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Quote I know it's outmoded, but this is something I still need to do with the project. I don't see anything except exporting in various file formats. Is there any way to create a physical DVD? Thank you.

After clicking "Produce", select the tab "Create Disc" at the top. You can create DVD and/or BD, both with or without a menu.

Quote Hi

I have sport video footage of 3 different cameras , each camera has 8 hrs worth of video (25 fps ; bitrate of 16Mbps ; 1080p).
I need to produce a 30min highlight video selecting certain footage of all 3 cameras for the best view.
Its about 60GB of video per camera.

Will Power Director 2024 365 allow me to import these into my media library and work(edit/cut,etc) with them simultaneouly?

Keep in mind, PD does not actually add the physical stored video file to the media library, it only adds a pointer to where the files reside on your hard disk. As such, the space requirement is really where you are storing your source videos on the hard disk as they need to reside there through the editing project duration.

I often work with more than 3 cameras for timeline content and over 400GB of source video content to make a 30-45min final edited project.

Quote No, there's no docking station with the older computer. However, the newer one didn't have any issues (and performed much better than the old one) up until the 2024 version was installed, even while using the docking station. I guess I could try running it independently without the docking station as a troubleshooting step. It's just strange that the previous version had no issues.

I definitely agree, PD22/2024 has many serious issues on many avenues. However, it's also fair to review behavior on platforms as well as possible to maybe isolate and get something semi useful for one’s editing.

I seriously doubt CL will have any patch or push that really remedies all these issues in PD22/2024, so, one has to learn to live/work around or simply jump editing platforms.

Quote Thanks Jeff. Yes, everything is fully up to date driver-wise, including for the docking station, GPU, integrated graphics, etc. What's interesting, though, is that my old 4th gen i7 doesn't have any issues playing back the same files when authoring in PD 2024.

Do you use your 4th gen i7 on a docking station? Laptops can be strange with PD depending how configured, some ports, like docking station, can use certain GPU while mini DP or HDMI port when plugged into monitor can use different GPU. Every laptop can be different, make sure you evaluate your comparison in a similar configuration for best back-to-back evaluation.

Quote To be honest, it makes the software pretty much unusable since you can't properly see what you're putting together without fully rendering. I'll contact their support as well, but I'm not expecting any quick solutions. It seems like they did what so many software development companies do these days - they added a bunch of extra features that help their marketing but broke some of the fundamentals.

Since a laptop, you might want to make sure everything driver wise for iGPU is current with your 11th gen i7. The Nvidia T500 is not used for display unless you have taken BIOS actions to turn off iGPU if even available on your laptop.

Quote In the menus Text, Transitions and etc. why not have an All category to see all in the different categories instead of having to look and search and open each subcategory,so time consuming.

It was mentioned like a month ago, items 14, 15. 18 PDM mentioned a update for perpetual users end of Oct, a significant slip from prior Sept 26th PDM guidance. Maybe since significantly delayed, CL will have major improvements in architecture pushed to both subscription of perpetual key holders. One can only hope, PD22 release was a very ill thought architecture modernization release by CL relative to user's desire.

Quote Yes the price looks to low and it redirects to the site with PowerDirector 25% off, so most probably the price was set during some holidays like Halloween, Black Friday, etc. Also the discounted price may be seen using a promo code...

I don't believe CL e-commerce checkout has offered a discount coupon code entry for like 2-3years, it used to though, so very dated info perhaps.

Quote I unlinked the video/audio from the camera I was using, deleted the audio from the camera, and replaced that with audio I recorded from a microphone. The edit to the current audio track is when I turned up the gain on the audio.

Oh yes, that action would create that issue and the white border around all. When you replaced with your audio, you relinked audio and video in the clip. That creates the white outline boarder around the disjoined source.

Since you have disjoined audio and video but linked them, you'd need to unlink again for proper edit features. For your reference, if it's common audio with the video stream, you wouldn't have to unlink for proper edit features.

Quote Ah! In this case, I had to unlink the video and audio in order to just select just the video, and when I did the options are now available. Thank you very much, I was growing very frustrated.

I think there's probably a bug in there somewhere, I've never seen unlinked video and audio yet the clip acts as if it's one with the white border around all requiring you to unlink. What edit item was done to create the green i on the clip?

I've noticed that some audio edits now isolate the audio stream which was not the case in PD21, like Audio Denoise.

Quote Is there a button press to move between itemsin a timeline? I was thinking that something like arrow right and left would be used for that but it doesn't appear to work. Have I missed something? Thank you

If you have a clip selected, Ctrl and left or right arrow should toggle to the previous or next clip.

Quote Hello,

I'm using version 22.0.2126.0

I'm having difficulty figuring out how to perform some basic editing features (Pan, zoom, freeze frame). I've watched tutorials on this website and on YouTube, and I've read the tutorials in the help sections on this website, but the pictures/videos/descriptions of PowerDirector on those videos and tutorials don't match up with what I see.

For the most part, the advice is "select the clip you want to edit on your timeline, then find the "Edit" button above the timeline". I don't have an "Edit" option above the timeline. I only have "Audio Mixer", "Split", and "More Features". There's an "Edit Video" option available after pressing "More Features", but those aren't the tools I need (although Freeze Frame is listed, but it's greyed out).

There's an "Edit" button at the top above the Media, Titles, Transitions, Etc..., and an "Edit Item" option, but all the further options are greyed out.

For whatever reason, user invoked or PD22 invoked, the video and audio have become unlinked. This is evident by the two colors, why a solid white line around selected clips is a little odd. If you just select the video, if you can, video edit features will be returned. These video edit features are only available when video and audio remain linked in a source clip.

Quote Yes, I even used the search with “LazyIndicatorMode” and it returned nothing.
Now, after being added, it is present in Regedit
Thank you for always being willing to help

The key was not defined in the basic PD22 installation so a regedit search would reveal nothing until it was established, it was basically a new key defined in the regedit files with the full path and key definition provided.

Quote I couldn't find the key and I wouldn't add anything without knowing exactly what I was doing.
So I opened Win 11 in safe mode and did it the recommended way, it worked perfectly.

The key is LazyIndicatorMode as posted.

Quote I tried overlap and that pulls all of the clips to the left. I have them matched up with music so I don't want for that to happen lol. I have made hundreds of highlight videos before using PD and I have no clue why this is doing this now.

Yes, that's what overlap would do, but did it correct your pause issue?

I tried a couple of cross transitions between PD21 and PD22, I didn't see a difference in pause behavior. Can you post exactly what transition has the change in behavior you note.

Quote I don't think the file has any problems, Win 11 is protecting it.
Manual registry entry, I don't have the path.
Thanks for your answer.

You have the provided files, just edit the provided reg file for the path.


Quote Trying to activate, Timeline_Playhead_Auto_On
I have a problem that won't let me install.
The install button still doesn't do anything.
The account is as administrator.
Any tips or suggestions, thanks.

Simply create the key yourself in regedit if you think you have a problem with the provided file.

Quote Why is it that when I'm adding a transition between two clips (I'm making a highlight video) one of the clips are paused before transitioning into the next clip? I would like for both of the clips to actually be playing and not one of them to be paused before going into the next one.

Maybe what you want is an overlap transition. Right mouse click on transition, Modify change to Overlap.

Quote I do not want the video to autoplay when I click on it in the media section, how can I do this?

Unfortunately nothing, that's another "feature" of this PD2024 release.

Best you could do is File > Rate Us & Provide Suggestions and let CL know.

Quote Hi, I am using PD 13 to produce a short video of an event where the footage has been taken on 3 different cameras/phones. with 3 different FPS settings (30FPS, 50FPS and 60FPS) and 2 different aspect ratios.

I know how to set up a custom profile for a unique FPS setting etc, but I'm unsure whether it is possible to combine footage from different cameras with different FPS and aspect ratios into a single production?

Can anyone advise please. Many thanks.

PD13 will handle as well as it can. I'd produce the final edited product to a 60fps profile to maintain as much quality as you have in the source clips. The 30fps will simply get doubled the frames and playback fine, just like original 30fps since the even 2x multiple. The 50fps will get adjusted by duplicating frames periodically to get 60fps, should look fine during playback.

The different aspect ratio can be dealt with a few different ways, by zooming if desired to fill a full frame, accepting black borders, or putting a photo or blurred photo as a backdrop as well as other approaches.

Often, if the source footage is coming from a cell phone, it's really not 30, 50, or 60fps but variable. If that footage causes any playback issues in your produced 60fps file, one may have to convert it to a fixed fps with like HandBrake or similar tool and use this video as source in PD13.

Quote I build videos from a variety of still images and videos using multiple layers. I often have to tweak the lengths of still images to get a desired effect. If I select one or more images and select the icon to set the length, all layers adjust by the difference in length, a real problem. Is there a way to change the length of an image and have the option of leave gap (if shortened)? Currently I have to grab the edge one image at a time and expand or shrink to the length that I need.

Maybe try to just click the lock (just to the left of the timeline) on the tracks you don't want to move. Unlock tracks when done with your duration change.

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