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Shadow files at PD22
JL_JL [Avatar]
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For those that use shadow files (proxy files), some significant changes at PD22.

1) Shadow files are no longer generated for Full HD video (1920x1080) like PD21 used to do, regardless of proxy file resolution settings. Manual still states "Enable shadow files (proxy files) on high res videos: select this option to speed up the editing of high definition and 4K video" but source resolution needs to be greater than 1920.

2) If loading a prior pds that had shadow files generated and are still available for HD video, it will appear like PD22 is using those, but will not generate shadow files for new Full HD content added to Media Library.

3) No graphical indication proxy files are being generated. The PD21 changing color of icon in lower left corner of clip is absent. One needs to hoover over every file for popup status

4) When generated, icon in lower left corner of clip is very small and poorly colored and can easily be missed. Icon appears to be a "P" for proxy files.

Attached pic shows the differences for PD21 to PD22. Why these types of changes which provide much less user clarity are presented as a modernized GUI are puzzling.

[Thumb - PD22_Shadowfiles.png]
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