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Quote And programs to burn disks default to a MAX rate (whatever that may be).

Not really, concerning PD burn capability and/or most burning utilities, it will default to the rated speed of the disc in use. If you use 16x it will default to 16x and allow you to select slower burns. If a 8x disc, it will default to 8x and allow slower. PD never defaults to some whatever MAX rate, it always reads the inner hub coding on the disc and offers rated speed (default) or manually slower options. Using a slower speed on a quality disc often will not change anything.

As tomasc points out, seeing encoding specifics in the two files could shed some insight, however, there are substantially better MPEG2 encoders available than what PD provides so OP quality observation may/may not be abnormal.

Quote Perhaps I can clarify what I visualize. Sitting in fromnt of the camera talking into the microphone while seeing the two pieces come together in the software PowerDirector 365. That may not even be possible with this software.
I'm still not grasping your intent, what are the two pieces coming together in the software?

Basically, you are sitting in front of the camera and the camera is recording your video and audio to the SDHC card. You can remove the SDHC card from the camera and load this SDHC card unto your PC and transfer your recorded video to the PC. You can then bring in the recorded video and edit in PD19. Additionally, if you want, you can now use your computer usb mic to add detail or create a voice overlay. For instance, you could freeze frame video/audio, add additional detailed narration via the computer usb mic if desired.

Quote When you open the plate on the back of the camera there are three ports. One for HDMI, one for recharge and connetion to the computer and a small plug in circular port, but I believe that is for a heaadset.

That small circular port (between the usb charge at the bottom and the HDMI at the top) would be the AV port, it's used with a special pigtail cable to connect the camera to AV connections, basically the older RCA type connects, yellow (video), red (right), and white (left) audio which one can use instead of HDMI to connect directly to a suitable TV for camera to TV playback.

Quote So when I understand the answers right, there is no way to do this in PD365 (without Audiodirector)?

Not sure I understand your question correctly, maybe this will help.

If you only have a PD19 product and the embedded "Audio Editor" vs the "AudioDirector" product, no you cannot do it with Audio Editor. The older embedded editor, WaveEditor, yes you could do it, but when CL "upgraded" to Audio Editor, you can no longer do it. For such, one would do the same overall approach but with a free product like Audacity or similar.

The PD19 video editor by itself does not expose access to unique individual channels (L/R) of a audio file for editing.

I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do. I can't see any real need to connect the camera to the computer to record live. I'd simply record with the camera and transfer the video to the computer via the cameras SDHC memory card or if using internal storage transfer via usb cable for editing. In my view, often easier to simply use the SDHC memory card.

The camera mic should be rather good, if you want different audio, one could use the video stream in the timeline, mute that audio, and use a usb computer mic and do a voice over.

Not as in a one step process that I know of, but rather simple. Several approaches, but I'd right click on video in media library and extract audio, this will create a wav file. Use AD to copy right from wav file to video file audio and vice versa. You will now have two audio files with L/R singing, other with L/R guitar. Use both in PD and the audio mix during production will simply combine the two files and you will have normal stereo audio of voice and guitar.

Quote Hello Jeff,

I received info from CL that there will be a patch update for perpetual users by the end of the month, which will include these bug fixes and a bunch more.

PowerDirector Moderator

Thanks for the update, I will be curiously awaiting the "bunch more" bug fix update near end of month.

Quote Hello,

We got some details on the ebug fixes for PowerDirector 365 19.0.2222.0. They were added to the original post.

PowerDirector Moderator

PowerDirector Moderator,

Since this was a bug patch and not a new feature 19.X release for 365 keys, any information when the basic bug patch will be available for the perpetual key holders? To me, 3 weeks after release appears more than ample, however, still nothing posted on the "CyberLink Support Center".

Quote Will PowerDirector not use the FireFox browser?

Your exact issue a little vague, but maybe this:

Quote Thanks for your reply. Just so I got this clear are you saying that the 4k of extra pixels are used at production time so If I zoomed in 200% which in the editing it would have pushed the 4k resolution beyond its actual pixel scale. At render time PD scales down the 4k to 1080p while keep available pixels from the 4k source file rather than not looking at the zoom footage as 100% beyond its true scale and baking it into a 1080p version of it?


Quote Kind of confusing as I'm used to setting the project to 1080p, scale down the 4k then as I edit I get to view the actual output quality in the editor. In theory I can zoom to 200% using the 4 x 4 grid without loosing pixel data when exporting it at 1080p.

Not a single piece of a 4 x 4 grid, just a single piece of 2 x 2 grid, hence why I wrote a quadrant.

Quote How do I upgrade from Powerdirector 17 Ultra to Powerdiector 19 Ultra? I have the product key for 17.

You can't. There is no upgrade path for the Ultra version, you simply have to buy a new perpetual key (lifetime) for PD19 Ultra if that's the product that you want.

There is no setting, but this will occur as PD uses the source video during production, so yes, one could zoom into just one quadrant of the 4k video in the timeline and during a 1080 production get that true 1080 resolution in that quadrant.

The timeline display resolution can be set but is rather artificial and intended to only reduce editing strain during timeline playback.

I'm not sure it will work, but have you looked at Subtitle Edit, I believe it could handle image based vobsub's and has built in OCR.

For that you might try a subtitle editor with your file and see if that can extract them. Often one can then save as a srt file for use in PD.

Did you try,
1. place mkv video file that has subtitles on the timeline
2. right-click on the file, select Extract Subtitles
3. The subtitles should be in the Subtitle Room.
Once you have extracted the subtitles from the file, you can then edit the subtitle text in the Subtitle Room as needed or write them out as a file.
Quote Original files from canon 80D all i .mov . And yes if I don't check the hardware or fast render I get a lower bitrate output and the syc does work but its a lower quaility and looks it.

Appears to be this same issue addressed yet again?
If so, what I showed there which achieved 47Mbps (PD18) will probably work again. I don't have this project so kind of guessing as it surely sounds like the same basic problem and optodata is yet again showing his 10Mbps AVC encode results for your new project.

Since it was referred to CL in ticket CS002191028 that optodata posted back in, JULY, I'm sure he has CL's proper resolution by now to the ticket.

So change to MKV vs MP4 and that whole custom profile will change so unclear what you have. But when you get a proper profile defined I'd also uncheck the "Fast video rendering....." box and see what you get when produced concerning your sync issue.

Since your bit rate was so low, really hard to tell with this pic as profile shown not for MKV container, a MediaInfo of your input file would be helpful too. I'm guessing it's probably all I frame and PD in my view struggles to handle that correctly. A common issue with many drones.

Quote Ok MKV plays correctly, but only looks good payed with VLC, windows media plays it looks bad like low quality. The frame rate ays 23.97 compaired to original file which says 23.976 And the total bitrate is tiny like 265kbps FIlmhub will accept h264 with a MKV wrapper but there min bitrate is 15mps for HD. What I also dont understand my original h264 mp4 output plays and looks great with playback in VLC but out of sync and looks bad with windows media player.

thanks for all the help

Post the full screen pic of your "Produce" page settings so we can get an idea of what you are selecting.

I'd probably start with their guidelines.,then%20encoded%20to%20become%20compatible.

Quote Hmmmm, interesting! I guess I need to update to the latest PD to work with these files unless I want to convert them all to H.264. Thanks for the feedback. This is all good info. I see this is PD365. I wonder if the latest stand-alone version (PD19) will play them. Can anyone confirm they will play in PD19?

Your file appears to work fine in PD17, 18, or 19, standalone perpetual key versions. It does not work in PD16 as you note.

Quote Jeff
source is 23.976 for sure produced file is 23.98 I can't find MKV as an option in PD? I need h264 to upload to filmhub If I take my h265 file(which plays and looks correctly) and trqanscode it in Handbrake to h2g4 I get the same issue when playing back in any windows media player, IT PLAYS CORRECTLY with VLC if that makes a difference.


The MKV option is in the "Produce" room directly under the H.264 tile. A drop down box that will let you select M2TS, MP4, and MKV. If your source is truly 23.976 fps, and your produce profile is 23.976fps, then the MKV file should show:
Frame rate mode : Constant
Frame rate : 23.976 FPS

When viewed with for instance MediaInfo. 23.98fps is not what should be shown.

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