workarounds etc.

As regards your demands, I can only recommend you address them directly to Customer Services, as the forum is not the correct pathway to get directly in touch with them.

PowerDirector Moderator

PDM, since this is just a user to user forum as you state, where can I find the official issued CL information updates provided and hotfixes you reference on the official non user to user CL platform? I've looked here: and find nothing for my perpetual version. I've also checked CL official FAQ's here: and find nothing relevant concerning 2024 release.

Quote Yesterday, I opened my Cyberlink PowerDirector 17 that I bought and installed on my laptop back in 2019. But today, the prompt encouraged me to update to the new CyberLink 365 2024 Windows. I did it sort of " just because", but I may need to roll back to my previous version. I just want to Import a .MOV file that someone sent me from their iPhone, and tag it with a logo. But right now, this thing is trying to get me get some sort of Premium upgrade in order to pull-in a .MOV file. I think I could import-in a .MOV file this with my previous version of CyberLink PowerDirector without having to purchase the Premium version, so how can I roll-back to my previous version of the software?

I would kind of doubt you would have lost your perpetual key PD17, are you sure you can't still launch it?

Quote It's been a while since I've used PowerDirector & just upgraded to the latest. My boss wants to know if I can make copyright-protected DVDs. I searched the forum & PD help files but most people are posting about how to get around protection If I understand correctly, the strongest protection is CSS, which I believe is usually applied by a replicator. So, are there any mechanisms in PD 365 to protect a DVD from being copied? Or am I right that I'd need to look elsewhere for CSS? (And if you're wondering why I'm trying to make a DVD in the first place, well, my boss is old school. What can I say?). Thanks!

Correct, PD offers no encryption capability.

I hope your boss also has deep pockets, if you want CSS, you'd have to look for a DVD replicator firm and add CSS in the glass mastering stage. The DVD's need to be stamped, not laser burned.

Quote Hello,

I have deleted a segment of my video, however it's still playing even though there's nothing there.. can anyone help?
I have deleted the whole project and started it again twice, but the same thing keeps happening.

Thanks in advance

Quote It's now version 22.0.2126.0 (I installed the update). No idea what it's changed. Still same putrid colours. And the scrubber still doesn't go to the beginning of the clip on the timeline!


PDM posted:

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