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Quote PD 18 works very well on my system, but because my GPU drivers are gaming drivers rather than studio drivers, my GPU only does about 25 percent of the work during rendering.

If you could post a link or any data substantiating that statement, it would be appreciated. I've not seen any PD difference with WHQL or Studio drivers. I really doubt that is the reason for any percent utilization observation on your laptop.

As SoNic67 pointed out, your GPU SIP block will do no rendering, the GPU may do decoding or OpenCL for Fx though, usually not a reason for purchase cost though vs just CPU power.

Quote The "Falling Down" transition is listed as 3D. I'm working on a 2D project. Intermittently, this transition is not rendered properly when the film is produced. Anybody else have this problem? Is there a way to make this transituion 2D (if that's what's causing the problem).

What PD version? Depending on hardware, I've had some issues with transitions when using hardware decoding. I'd try a produce with all options in pref > Hardware Acceleration unticked and then on the "Produce" page, do not use any form of "Fast video rendering technology;" and see if that makes a difference.

Transition behavior has also caused some issue, might toggle overlap and cross transition type and see if it makes a difference for you.

I'd simply bite the bullet and convert your source MP4 with Handbrake into a very common (audio and video) H.264 format that PD can handle to get around this issue.

In pref you might try to set Timeline preview output color to RGB, and see if the issue goes away. The default setting is YUV and appears to cause some issues for some.

Quote While the antiquated forum tarnishes CyberLink's brand a bit, I doubt that CyberLink will spend money on improving it since the forum generates zero revenue.

Kind of a naive view, there have been many posts on here thanking forum members for solving a user issue that CL support did not resolve and others claiming the only reason they bought the software was forum help. Also, those that shied away because of forum threads they have read. Additionally, there are a host of questions from trial users. Any rational individual prior to a purchase would check out any forum for the software as well as the trial.

But yes, no hard revenue stream from the forum itself for CL, except perhaps for those that like to grab attention for their revenue outlets, but I'd guess the forum does affect sales of CL products to some degree although hard to quantify.

sugarjilly, maybe a better answer, is no, not with PD18.

Do a google search on "interactive video" to educate yourself. Some very expensive options out there to some lower cost options depending on your needs and where/how your video will be hosted.

But correct, not a capability of PD18.

Quote Thanks Jeff
How do I reformat the USB?

Basic windows approach will work fine, right click on proper drive and select "Format...", adjust "File system" box as appropriate.

Quote I have just completed a video which says that its 6.99GB in size. I have a USB with nothing on it whose Properties say there is 28GB available .However when I come to drag and drop the video onto it a message appears saying its too big a file.
I suspect that the formatting is incorrect. Its set as FAT 32.Im guessing this isnt the best one for the video .
Can you please advise how what the issue is.

You have it, FAT32, max supported single file size is 4GB. Format to ntfs or other supported format that the receiving player usb supports.

Quote On a side note. How were you able to get the image included in your post? I'd like to do that as well.

Kind of comes with a significant downside for the forums longevity, I've read too many posts that the user removed the source and so the pic is no longer viewable in the post, totally defeats the purpose. Some users attach and embed which is thoughtful. Bottom line, it's really too bad CL does not provide a much better forum with stable interface and up/downloads.

Maybe a couple of ways would meet your needs:
1) right click on clip, Set Clip Attributes > Set Duration...
2) highlight the clip, hold "Ctrl" key and move mouse towards the clip edge, a double arrow will appear, left mouse click and drag to extend. A menu will appear when mouse release on how to handle extension

Quote I've been using an editor where ripple editing meant that when it's enabled, the various tracks are sync'd: a change to the timeline (eg, inserting a clip automatically moved any later clips further along in the timeline) means that any video, text, voice or music tracks are adjusted - rippled - to match the TL clips they were sync'd to.

It helps keep text voiceover and music in sync: without it, a continual need to move clips to maintain sync with TL clips they relate to.

I've been looking for a similar functionality in PD18, and haven't found it. Does it exist??

Not in the classic sense of ripple editing with a pref in PD someplace. The timeline contents shift with a menu pop out (some hotkeys too) when you add something to a full timeline and allow you several options, one is move all tracks. If adding to a void in the timeline and added content fits the void, no pop out menu. As such, when working in a timeline gap, sometimes advantageous to add the clip over the top of another to move content of all tracks to the right.

One can also use the track locks on the left to achieve some additional control.

Quote You have been helpful in the past so i have a new question for you. I have been trying to automate alot of processes with stream deck macros. But there is hopefully a trick to doing the following:

you said there is not any shortcut for selecting range, so i need to manually choose the end of the range and click and drag the icon to the begining of the range (is there any shortkey to just get to the begining?) Then i click product range... Once it's done, i am trying to automate the next process. I need to click EDIT on the top menu to get back to the workspace with the mouse. Then i need to select with the mouse the frame i produced because i want to control-x it. Is there a way to get back using just the keyboard without the mouse to select section in the frame and delete it?? It would speed this process up alot more because i can use a macro button to do it. But i can't seem to figure out how to do it without the mouse.

Maybe "Home" and/or "End" will work.
Home in video mode will go to start of timeline
Home in clip mode will go to start of clip
Home in "Produce Range" defined will go to start of range

End key just the opposite.

No Nvidia GPU's will support your MPEG2 desire, it's not part of the SIP core. Just H.264 and H.265, and very efficient for H.265 vs CPU encoding.

For MPEG support you will have to consider iGPU or AMD. I'd not do AMD with PD, in my view encoding reliability just not been there through the years with PD. Although I have not tried again since PD18 2405 release states "Adds support for enabling AMD VCN2 hardware acceleration." VCN2.0 replaced VCE4.0 in mid 2019. I brought home a compliant VCN2 Navi 10 AMD GPU some time ago but haven't evaluated for my needs in PD18 yet. If MPEG2 a small part of your need, I'd just use CPU encoding or consider CPU with iGPU with a series of HDMI switchboxes to alternately switch between iGPU and Nvidia GPU functionality with PD for some niche needs, can't have both simultaneously. may offer you some insight into some tradeoffs for various needs. Additionally, the GeForce 20 series will lack any interlaced support in PD18.

Quote Thanks guys. This fixed my problem.

I was not expecting the previews to load up in Firefox (set as my default) browser but it works just great.

Activating IE11 is really burried in Windows 2004 but it can be done.

Yep, with IE's 3% worldwide browser market share and sunset from MS, pretty hard to believe the browser needs to be activated, but that's CL and PD. MS I believe documents they will continue to make available in this buried fashion until Windows 10 EOL, ~2025, so probably a PD need until then.

Quote How do I change my signature in this forum? Can't find it anywhere... (not obvious in My Profile)

That feature is not available for members that are ranked as "Newbie" because of spam accounts using the available profile fields for spam links. You need to attain a ranking of "Member" which is 50 posts to gain access to these fields in your "My Profile".

Quote Thanks Jeff - you are absolutely right. I turned HT off and we have 90-100% CPU Utilisation. Grand!

I usually leave HT on as you do get some performance benefit. It's just when looking at CPU utilization with Windows utilities, keep in mind that load % is calculated over the physical and HT processors. So, for processes that can't utilize HT effectively, the highest CPU load one will see is ~50%.

Quote You are using a feature that requires a web browser. Please install a web browser and try again.

I have two computers (Win10, Cycberlink 365 sub) and get this message a lot when clicking on online media clips in PD. I think and hope clicking on the clips should open a preview but who knows. I use Firefox but of course have MS Edge installed. Where I am seeing this right now is clicking on a Shutterstock media clip. I can download them but I'd love to preview beforehand if possible. Some of the clips are pretty big.

Not a 365 user but issue sounds similar to others which required IE to be active.
Select Start > Search , and enter Windows features. Select Turn Windows features on or off from the results and make sure the box next to Internet Explorer 11 is checked. Often have to restart. If not this you can also deactivate again.

1) Orange movie strip icon in the lower left corner goes from orange to green in the media library when file created
2) yes, when video is of high enough quality
3) yes
4) pref > File > Export folder:, in a hidden file called ShadowEditFiles

Quote I wanted to thank you again for being so helpful, I've downloaded a trial version of the PD18 to see if that solves the problem and I can confirm that the issue is gone. Not only the live preview works fast, it seems to work noticeably faster than it did with PD15 despite the same exact hardware. Now on to buying it... thanks!

Some users have noted a very sluggish timeline behavior after windows update. I'm not exactly sure what triggers the issue, I've not had it. I recall one user only resolving after full windows reinstall and then PD install which they noted did corrected the issue. However, you stated this approach was not an option for you.

Quote Do you get hardware acceleration Ok on your GTX card? Does it use the CUDA option in PD18?
Reccently I upgraded an upmarket system with an MSI RTX 2080Ti 11GB card and am thinking of buying and installing PD18 on it.
to see how it perfoms against Premium Plus and DaVinci Resolve Studio

I have been told that currently this card is not supported in the CUDA mode by Cyberlink
and that MPEG2 is not supported at all in hardware accelerations.
I have also been told that a CUDA update is available from Cyberlink, but have been unable to fiund that.
Am also aware that the "free" version does not have the h/ware acell turned on, but am reluctant to buy the 18. version (365 is not for me) if it does not support CUDA as this significatly enhances production times according to my info.

PD does not have any CUDA based encoders, they simply use the Nvidia NVENC and NVDEC for encoding and decoding. This Nvidia supplied API via the drivers utilizes the specialized SIP core, not the CUDA cores. PD18 will work with the 2080, it simply does not take any advantage of some offerings of the GPU, HEVC B Frame support, H.265 (HEVC) 8k via GUI, 10-bit hardware encoding, so on nor any real speed improvements in the Sixth generation NVENC vs Fourth.

If you are into the AI Styles provided by CL, , they will utilize CUDA for the effect computations.

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