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Quote I have a PowerDirector 365 subscription. My Windows laptop is old and I've now replaced it with a macbook. Is there a guide anywhere that tells me how to move my subscription from the old Windows laptop to the new mac?

They are currently separate subscriptions, I'm guessing because the features are so different. You'll probably want to review the MAC features here: to see how the version may affect your needs.

Quote I wish they would add color grading to Powerdirector, similar to how the layout is in Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. I know there is a separate program for that in Colordirector, but i just think it would be convenient to have it combined into Powerdirector like a 2 in 1 type program.

With CL's current business transformation to SaaS/Subscription model, I surely can't see that happening. Your best option would be to submit your improvement suggestion to CL via File > Rate Us & Provide Suggestions in PD.

Quote Hi.

I'm Larkin. And I've got a sort of odd question to ask.

Whenever a video is done processing, Cyberlink Powerdirector 365 adds-on unncessary seconds, making the video longer. Is there a way to remove this? Is this a watermark? Would I need to upgrade it to remove it?

I've used other video editors and none of them have done this.

Thank you for your time if you reply,


Not normal, but could be a couple of reasons. Usually, people have a small sliver of pic, video, Title.... past what they think is the end of the timeline. Use the End key with no items in timeline selected, the scrubber will go to the end of the last item. Zoom in and delete if it's not the end you think.

Quote I have used Power Director 18 to make many vertical videos by choosing the 916 aspect ratio and then sizing the box in preview, etc

in Power Director 365 when I do that the preview video looks way off and out of shape, etc

when I put the same video back in Power Director 18 and tried the same process it was fine, only in Power Director 365 it is not working right

has anyone else seen this problem ?

You can tell as soon as you size the box for 916 vertical that the person looks odd shaped, etc

no problems in Power Director 18

Make sure to grab a corner to resize, not an edge. PD19 forward changed a lot of the sizing type controls when they released the "Anchor Point" concept.

Quote Thank you Jeff for the reply; How do I get clip markers instead then?

Have the timeline scrubber at desired location, right click on the clip and use the Clip Marker > Add Clip Marker...

Quote Hello, I'm having trouble adding a clip to the start of my timeline. I don't want my original timeline markers to be thrown off. Is there a way to lock the timeline or have the markers readjust to the times so they stay at the start of the clips I want them to? Thanks.

If you use Clip Marker, they will stay and move with clip position when you add content at the start of timeline. If you've used Timeline Marker, they are set at a specific timeline timecode and will not move when you add content at the start of timeline, they will stay at the same timecode.

No PD20 automatic way of turning Timeline Markers to Clip Markers other than selecting each Timeline Marker and defining a Clip Marker for the associated clip at the same timeline location.

Quote Ok, so I can produce and eliminate the failure at will now. Changing the timeline frame rate from 60 (default) to 30 or 24 eliminates the issue and permits both 4K monitors to work as expected. I still have problems with audio synching in other videos but I really don't know what frame rate they were shot at. Probably some more exploring to do with video where I know how it was shot and see how it reacts in PD.

Download and use MediaInfo or use the MediaInfo online to get most pertinent details of a video stream.

Quote Thanks Jeff. I created a quick little clip with a few additional items in the timeline. Here it is, and I'd say the impact is even greater. I ran this with and without render preview without any noticeable difference. Task manager load maxed at 22%.

Apologies for being new to this forum. Is it acceptable here to post an actual file to see if others can replicate the issue?

Forum guidelines are here:

I'd stay as far away from Render Preview as you can, it should not be a need on a platform as yours and often causes significant issues latter on in the editing/producing end of a real project. I was merely point out that if one had timeline fluidity issues with just a low-end clip in the timeline, using any form of Render Preview would not be expected to help. Likewise, I wouldn't expect your slight edited timeline to make much difference as something is basically amiss that you can't play back the basic low bitrate skateboard file on its own.

I’d probably update GPU driver to current (clean install, driver only) and then start looking at influence of your display resolution, PD preview quality settings, PD RGB vs YUV pref settings as a start. Your 10-15% CPU load for basic skateboard playback only on the timeline is very high on a i7-12700, especially if you have Hyper-Threading enabled regardless of how pref > Hardware Acceleration is set.

Quote I also don't know what might be happening when a pre-rendered preview can't be played back fluidly.

In this case, since they just have a clip with no editing mods in the timeline to decode and apply, any form of Render Preview will make the clip larger and more complex to decode and playback.

Basic clip for NTSC timeline, 1920x1080, 4.79Mbps

For Render Preview:
Full HD Preview, 1920x1080, ~20Mbps
HD Preview, 1280x720, ~20Mbps
High Preview, 640x360, ~8Mbps

The timeline decode bitrate requires more computation for Render Preview at any preview quality setting and all are more demanding than decoding the basic clip, so the fact it didn't help is not at all surprising.

Additionally, other than the audio being demuxed which is advantageous, the audio can become more complex and larger depending on user timeline audio setting when using Render Preview.

If your laptop is truly up to snuff, I'd probably try the opposite, turn autosave off and learn to manually save often and periodically save with a project ID number tacked on the end of the project name so you have your own recovery history. I've seen too many cases prior that autosave causes issues in large projects with complicated timelines and have not used it in years.

It appears even another user still found things more stable with it off in PD21,

Quote Hi,
I have over 100, 20-25 second video clips I would like to have popped up on the screen alternating between left and right. So the first will fade in on the left and start. Toward the end the second will fade in on the right and begin playing when the first is done. Then the first will fade out and the third fade in. And so on.
I will show an ongoing video in the background. I know how to do chroma key but not the alternating popups. I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.
I have Powerdirector 18.

See if the attached pds using PD18 sample files is at all what you are describing and maybe gives you some ideas. It's unclear to me if you want your left and right alternating clips to fade in and take up full screen or just stay scaled on left or right side. The sample pds has both.

You have set the project aspect ratio to 360. Change back to 16:9 or whatever your video source aspect ratio is.

Quote I am interesting in upgrading my RTX3060ti to something more powerful. The AMD 7900xtx has attracted my attention and would like to know of any users that use this new card and whether they are happy with it.
Is the timeline scrubbing much faster and what about the render speeds. Anything would be really useful; to me. Thank You

Generally, switching to AMD not a real good choice for PD editing or for hardware encoding. Some PD features will only support Nvidia like Nvidia Video/Audio Noise Removal, Room Echo Removal in PD. Other features incorporated in PD support both GPU's and use the CUDA blocks vs just the video hardware encoding as was mentioned.

But typically, for encoding, AMD lags in quality. You see that shown here with PD directly or here with generic ffmpeg encoding which also tested your specific interest GPU.

Timeline playback of just video content can be handled by the GPU, not just the CPU, but no distinct timeline scrubbing advantage there with PD between the two GPU's.

Quote Hello all and thank you for the assist,
I spent some time searching the forums and couldn't find the answer. Please redirect/answer if you can.

I'm looking for more options in my subtitle formats. I would like to have a solid rectangular bar behind my subtitles that is automatically sized for each individual word. (This is the popular trend right now on Instagram).

I do not want to add a static black box object for the subtitle area.

Are there any add-ons that add this or other subtitle functions?

I have already installed Power Director 16 Ultimate Packs: Essentials; Premium 1,2,3; Wedding; Holiday Pack 8



Subtitles have a unique meaning concerning video and very strict format options, from your description you're probably just talking "Titles" positioned near the bottom of your video.

No real add-ons that help this much in PD16, you simply need to resize colorboards or the like behind your text. It sounds like what you want is the text feature "Backdrop" which was added in PD18. You can have a black box or any color backdrop you wish behind your text that auto sizes with text.

For the default location, C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\PowerDirector\21.0\Cache\AutoSave\ the \AppData\ folder is a hidden folder, so you will have to set windows to display it in file explorer.

Quote Not going to go with a sub for 365, instead going back to Ultimate 18 which I won. Now strangely in my Cyberlink Application Manager it shows Ultimate 16 and Ultimate 12 as well as 365 BUT does not show Ultimate 18? I can install Ultimate 16 from the Manager which is weird but as 18 is not there I cant install.

I have the original email for Ultimate 18 but the links don't work. May have the old Ultimate 18's files on my old PC but that is not working.

Have owned this product for over a decade but looks like I will be putting it to sleep unless I can somehow get Ultimate 18 back on. I only use it occasionally for making videos of my online iRacing and the cost of a renewed sub for 365 is to much

Any help or clues?

Users have had hit and miss success with CAM for older perpetual versions. I don't know what drives the options available, one possibly only installed and activated the software but didn't register the software perhaps. If you read CL info on CAM, , one wouldn't even think the perpetual downloads would be available there on an extended duration. Typical CL nebulous product offerings.

The software download links are active for 30-days, after which they expire. You need to appropriately backup your downloads for your access, be it on DVD, BD, flash drive, hard drive, cloud, that's your responsibility. If you lost your backup, your option is to contact customer support and ask for a new download. You'll need proof of purchase email.

Quote And I'll add: I always use ColorDirector to fine tune the colors from different cameras. I'm not sure if ColorDirector uses a GPU and if not, the question is whether I even need a GPU. Wouldn't a GPU integrated in the CPU be enough?

Currently Color correction is a CPU task, GPU won't help much during production as task is CPU dominated. Your best bet would be to find the highest ranking CPU from in probably the $500-$700 dollar range to save cap for the rest of system to come in under your $1500. Do a Google search for systems with that identified CPU. You can compare CPU rating to your i7-8700.

The "Private Messaging" feature of the forum is no longer working properly. New messages can be constructed but are not sent on "Submit". Responding to prior messages is also broken.

Additionally, several users' profiles are not functional, no error but no page loads for those affected users.

Quote Well Jeff, It's doing it again. Recorded video clips are fine, in sync, but after it has been produced (two podcasts I just did today) the lag is small but noticeable. This time Handbrake helped it enough but can still notice a slight lag. I don't. Last week did some podcasting and no problem - and again, nothing done to change any settings at all on anything. Plus this PC is the strongest, fastest and with the most memory and CPU speed I have ever had.

Throwing my hands up in the air,

I was never able to download your source, just your PD produced file which had a slight lag in every player I tried. The issue sure sounds like PD's often poor handling of variable fps or variable bitrate source files. This will raise its head randomly as it depends how variable the source really is. I know you said you've made no changes to settings, but how and what you are recording with OBS could have big effect on both fps and bitrate and potentially lead to sync issue in PD.

You might try some settings in OBS, like setting a constant bitrate output, CBR. Your last produced file was 29.97fps, not sure if that matched OBS source video either which is usually common fps so 30 or 60fps vs NTSC.

I'd try to be very consistent between OBS capture and PD produce to prevent as many translations as possible and see if you have any better sync luck.

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