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Quote Thak you all,
I don't have any content on the other tracks.
The right click on the gap solved the problem.
I still wonder why upon insert the clip, I don't have the option to fill the gap.

In that simple case if you just select the gap and then use the delete key all clips will move as there are no other options.

Quote Hello,
After removing a clip on the timeline to another location, I don't have the option to fill gap (only moving the clips without filling gap).
So a black gap left over on the original location of the removed clip.
Any help will be appreciate

Do you have content on other tracks in the gap area that's not allowing the del option you want?

Post a pic of all your tracks in this region of the timeline to see what your timeline looks like for other clues.

PD recreates them if you still have the shadow file option selected in pref.

Quote What is the blue triangle in the top right-hand corner next to each message?
I was curious and clicked on it. It than marked the answer as solution and I cannot remove it.
If this is the intended behavior a pop-up with some explanatory text would be appreciated.
How can I remove my ‘solution vote’?

The blue arrow is just to go to the top of the current page.

The forum has several threads with messed up "solution" controls. I saw several threads get hacked when CL fixed a previous forum issue. You can see one such thread here: optodata post is listed as a solution to his own post, usually not possible. Many other threads like that too.

If the mark is offensive to you, contact forum moderator and see if they will correct.

Quote I hear you on the Pro Res size. The main reason they are so large, is instead of HEVC Long Gop, it is now ProRes all I Frames.

Just verify that PD is doing what you want after "Produce" to common profiles and results are good, audio too. Several issues with all "I" frame source from certain cameras and support aware of them with: "Cyberlink tech support responded that they've been able to reproduce the issue in their lab and have forwarded it on to engineering." I've not tried ffmpeg all "I" as source to know if the same issue persists. I've not seen a fix yet.

pref > Editing > "Switch to movie mode..." option is selected.

Quote JL,
Thanking you a lot today for good tips.
A couple of related questions:
1. Can more than one filter or effect be applied to any clip?
2. Does that 'click the i icon' show which ones are in effect list them all when more than one effect is applied?

Sometimes easier to just play around in the GUI, but,
yes, up to 7 effects on a clip, plus Fx track
yes, the info icon will list them

Quote I thought I remembered using this transition where 2 planes crisscrossed. Now the bottom is a ship. What is up with that or am I imagining things? cool

You are imagining things for the “Airplane” transition.

Put the cursor on the "orange i icon" and you should see a list of what effect was applied.

The colorboard bleed occurs because you changed the opacity of the pic which causes the color bleed through issue, evident from your "gong 2 no colour background.jpg" pic.

Quote So as a YouTube content creator a big thing that I like to use is sound effects, and many sound effects are one second or less, and these clips cannot be used on PowerDirector. To me this needs to change as it infuriates the hell out of me, is there any way to use clips less than one second? Because I had so many I wanted to use for my videos and... well, I can't. frown

Since you say sound effects, use a wav file and it can be shorter than 1 sec.

Quote Has anyone been successful using audio files from Tascam Model 12 recorder or Zoom H6 recorder in PD19 / 365?


Not specifically the Model 12, but a Model 16. They have a export stereo mix that is just a wav file. I have not used the Zoom H6 but do have a Tascam DR-05X which is rather similar, again ouptut is just a stereo wav file. I often just patch the DR-05X to a mixer output to capture.

Quote Thanks a lot Jeff.
If I understand correctly, replacing the video card solves the issue?
What video card was used in your hardware?

No, the GPU decoding helps but is not a resolution to the issue as I mentioned. Your best option in my opinion is to transcode the file to something PD is happy editing.

Quote Please comment ...

Salva70, my comment is a file compatibility issue. I tried your file as is in PD14, PD18, and PD19, all display issues in some place at the bottom of the video where a color line or tearing in blue, purple exists. Nvidia decoding appeared to help, but not the resolution. I don't think your AMD 7850 supports HEVC decoding, hence maybe no change for you.

The file is also variable framerate which can cause PD other issues too, so, I think your best option is to transcode with HandBrake to a constant framerate, H.265 file of the same frame resolution and bitrate as the source and use that file in PD18 for editing.

Quote Thanks, Jeff.
Disabled hardware encoding - still blue. AMD 7850 video card, Crimson driver 17.7.1. The camera shoots in 3GPP HEVC format, transcoding to mp4 4k or full hd eliminates the defect.
Interestingly, there is no such defect in Premiere at all, but I don't like working in this editor.

You might share a small clip, 3GPP not really a supported format and could be the display issue. You may simply have to convert them with HandBrake or such.

Quote Thanks Jeff for your advice. How do I modify the timeline?

Since you can't select and produce a range of timeline content in PD11, one simply needs to select and remove the unwanted portions of the timeline to get just your range of content you want to produce.

Since you say one long shot, I assume you have just one clip in the timeline. If so, you simply need to position the timeline scrubber at a location, use the "Split" icon above the timeline to carve out the regions you don't want and then just select and delete them. Alt Del probably preferred in your case to keep sliding timeline content so you don't have black gaps.

Quote 3. WinDV imported all the tapes that PD19 rejected seamlessly, but each scene is an individual file resulting in a large number of files.

If I remember right, setting "Discontinuity threshold" to 0 will disable file splits.

Quote Hi,
where can I download the User guide (pdf) PD19?
Regards, Hans.

If the audio and video have become unlinked and you select both, the enhance tools won't be active. If this is the case, the video on the timeline will have a slight horizontal demarcation between the video and the audio.

If that's not the case, post a pic of your timeline zoomed in on a problem clip for other clues.

jmone, I don't see that you are missing anything, appears to be another support oversight with the audio. Similar discussion here: but there user was starting with the unsupported 4:2:2 format but similar audio issue.

I also think if you try to extract audio from the media room for your file you will just get garbage too.

Quote I thought I reproduced all the steps you mention correctly by panning channel 1 in Audiodirector to the left and channel 2 to the right. The result however is mono, whichever track I mute or play both. I have attached a screen dump from Audiodirector and the produced audio. Please advise what to do.

Your produced file is mono, you'd want stereo.

I don't think panning will work here with mono. All I did was work with the two audio files from the mkv in stereo. Removed channel Left from "Audio 1" source and copied "Audio 2" source to Left channel of "Audio 1" source and produced as stereo. So in the end one has stereo output file with:
Channel R is from "Audio 1" mkv source
Channel L is from "Audio 2" mkv source

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